What do you do with your customer's feedback?


What do you do with your customer's feedback?  Flex matrix

According to a study conducted by Forrester in 2020, 61% of companies surveyed said they do not take care of customers who say they are dissatisfied. 

It’s a challenge when you know that a low NPS®® rating could irreparably increase a customer’s propensity to leave and potentially speak negatively about your company. Combine this with a high cost of acquisition, and you can see why it is essential to make satisfaction a priority.

While companies are investing heavily in survey tools, the growing expectations of consumers are now pushing them to optimize customer journeys continuously.

Whether it’s an online purchase, a delivery, a trip to the store, or a refund process, customer feedback is now an essential tool for companies.

Every time a customer leaves feedback, it creates an opportunity for you to act on your customer’s feedback or close the loop and improve the overall customer experience.

By implementing the right tools, not only will you prove to your customers that they matter to you, but you will be able to influence metrics such as Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Whether your customer leaves negative feedback or positive feedback, closing the loop not only helps brands improve individual customer experiences short-term; it also helps companies refine their overall CX approach.

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What does “Close the Loop” mean?

What do you do with your customer's feedback?  Flex matrix

Close the loop” is a process that allows you to

  1. Respond directly to customer feedback from satisfaction surveys.
  2. Bring the voice of the customer into the organization.

Understand to better act: 

Among all the signals that a customer can send to testify to his dissatisfaction, the verbatim response that accompanies the answer to an NPS® or CSAT question (Why did you give us that rating?) can be an excellent driver of meaning: it will allow you to identify the root cause of dissatisfaction and will facilitate the management.

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Here's how you can set up a process to close the loop with your customers post-survey:

1. Identify the satisfied & dissatisfied customers: Set up triggers to identify satisfied and dissatisfied customers. Put AI-infused analytics in place to analyze customer responses.

Whether it’s related to an overall experience or a specific interaction, some customers take the time to explain why they are satisfied or not: isolate very low NPS® scores (detractors) and take the time to understand the comments left.

2. Prioritize by setting your contact triggers: Which customer to contact, when, and why.

3. You are generally advised to prioritize the extreme results: Very dissatisfied customers, and combine them with other criteria, for example:

  • Loyalty: the most loyal customers
  • ARPU: the average amount of money generated per customer
  • Verbatim response length: Customers who have taken the time to detail their experience by providing a detailed description are considered engaged customers. Make them a priority.

4. Orchestrate the contact (phone, email, SMS) according to the customer’s preferences or allow the agent in charge of the callback to consult the verbatim response left, the overall rating (NPS®, CSAT, etc.) All this information will increase the quality of the call. 

5. Escalate if necessary to enable effective resolution of the issue. It will be important to be proactive and not let the resolution take too long

6. Confirm the resolution of the issue with the customer and take internal actions to prevent it from happening again.

Customers who are satisfied with your products or services will leave positive feedback and recommend the same through word of mouth. On the other hand, customers who are dissatisfied will leave negative feedback. Ultimately, you are responsible for how you choose to capitalize on such feedback.

Closing the feedback loop gives you that window to make a connection with your customers and improve their experience. It offers a great opportunity to activate your promoters and turn detractors (dissatisfied customers) into promoters.

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About the Author

Anne Sobecki

Anne is the VP, Customer Experience at Voxco. With a decade of experience in guiding businesses towards creating improved customer experiences, Anne specializes in strategies that help businesses drive growth, maximize loyalty and optimize omnichannel customer experiences.

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What do you do with your customer's feedback?  Flex matrix

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