What Is CX Transformation and How Can You Achieve It


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A common issue that hinders the process of creating a highly effective customer experience is that most companies have to struggle with siloed data. 

Each may be focused on its own improving customer experience initiatives without interoperability to those in other functions. Often the overall customer strategy is not clearly and consistently understood across the customer journey, nor deeply within support functions. 

In fact, support functions often do not see how their actions have any impact on customer experience, so they remain focused on cost and risk mitigation. 

Also, most of the time, the idea of a collective customer experience within an organization is clouded. So who bears the responsibility of ensuring cohesiveness in terms of enriching customer experiences and customer relationships? 

The answer falls on the organization, but a highly effective customer experience can certainly be achieved through CX transformation. 

But, what exactly is CX transformation? Let’s learn a little more about it. 

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What is CX Transformation?

What Is CX Transformation and How Can You Achieve It CX Transformation

Customer Experience Transformation is the process through which you improve your customers’ interactions with your brand by streamlining sales and service processes within your business. 

In order to continue to deliver high-quality service and amazing customer experiences, you need to incorporate customer experience transformation.

Why Do You Need CX Transformation?

When businesses offer services via digital channels, they add separate digital-product groups to operational data infrastructure which makes room for huge volumes of siloed data. And that’s where customer experiences get hampered. A siloed database is not flexible enough to address customers’ expectations for smooth interactions across all available channels.

Customers complete their customer journeys on different channels and across multiple touchpoints, so ultimately, they expect personalization among all these points of contact with the business. 

So, despite the individual experience on each channel being stellar, if transitions across these channels are difficult or these experiences are inconsistent, the overall experience suffers.

For customer experiences to thrive at scale, organizations must develop an operational ecosystem that allows quick reaction to customers’ needs through thoughtfully designed and delivered experiences, rather than a patchwork of fragmented brand interactions. 

The creation of such an ecosystem requires a complete transformation of internal operations to resolve the challenges that siloed data imposes on business goals.

Even though a lot of organizations recognize the importance of transforming their operations, most are still not clear how to get there. 

Quite understandable! CX transformation is an unexplored domain and needs some guidance.  

In the next section, we’ve offered some of the ways in which you can transform the customer experience. 

What Is CX Transformation and How Can You Achieve It CX Transformation

How to Improve CX Transformation

Focus on bringing change

There are certain areas in an organization where the change must occur to ensure high-quality digital customer experiences at scale.

  • Vision and strategy: Have a committed, long-term, and defined customer-focused strategy 
  • Employees: Establish a network for collaboration across teams, departments, and silos
  • Operations: Design new processes and procedures to foster collaboration. 
  • Technology: Enable a technical infrastructure that supports cross-functional operations and journey-focused customer-experience management 

2. Enable cross-functional customer profiles

Companies must have complete clarity on the full customer journey by the individual, not by product or division.

To do this, we recommend using customer data platforms. For example, the CDP from Voxco Intelligence

 Gathers customer data from multiple resources and create a unified customer profile so all the teams can access it to create seamless customer experiences. 

Unified customer profiles can be valuable in moving quickly from siloed thinking to customer-journey thinking.

3. Arm Your Employees with Insights

Your employees must know what they need to start doing and what they need to stop doing to be more customer-centric, then structurally practice it until it becomes second nature. 

Enabling visual dashboards that deliver real-time insights to your teams can help save them the rigorous task of working with manual data to get customer insights. When real-time insights are delivered to employees in real-time, they are ready to take corrective actions and enrich customer experiences with the info available in customer profiles. 

What Is CX Transformation and How Can You Achieve It CX Transformation

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A strong customer experience transformation strategy is one of many building blocks to great CX

Using an AI-enabled customer data platform is a great way to better understand customer expectations and to identify new approaches for interacting with customers.

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