Voxco, Named a Survey Software Leader by Software Reviews.


Voxco, Named a Survey Software Leader by Software Reviews. Exploratory research

The review website honored Voxco as a Gold Medalist in its 2022 Survey Software Data Quadrant Awards. 

The Survey Software Data Quadrant Awards, announced recently, recognized Voxco as a leader in the Survey Software category. 

The SoftwareReview report is based on the ratings by professionals and business leaders. Voxco has been awarded the “Gold Medal” with a composite score of 9.0. The composite score is an average of four areas – Net Emotional Footprint, Vendor Capabilities, Product Features, and Likeliness to Recommend. 

Voxco received  – 

👉 95% Likeliness to Recommend.

👉 90+ Net Emotional Footprint. 

🏅 Three Top-Rated Vendor Capability Awards 

  • Breadth of Features 
  • Business Value Created
  • Usability & Intuitiveness


“We are humbled and honored to receive such tremendous feedback from our clients. This award is a step towards our vision of becoming the leading actionable Insights Platform that empowers organizations across the world,” said Sumit Aneja, CEO of Voxco Insights. 


The Data Quadrant leaders are measured based on the complete software experience and an unbiased view of the product landscape. Download the product scorecard on Voxco’s SoftwareReviews’ Page.

About SoftwareReviews -

SoftwareReviews was created at Info-Tech Research Group, a world-class IT research and consulting firm started in 1997. SoftwareReviews have been working in the vendor space for two decades, giving us expertise and insight into the enterprise software landscape and vendor relationships. 

The software experience is shaped by both the software and the relationship with the vendor. By comparing vendors across both SoftwareReviews provide a comprehensive understanding of the product and help identify vendors that can deliver on both.

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