Voxco partners with Zamplia to launch Voxco Audience Voxco Audience

Voxco partners with Zamplia to launch Voxco Audience


Voxco, a leading provider of Omnichannel Survey Software, has launched Voxco Audience, a fully automated market research platform. Voxco Audience enables researchers to tap into a vast pool of 10Mn+ B2C and B2B professionals across 50+ countries while ensuring quality and increased sample feasibility between project and vendor. Voxco users can now add panelists without leaving the platform at 20-30% less ad hoc cost while cutting down the time of research from months to hours. 

Voxco’s omnichannel capabilities also mean that clients will be able to sample into Voxco Online, CATI, or IVR.

Voxco Audience enables you to create interactive surveys and tap into a pre-recruited group of participants to ensure a high response rate with superior accuracy in data collection. It aims to help researchers get a holistic view of their targeted customers and the market in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Manage your Projects with Voxco Audience

The research panel tool has been developed by professional researchers keeping market researchers on top of mind. It is an easy-to-use DIY platform. Researchers are supported all along their project development process with tool-tips and help-documents to ensure that anyone can easily build a project in no time. 

Researchers can deploy online sample studies efficiently and access a broad spectrum of opinions from verified professionals. Voxco Audience is an all-inclusive research panel tool that empowers you to seamlessly develop your market research projects, all on one platform. 

Voxco Audience: Quality & Security

Voxco intends to ensure that the quality of the sample is not compromised. Voxco Audience supports industry-leading quality & security checks to ensure that researchers can be confident in their sample and the data they receive. The platform protects the integrity of the sample from any advanced fraudulent activity (VPN, proxy, or server farm). 

Voxco Audience supports security checks such as CAPTCHA for bot deterrent, duplicate IP checks, Maxmind Scores to protect against proxies and VPNs, Red-herring & customer screening questions to recognize genuine respondents. It ensures superior security to assure that your sample aligns with the requirements and standards of your market research. 

Voxco Audience: Online Project Management

Leveraging Voxco Audience, researchers can monitor ongoing projects in real-time. You can keep track of project details (LOI, IR, or N-size) and view project specs in real-time.

Based on project requirements, you can also manage quotas for your sample as you go. Voxco Audience ensures that the sample providers are updated in real-time as you make any changes in your quota. You can also enable pre-screening questions to increase targeted IR. Moreover, the platform enables language-specific pre-screening questions to reach a global audience.

Voxco Audience: Panel Vendor Management

The Panel Vendor Management gives you access to central storage to manage all your panel contacts. It is easy to access and provides a central system to keep track of the contacts. Researchers can leverage DeDupe across panels to make the projects more targeted. You can group current projects with other projects to dedupe samples for legitimate results. For the purpose of your market research, the platform facilitates vendor-specific routing. You can add specific screening questions to the specific vendor or sample types within the platform. 


Voxco offers companies the benefit of developing surveys and targeting audiences who meet the standard of market research, all on one platform. It is a global leader in omnichannel cloud and on-premise enterprise feedback management solutions that researchers/ professionals use to engage with their audience via their preferred medium (online and mobile surveys, over-the-phone interviews, or face-to-face offline surveys). 

With the launch of Voxco Audience, researchers & professionals will now be able to gather accurate opinions from high-quality samples across channels (web, phone & face to face) in a cost-effective manner without ever having to leave the Voxco platform. As an on-demand, first-hand insight generation technology, Voxco Audience will tremendously accelerate survey research with high-quality responses from large proprietary samples. 

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