Voxco’s new features set to enhance research capabilities and elevate CX B2B Customer Experience

Voxco’s new features set to enhance research capabilities and elevate CX

Today, we have introduced four new features as a part of our ongoing CX and research capabilities building initiatives- Text Analysis (with in-built sentiment analysis), NPS Dashboard, Automated Translation, and New Distribution Status.

Since the launch of Voxco Intelligence, Voxco has delivered on its promise of empowering organizations to drive growth & fuel experiences by rolling out powerful CX capabilities. 

Now again, we’re launching four powerful features that will transform how our users gather, measure, uncover, and act on data:

  1. Text Analysis 
  2. NPS Dashboard
  3. Automated Translation
  4. New Distribution Status
Voxco’s new features set to enhance research capabilities and elevate CX B2B Customer Experience

Sumit Aneja, CEO

"As an actionable insights platform, our goal is to keep adding capabilities that improve the quality, speed, and ease with which one can gather data, measure sentiment, uncover insights and act on them. The newly launched sentiment analysis and NPS dashboarding features are significant milestones in our endeavor to help brands elevate CX. Automated translation enables researchers to go global for gathering diverse insights with ease. When you combine these features with the recently launched ‘close the loop’ feature, you get a truly powerful actionable insights platform. That’s Voxco for you!"

Text Analysis

The new and improved Text Analysis feature helps users analyze textual survey responses effortlessly. With four visual charts in a single view, the Text Analysis dashboard makes it easy to understand the sentiment behind the survey feedback, compare the volume of negative, positive, and neutral feedback, and identify recurring topics, so users can derive actionable insights from survey responses.

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NPS Dashboard

The NPS Dashboard will help users gain accurate insights into how their customers view their brand with the NPS Dashboard. It will let the users dive deep into the “WHY” behind the NPS score with four visual charts, a breakdown of the NPS score, market trend analysis, and in-built sentiment analysis.

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Automated Translation

Automated Translation will enable users to translate their surveys into their audience’s preferred language. Users can select from a range of 100+ languages and speed up the translation process with an intuitive editor. The feature also supports RTL languages. 

They will also be able to analyze the gathered data in an integrated dashboard instead of looking through multiple reports for different translations. 

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New Distribution Status

The New Distribution Status brings an added layer of integration to Voxco Survey software by collaborating with external distribution providers for SMS surveys (Twilio) and Email surveys (SendGrid and MailJet). 

This integration enables Voxco’s users to view the exact status of each recipient in their survey distribution list, allowing them to highlight which recipients should be kept on their distribution list and which recipients should be removed. This integration enables improved respondent list management. 

Learn more about these and other exciting features by booking a demo today! 

With an existing set of robust features, Voxco ensures a seamless end-to-end solution for more than 500+ enterprises looking to gather feedback, measure sentiment, uncover insights & act on them. It empowers organizations to conduct insightful research, uncover actionable insights, and fuel customer experiences.

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