Voxco launches Voxco Intelligence, a no-code data analytics platform


Voxco launches Voxco Intelligence, a no-code data analytics platform Voxco Intelligence

Enabling professionals to fuel the future of customer insights

Voxco Intelligence empowers organizations by unifying fragmented customer data and applying predictive analytics to deliver real-time actionable insights

Voxco, the omnichannel insights platform has launched Voxco  Intelligence, a complete data & analytics solution.  

Voxco Intelligence, a no-code analytics platform, will help organizations unlock the true potential of customer data using predictive analytics, AI & Machine learning models. It will help businesses to understand customers faster, uncover hidden insights and make effective decisions. 

Voxco’s existing omnichannel survey capabilities and Voxco Audience (the global panel provider platform) is integrated as one offering under Voxco Research. 

The addition of Voxco Intelligence has helped Voxco transition into an actionable insights platform that gives companies the power to uncover hidden insights, fuel experiences, foster loyalty & drive growth with AI-infused analytics & machine learning models.

With Voxco Intelligence, professionals can transform survey research and create exceptional experiences:

Single Source of Truth

Gather customer data from multiple data sources and interactive channels, filter fraudulent data, and integrate and standardize it to create a complete 360 view of your customers. Enhance data management, reduce reporting time by 50%, build rich customer profiles while ensuring data compliance across geographies. 

Predictive Insights

Use predictive analytics to gauge customer satisfaction and loyalty, even for those not providing feedback. Analyze omnichannel customer data to understand customer needs, measure emotion, predict next behavior & forecast business metrics in real-time.   

Advanced Analytics

Using text analytics, identify and prioritize the most pressing issues by analyzing the underlying satisfaction drivers to understand customer sentiment and behavior.

Real-Time Actions

Combine AI and ML to recommend high-value actions to relevant teams in real-time. Provide an accurate role-based view of customer data to teams and ensure a free flow of insights to drive growth at scale.

Voxco Intelligence also enhances efficiency with automation of manual tasks, standardization of data for easy analysis, and improved data visibility across levels. Organizations can now conduct & automate data analysis with a no-code workflow-based platform that is reliable, powerful, and easy to use. 

Voxco Research and Voxco Intelligence are completely integrated which enhances data security & accelerates survey research. To find out more information about a specific feature, receive information about how to schedule a product demo, please visit Voxco Intelligence book a demo page. 

About Voxco

Voxco, a leading omnichannel insights platform helps the world’s leading brands make data-driven decisions to drive growth & fuel omnichannel experiences with actionable insights. Using Voxco, organizations can foster loyalty, increase customer lifetime value and enhance risk management which delivers exceptional returns on investment. Over 500+ market research organizations, government & government agencies, universities, and global corporations use Voxco to gather data, measure sentiment, uncover insights and act on them.