What is customer 360?


What is customer 360? customer 360
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What do you mean by customer 360?

Customer 360 or customer 360 view, is a complete view of customer information from one single perspective. It behaves like a master customer database that has integrated data of the customers that came into the organization from various sources. 

A company or a business gets a better chance at maintaining customer relationships if they are connected to them through multiple communication channels at the same time. So customers can choose whichever one is convenient for them. But the problem arises when you go ahead to actually DEAL with the data. It is definitely tough to compile the data with different forms and nature. But customer 360 saves the hassle for you.

With customer 360, you get one wide view of all the customer data the organization needs, according to the teams’ needs and the provided data is believed to be 100% accurate. Customer 360 takes that data from all the incoming sources, captures them, analyses them and integrates it into one single true data. This data is then integrated to turn into a single huge customer data source and proceeded for the agreement from the authorised people in the organization. Once they decide its validity, the data is stored in one place from where it is accessible to the entire organization.

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Why do you need customer 360?

Customer is the key to any successful business. So when you crack your customers, you’re almost there. Customer 360 is the best way to do it. Here are some best benefits that customer 360 can give you once you have it in place:

  • When you listen to the customers, they feel valued. Customer 360 view helps you achieve that by providing the right data at the right time. 
  • With the right data, there are lesser chances of errors happening and even lesser chances of wasting the costs behind solving them.
  • With the customer purchase history by hand, you can personalize the offers and discounts for every customer that has been loyal to your brand over the years. 
  • Customer 360 helps you in tax reports by providing information about particular sales and their associated locations. 
  • Customer 360 uplifts your business intelligence game by feeding the correct and accurate data to the machine learning algorithms that help you draw rightful business decisions.

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How do you get a customer 360 views?

It is easy to get driven by all the benefits that a customer 360 view can provide you. Actually, most of the organizations already have it. After looking at all the good points and uses and advantages, there is still something that makes putting customer 360 views in place. Let us discuss the challenges more. 

  • No goal 

The thing with having a suitable customer 360 in place is the “reason” why you want it in the first place. It can be to fill the gap between the business and customer, to enhance the purchasing experience, or work more on personal offers, etc. But with no goals, there is no direction to how you want to store and access the data. This leads to a big fail in placing the customer 360 views. Most companies do not pay much attention to the reason why they want customer data together. So even if they have the storage up and running, they have to direction of work and have really distant unachievable goals on their way which will do nothing but just drain the resources. 

  • Sales pitches

Mostly, the organizations decide to take external help when it comes to data managing and warehousing. Although it seems like a viable solution because there are so many customer 360 vendors out there, but hear this,” You know your customers”. Vendors can only assure you the data credibility but you cannot really rely on what someone else has calculated for your customers. Doing so will only mess up the system for your organization and even more cost engagement in fixing those messed implementations of data.

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