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Voice of customer is your direct ticket to best customer experience. Many businesses these days have realised the importance of regulating a voice of customer program in their firm. 

The first and foremost thing to remember about voice of customer program is that there is no ONE plan for all of your goals. Every voice of customer research has its own pre-defined goal and purpose to fulfil. And for every purpose, you will have a different voice of customer programs. 

For your voice of customer program to be successful, it has to serve its purpose right. Only then you can say that your program was a success. For that to happen, in this article we will be discussing the 7 voice of customer best practices you need to follow in your next voice of customer program. 

Transform your insight generation process

Create an actionable feedback collection process.

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Multichannel feedbacks

The way your customers interact with you runs way beyond just a feedback survey. As a brand, you will have your presence on various online as well as offline channels. Your brand might have its website, social media pages, on-call customer care, and products up for purchase on different shopping apps. The truth is, the more your presence is distributed on different channels, the more you will have to look out for indirect feedbacks. 

Customer give their reviews on shopping app, post their issues on the website, and call the customer care for problems. These are the indirect feedbacks that you will have to study apart from the voice of customer surveys. 

Implement the voice of customer

When customers give their feedbacks, most of them will keep a track of whether the company is making the respective changes or not. This can be the turning point for their loyalty. When they see improvements, they stay loyal to your brand. Hence, it is important to not just gather the feedback, but also analyze it and make the relevant changes in your product or services. 

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Send feedbacks at the right times

This is the voice of customer best practice that builds a connection between the customer and the brand. It is important to keep track of where your customers are. Especially during some changes going on, like you have deployed a new product or started a new service, you need to explicitly direct your voice of customer survey to that specific topic. This will help your customers to regularly update their issues and problems and stay connected to your brand.

Share the customer feedback

For a customer centric organization, it is obvious that every person working there, who is connected to the customer in some or the other way. It’s important that every one of them knows about what the customers have to say about their service. 

Doing so will bring all the employees up to the speed and improve their individual performances. 

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Measure ROI

Investing enough in the voice of customers will in return buy you their satisfaction and loyalty. This helps your brand to have a better image in the market. You can also measure ROI by looking at how your NPS® increases. The more your customers consider referring your brand to their circle, the more your impressions are built. This will help you convert your detractors and passives into promoters. 


Customers love attention. Especially when they get it from the brand that they are still considering sticking to, they consider this as a plus point. What you can do on your part is that you can customize your feedback surveys. Example: let us say a customer just bought your product today. You can send a feedback message to their name, asking for their experience with the product so far. Focus your questions so that it seems more personal to the customers.

Listen to the target audience

It is true that the voice of the customer focuses on the customers that are already engaged with you. But it is equally important to pay attention to the potential customer base. 

In such programs, social media platforms are the best choice as they let you connect to potential customers over a wide range. This way you can hear the voice of customers beyond those who are already your customers. 

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