Voxco announced its latest partnership with Rybbon which enables respondents to choose and receive a reward moments after completing a survey. Rybbon’s curated reward offerings will help researchers (survey creators) minimize drop-off rates and encourage better response rates.

Rybbon’s reward services can be integrated with any survey technique available on Voxco’s omni channel survey platform including CATI, face to face as well as online/web surveys.

Automated rewards for higher response rates

Voxco’s partnership with Rybbon will enable users of any of it’s omni-channel offerings to easily integrate and automate an exciting rewards system within their surveys. These rewards can be customized and offered in a manner that suits your requirements.
Incentivizing respondents can go a long way in ensuring higher completion rates as well as lowering drop off rates for your surveys. Rewards will only be delivered to respondents who have successfully completed the survey according to your pre-defined parameters.

Clients from any vertical will be able to use Rybbon for quick, secure, and seamless incentive disbursement.

Customer Experience Researchers: Get better insights into customer experience by improving respondent participation without wasting resources on unclaimed rewards with Rybbon.

Market Researchers: Easily manage multiple clients within one simple tool 

Academia: Rybbon is the only tool that complies with IRB requirements for reward delivery with response anonymity.

Campaign management to customize your rewards as you see fit

Rybbon’s smooth integration with our platform ensures that adding incentives to your surveys is intuitive as well as secure – data security meets stringent parameters, irrespective of whether you have opted for on-premise or cloud based hosting.

Respondents are presented with a range of rewards upon completion of their survey, and rewards are delivered directly to the respondents’ registered email address. What’s more – unclaimed rewards are refunded automatically!

Set up your account now and start incentivising your respondents within minutes!

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