What if you used customer feedback as an employee coaching tool?


What if you used customer feedback as an employee coaching tool? Banking Potential
What if you used customer feedback as an employee coaching tool? Banking Potential

Customer feedback is important. You know that! With every survey that goes out, you receive customer feedback, an NPS® score, a review, a suggestion, or a complaint, all of which indicate how satisfied or dissatisfied your customers are with you. 

Be it negative or positive feedback, the goal is to use customer feedback effectively. The feedback that doesn’t get used is just noise.

The “close the loop” process is key when trying to act directly on customer satisfaction, but it also allows you to improve the continuous training of your employees and the optimization of the customer journey (management of the wait in store, clarity of explanation).

Close the Inner Loop & Train Employees

Customer feedback, because it is precise, allows you to identify and understand the opportunities for improvement specific to each channel or each employee. 


Here’s how to put customer feedback at the heart of your company’s employee training strategy:

  1. Granularity: focus on individual events/interactions per employee to allow them to learn from what they did and try something different.
  2. Timeliness: feedback transfer will be more effective if it is done immediately and without prior editing. If it is done too late, the expected impact is greatly reduced.
  3. Grouping: It is also possible and advisable to group feedback by support channels in order to allow teams to optimize a specific experience (chat, store, customer service) or customer journey (subscription, purchase, repair, billing, etc.).
  4. Follow-up: the employee, supervisor, or manager closes the loop by calling the customer back if they:
  • Reported that they have an unresolved issue,
  • Took the time to provide long, meaningful, and/or constructive feedback (ideas, suggestions, questions),
  • Is so angry that the company needs to defuse that anger and repair the relationship,
  • Is a high-value customer.
  • Coaching: Supervisors review the feedback received by a team member and suggest practices that have worked for others.

Coaches help employees respond appropriately, separating customers who offer constructive feedback from those who offer aggressive feedback. You may have reached the point of no return with a customer. Remember, the goal is not to satisfy the customer at all costs; the goal is to create profitable promoters.

Engage managers, executives, and the entire group in customer recall to put continuous improvement of the experience at the heart of the corporate culture.

Turn Employees Into Power Performers

When you effectively use customer feedback, you see the benefits. A customer-centric strategy using customer feedback can improve the quality of your customer’s experience and lead to more satisfied customers. Once you’ve removed the barriers employees face when fulfilling customer requests, the entire process of meeting customer needs becomes seamless.

Voxco Intelligence can help you analyze customer feedback to improve your employees’ efficiency and performance. It offers real-time insights to improve coordination among teams. 

Boost employee performance & efficiency with customer feedback.

Deliver the right insight in the right hand in real-time. 

About the Author

Anne Sobecki

Anne is the VP, Customer Experience at Voxco. With a decade of experience in guiding businesses towards creating improved customer experiences, Anne specializes in strategies that help businesses drive growth, maximize loyalty and optimize omnichannel customer experiences.

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