Market research statistical software

What is market research software?

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Being a process of gathering valuable data, Market research is used by brands to determine if their product or service satisfies the customer needs. Leveraging an effective market research software, it becomes easy to gain actionable insights into market trends, customers’ spending patterns, competitors’ performance, as well as economic climate.

Before a product launch, it’s imperative for businesses to determine how good they can perform. Launching a product without considering the economic state of the market or analyzing the consumer trends is bound to trip and fall.

Many brands consider market research as a key contributor to immense success. If a product (with the capability to meet customer needs) gets launched at the right time (when it’s highly required), it can even demolish an existing monopoly. So, the significance of effective market research cannot be underestimated in any manner. A market research software is a robust tool that gathers insightful data about customers, competitors, and the entire market.

Does your business need market research software?

Absolutely! Using top-notch market research software will empower your brand to target the right audience, ask them relevant questions, gather actionable insights from the data, and take necessary measures too. Here’s why you should consider a market research software for your business: 

  • Better business strategy
    By offering insights about customers and competitors, market research software makes it easy for brands to reach out to the right audience, discover the right channel, and understand their interests. This helps to discover ideal opportunities and plays a critical role in steering your business strategy.
  • Fewer business risks
    To ensure your business stays up and running, a stream of sales and customers on a daily basis is necessary. That’s where market research software can help. By closely analyzing current and potential customers, it helps you evaluate if your product or service is meeting their needs or not. In fact, it allows you to test your products before launch and uncover the factors why your customers don’t return to your brand. By gaining insights into the problematic areas, you can easily reduce the business risks.
  • Innovative promotional strategy
    Do you wonder what content should you use for reaching out to your target audience? Do you find it tricky to add images on your website, emailers, or social media accounts? Don’t worry, with market research software you’ll be aware of what you should do. Since it helps you dive deeper into the needs and choices of your target market, you become effortless at addressing them through highly-targeted promotional content.
  • Outsell competition
    To help your business win more and perform brilliantly, it’s important to know your customers fully. Intending to seamlessly identify customers’ needs and reach out to them across every touchpoint, market research software makes it easy to stand out among competitors. Moreover, it enables you to figure out your underserved customer segment, target unhappy customers, as well as focus on their unaddressed needs for outselling your competition.

What are the benefits associated with market research software?

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  • Discover new customers
    Is your brand able to identify its potential customers? Are you aware of your target audience and who would be interested to use your products or maybe switch from their existing product to yours?An efficient market research software helps you reach the right audience which in turn, is a surefire way of gaining new customers.
  • Identify excellent opportunities
    By exploring the market size fully without missing out on any minute detail, market research software empowers brands to effortlessly discover potential areas for growth as well as expansion. This plays a key role in adding new customers to the business pool.
  • Solve business challenges
    Undoubtedly, the aim of market research is to find out if your product/service can survive in the market or not. But that’s only one aspect of it. It also plays a pivotal role in understanding how your existing products can be improved up to your customers’ expectations. By leveraging market research software, you can delve deeper into the biggest challenges that your business is going through and the blind spots hindering its growth
  • Make informed decisions
    On getting rich and intelligent data in hand, it will be easier to gain better insights. This enables a business to observe a bigger picture and get analyze the end-to-end scenarios. Using market research software lets you gain insightful and compelling data that automatically reflects in the actions you take. On having valuable information, there’s no room for misconceptions, leading to improved decision-making. 

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What features should your market research software have?

  • Secure and flexible hosting options
    There’s nothing as important as data in this technology-driven world. As respondents may have to share sensitive information during market research, it’s mandatory for market research software to ensure optimum security. Moreover, respondents will share their private information only if they feel that their data is secure. Voxco’s market research software offers flexible hosting – which empowers researchers to either store their data securely in the cloud or on-premises. 
  • Omnichannel capabilities
    To conduct effective research that yields accurate results, it’s essential to reach out to respondents across the right platform (that they prefer to use). A market research software should offer omnichannel capabilities to help researchers get a bigger picture and more insightful data. Voxco’s market research software empowers researchers to gain insights across multiple channels – be it online, phone, or offline!  
  • Top-notch Analytics
    There’s no doubt that data collection is an indispensable part of the research process, but it’s of no use without gleaning actionable insights. With Voxco’s exceptional market research software, researchers can make the most of their data using its robust & comprehensive set of analytics tools. Moreover, its powerful reporting capabilities make it easy to create custom reports for presenting different information to different stakeholders. 
  • Effective results in real-time
    Most researchers prefer using research software that generates accurate results in less time. Voxco’s best-in-class market research software can help researchers gather insightful feedback in real-time. This enables them to make informed decisions on the go. This becomes very useful while testing some new functionalities of a product that can be easily reversed.
  • Seamless integration with email and apps
    While most people prefer sharing their feedback, it’s just the right moment that creates perplexity. This is the reason why market research software should allow researchers to integrate their surveys into emails or mobile applications. As the respondents don’t have to sign on for a larger study, they can leave their feedback quickly anytime they want!

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