Voxco Online v6.0 has landed

September 29, 2017

Online Surveys / Software Feature Updates

We have spent the last few months putting the finishing touches on what could be our largest release ever.

This past weekend, Voxco Online v6.0 started rolling out for our SaaS clients.

This exciting update will be a major asset for our clients. Many of the new features are client-requested, after all! Voxco Online v6.0 will include over 30 new features and enhancements. Here are just a few of them:

 What are some of the enhancements?

  • Side-by-side look & feel editor. The Theme Customization Parameters and Survey Preview panes are now next to each other, for better visibility during look & feel editing. (above)
  • Show/hide logic on choices. Show or hide individual choices based on a respondent’s past answers and other variables.
  • Numeric ranking question. Respondents can use their keyboards to rank a defined range of choices via the number keys.
  • Timer question. Record the time that a respondent spends on a page, and trigger actions based on the timer.
  • Native back button hiding. No more custom coding needed to hide the back button from respondents!
  • New question copying and randomization options. We have added the ability to randomize groups of questions (while keeping questions in-order per group) and the ability to copy questions multiple times.
  • Clear answers button. Single-select questions (e.g. radio buttons or running totals) now can have a clear answers button for respondents to start again.
  • Choice list headers. You can now add headers to lists of choices for cleaner presentation of groups of choices.
  • Automated question creation for imported variables. When importing sample, you can now automatically create survey questions for unmapped variables. (below)

Those are just a few of the highlights. We’ve also done a full visual refresh, further integration of Voxco Mobile Offline, and added a ton of more detailed features that our most devoted clients will greatly appreciate.

When will YOU upgrade to v6.0?

Clients can check with their organization support user or Voxco rep for a roll-out schedule for their SaaS server. On-premiseclients can get in touch with our support team to schedule an update time asap, or let us schedule one for you later in October. Once you’ve gotten used to the new features, let us know via Twitter what you love about Voxco Online v6.0!