What is a call center predictive dialer?


What is a Call Center Predictive Dialer? Culture index
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In a call center, time management effectiveness is as essential as productivity. A predictive dialer for a call center can help cut an agent’s call processing time significantly to increase efficiency.

Let’s learn more about predictive dialing and how it can help your contact center.

What is a predictive dialer?

Call center agents can place more calls with the help of a predictive dialer without having to deal with the aggravation of busy lines. The auto-dialer only connects calls that are answered by humans and not machines. As a result, employees engage more with consumers and complete the campaigns faster.

A predictive dialer’s primary function is to maintain a steady flow of outgoing phone calls by automatically dialing numbers and transferring them to the agent who is available to take the call.

How does a predictive dialer work?

The tool predicts how long each agent will need to finish a call and their availability using an algorithm based on several call metrics. The dialer then dials several numbers simultaneously. 

Due to the predictive dialer system’s functionality of recognizing answering machines, dropped calls, and unanswered calls, your agents will only connect to live audiences.

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Call center predictive dialer features you should consider for your business

What is a Call Center Predictive Dialer? Culture index

When looking for a predictive dialer that is appropriate for your call center, you should thoroughly evaluate the dialer and its functionality. Here are some features you should ensure the dialer offers to run a seamless and efficient call center. 

1. Automatic dialing

A predictive dialer automatically dials the numbers from a set list. This functionality saves the agent’s time and allows them to focus on other tasks. Instead of manually dialing each number, which often leads to errors, the agent can sit back and let the machine automatically call the next person. 

2. Recognition of voicemail

A call center predictive dialer has the functionality to recognize an answering machine or a voicemail. The dialer automatically hangs up on these calls and saves them for a later attempt. 

3. Call routing

You can pair the dialer with an IVR to route the audience to the best-suited agent. Use an interactive voice response system to ask call recipients questions and then match them with the most suitable agent or resource based on their responses.

4. Unanswered call

Keeping the abandonment rate as low as possible can help your calling process run as efficiently as feasible. Each abandoned call results from a bad dialing setup, which your predictive dialer should manage automatically.

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The advantages of call center predictive dialer

The popularity of predictive dialers comes from their efficiency and time management. However, several other advantages contribute to the dialer’s widespread use. Here are the 5 to most advantages of predictive dialers for call centers;

1. Increase efficiency

Agents spend more time having live conversations and less time calling, switching between apps on their desktop, or getting sidetracked in between engagements since predictive dialing software provides them with a consistent stream of callers. They work as efficiently as possible, which increases conversions, subscriptions, and collections.

2. Cut down on frustration

Calls that end up on an answering machine or with a busy signal can be eliminated with a predictive dialer. Their frustration decreases since intelligent call routing ensures those calls never get through to an agent. Happier agents can give the interaction at hand their full concentration, resulting in greater service.

3. Attempts to control contact

The built-in contact attempt constraints provided by predictive dialing software allow you to adhere to the regulatory restrictions applicable to your industry, such as those governing the number of contact attempts and the permitted times of the day.

4. Lower costs

Predictive dialing software is the best option if your company relies on its agents contacting as many customers as possible in the shortest amount of time. A reduced cost per contact results from making more contacts in less time.

5. Highly customizable

One of the biggest issues with predictive dialing is that if a live person is contacted before an agent is available, the call may be dropped. Therefore, accuracy is essential for the effective use of predictive dialing.

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What are the cases that talk about call center predictive dialers?

When talking about predictive dialing software, outbound sales is the first case that comes to mind, but it is by no means its only usage.

Additionally, it can be helpful in:

  • Telemarketing

Enhance sales and inform existing consumers about new or upgraded products.

  • Gathering feedback

Make outgoing calls to customers to invite them to participate in a survey and provide feedback.

  • Carrying out market analysis

Interact with significant audience groups to better understand customer needs and preferences.

  • Campaigning 

Discuss political problems, candidates, and other campaigns in real-time

Key factors to consider while choosing call center predictive dialer

What is a Call Center Predictive Dialer? Culture index

Dialers are typically coupled with VoIP software, help desk software, customer experience platforms, or CRM technologies to provide agents and customers with a connected experience. These questions can help you narrow down the appropriate dialer for your business:

1. What are the objectives?

A predictive dialer is more appropriate when your target audience is big. With several conversations in progress, your agents can run brief surveys or advertising campaigns. 

2. What is the size of the call center?

The size of the call center or the number of agents plays a major role in selecting your dialing software.

Large-scale teams that need to generate leads or perform surveys are better suited for using a predictive dialer. The agent can expedite calls and bring the campaign to a close more quickly.

3. What is the size of your customer base?

The predictive dialer is useful for businesses with a huge customer base as it can manage a high frequency of outbound. It enables the business to connect instantly with a large consumer base while maintaining productivity and efficiency.

4. Integration with other systems, including your CRM

When connected with CRM software and other customer experience platforms, dialers become more creative. Consider whether you want a dialer that operates more naturally and has omnichannel engagement options and a complete history of client interactions.

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What are the different types of call center dialers?

What is a Call Center Predictive Dialer? Culture index

Depending on its objectives, an outbound call center may use a variety of dialers and dialing modes. For instance, one company might require a dialer to make many outbound calls for sales and marketing. At the same time, another may need to examine client data through a CRM or customer experience management platform.

1. Auto dialer

The automatic dialing method known as an “autodialer” enables sales representatives to carry out low-touch, high-volume campaigns in which they must contact as many prospects as possible. Due to the overwhelming volume of leads, auto dialer software conducts simultaneous calls to prioritize prospects who pick up the call.

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2. Power dialer

Since they are mostly utilized by outbound sales teams, who have a large number of contacts to pitch to, power dialers are also known as outbound dialers. Once the previous call is finished, unanswered, or busy, a power dialer successively moves to the next caller. 

Power dialing allows agents to place more outbound calls than manual dialing because less time is lost manually seeking up and dialing numbers. This increases agent productivity. may be lessened.

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3. Preview dialer

When placing or receiving a call, preview dialers assist call center agents in reviewing consumer information through a window. Customer care teams benefit greatly from preview dialers because they can provide the omnichannel information needed to provide customers with complete context.

Since agents have access to consumer information before initiating the call, preview dialers allow agents to better plan for each call based on the information at their disposal. Agents may provide a tailored experience and raise engagement as a result.

4. Predictive dialer

It is designed for companies that deal with many incoming and outgoing calls. To intelligently automate the dialing, predictive dialers for call centers develop an algorithm based on call center data trends such as peak calling periods, agent availability and workload, and call handling times. 

Predictive dialers enhance the amount of calls agents can accept and the contact rate. Because they are linked to the following live call as soon as the prior one is over, this ensures that agents are making efficient use of their time. 

They work well in telemarketing and sales efforts, debt collection, mortgage, and insurance campaigns, political and nonprofit fundraising campaigns, etc.

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5. Progressive dialer

The sole difference between a progressive dialer and a predictive dialer for the call center is that the former dials just one contact per agent at a time. A progressive dialer only makes the subsequent call when the preceding call has ended. 

With progressive dialers, drop-offs and call abandonment are minimal when making business outbound calls.


This sums up our brief discussion on call center predictive dialer. This type of dialer is the best fit for businesses dealing with a large customer base or running numerous campaigns. The capability of this dialer also makes it ideal for conducting short surveys or gathering post-interaction feedback.

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