Voice of customer vs customer experience Voice of customer

Voice of customer vs customer experience


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Voice of customer vs customer experience Voice of customer

By the looks of how both voice of customer and customer experience work hand in hand, it is pretty obvious that most of the people seem to blur the line between the two.

Businesses use the voice of customer methodology to deliver enhanced customer experience. From this simple sentence you will understand that how voice of customer is used for delivering a better customer experience. In this article we decided to differentiate those two for you, so the next time come across voice of customer and customer experience, you will have a clear understanding of which is what. 

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Voice of customer

Voice of customer refers to a process of collecting customer feedback which returns their expectations and perceptions about your brand. This feedback is then captured, analysed and implemented in the organization to deliver better products and services to the customer according to their needs and expectations. 

Voice of customer therefore helps the companies to reduce the gap between the customer expectations and what experience the company delivers. Businesses these days have scratched the survey system that can with certain limitations and have adopted to the voice of customer process which allows you to work with various tools that help you get the best out of your customers. 

Customer experience

Customers experience refers to how the company keeps track of the communication with their customer throughout the purchase journey. Customer experience tells how and what customers think about their purchase experience with your brand and if they were properly accompanied by you through all the stages right from the product survey to post-purchase follow-up. 

In simple words, customer experience is a summary of a customer’s interaction with your brand. Having a reliable customer experience in place will have you stay on top of the market by always knowing what’s new around and your customers’ ever changing needs and demands. Customer experience helps you understand the market and your competitors by giving you operational data and experience which tells a lot about your customers’ individuality and how they make their decisions. 

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Difference between voice of customer and customer experience

Both voice of customer and customer experience are different yet associated disciplines. The difficult par to understand here is what contributes to the voice of customer and how the collected data is used. As said earlier, businesses plan a voice of customer to understand the customer perceptions and expectations which they work on to deliver a better customer experience. That being said, the one thing that makes both of them sound similar is their way of gathering information from the right people on the right time and in the right place. 

The Voice of the customer is not an entire view of the customer. Moreover, it is just focused on one problem that arises in the organization for which the management has regulated the voice of the customer program. Whereas when a customer experience professional takes a look at the tools that gather customer voice like surveys, website analysis, text mining, etc. they realise these things don’t provide them with the information that they are looking for. Customer experience is basically used to gain customer demographics, purchase insights, product usage patterns, and so on. So this gives us that both of them work on, if not more but slightly different objectives. 

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Why you shouldn’t combine the voice of customer and customer experience

Putting both voices of customer and customer experience in one bucket can be highly risky for your customer-oriented company. As your customers are a vital part of your brand, you wouldn’t want to miss out on anything that might be important to the customer. That is exactly why you shouldn’t overlap the two. 

Customer experience runs way beyond the voice of customers to understand every customer interaction and what they are trying to tell. Voice of the customer is just a listen – understand – respond program that focuses on what customers think about a particular topic. Customer experience is a cover-it-all practice whereas the voice of the customer is a focus-on-one-problem discipline. 

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