Research is becoming increasingly digital & new survey methodologies keep emerging to meet the demands of today’s always-connected culture.
Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing or CATI Surveys, however, have been around for a while now, and offer a unique blend of modern tech with the old school personal touch. CATI can help you get unique insights into customer experience as well (You can read more about CX on our Customer Experience Hub)

Modern survey platforms offering CATI Survey solutions take advantage of today’s enhanced connectivity solutions and allow researchers to reach a much wider demographic, which can include those

  • Who are in remote locations with poor Internet connectivity 
  • Who have not switched to laptops/smartphones 
  • Prefer phones 

CATI surveys allow researchers to include a wide audience, as their target demographic simply needs to have access to a phone, be it mobile or landline.

Survey platforms offering CATI Surveys have evolved to take full advantage of today’s tech advancements, which include

The Cloud

Your personal photos, saved passwords, app purchase history – all of it can and is stored in the cloud, always accessible at a moment’s notice. Today’s survey software offers cloud-based dialers.

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That opens a whole new range of possibilities for researchers, with improvements in:


With a cloud-based dialer, Researchers can easily sync their data – making it simple to collaborate with teammates and work more efficiently.

Not to mention, your survey data going to the cloud makes it that much easier to analyze and derive insights from. CATI Survey platforms which are linked to the cloud definitely ease the data collection process, with the best ones even allowing researchers to track live results from the field.

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Hosting data on your own premises can be exhausting and expensive and puts all your survey data at risk in the event of a disaster. Cloud-based CATI surveys eliminate this issue entirely with your data being stored in a co-located data center.


Not having to host all your data by yourself is a sure shot way to cut down on operating cost over time.

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One of the major benefits offered by cloud services is the ability to scale and cloud-based CATI surveys are no different, allowing researchers to scale the scope of their surveys on the fly.

Personal Surveys can get better data

CATI surveys at their core are personal/human in nature which can be an advantage. Every company is keen to focus on their customer experience, and CATI allows researchers to deliver the best Survey Experience to their respondents.
A personal touch can get better data as well as lead to building your brand, should the interviewer be skilled enough. 

Target a more varied audience

As the respondent simply needs to be able to operate a telephone, CATI allows researchers to target older demographics as well as those in remote locations without stable internet connectivity and syncs their data effectively over the cloud – enabling you to see the bigger picture, especially when managed using Multichannel survey software.

This also goes a long way in building your brand as well, as customers will no doubt appreciate your intent to get their opinion despite certain challenges. It also goes to show just how important fieldwork still is for generating robust survey data.

Choosing the right survey platform isn’t easy, and choosing how to survey your respondents is harder still. Comprehensive survey platforms allow for mixed-mode surveys, but this makes it important to pair survey methodologies which can fill each other’s blind spots – CATI surveys are especially good at this bit, filling a gap in data collection that would otherwise negatively affect the quality of your data.

Voxco is trusted by Global brands across 30+ countries for their customer experience programs. Our CATI survey solutions can empower you to meet your research goals.

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