We’re thrilled to introduce Voxco’s brand new look! Over the last few months, we’ve put in all our energy to give the Voxco brand a complete revamp, one which aligns with our ethos and the messaging we wished to convey to our clients. 

Why did we rebrand?

Our rebranding efforts were aimed at improving Voxco’s visibility in a more digital, connected world.

Our Brand Story

Every brand has it’s own unique history, and a growing brand needs to constantly evolve. We felt the need to redefine ourselves in light of the tremendous changes at work here since Sumit took over as Voxco CEO last June. Many of our clients already know what we stand for experientially but we wanted anyone interested to get a glimpse of Brand Voxco through our Mission, Vision and Values.

Our Vision: To transform the world by unlocking the full potential of data. Enable researchers & professionals to be the changemakers.

You can read the rest here.

What’s new?

  • A fresh new logo!
    We’ve crafted a logo which is more modern, vibrant and likely to leave an impression. In case, you missed it, there’s a 3D X which adds depth.
Voxco Old and new
Blog covers 02
  • Voxco Visual Universe
    Every brand needs a story, and to ensure ours is compelling, we’ve come up with the Voxco Visual Universe – Design elements (illustrations, iconography & the works) which are distinct enough to be easily identifiable by our potential customers for years to come.
Branding slides 04 1 scaled
Branding slides 05 1 scaled

What remains the same

We’ve got a new look, but at our core we’re still Voxco – a team that believes in collaborating with our customers and helping them achieve their goals effectively. Although the changes are still a work in progress, we’re confident you’ll love the new Voxco. We’d love to hear from you on our social media!

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