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Telehealth: the key to improving patient experience survey scores

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Healthcare providers have had it rough in 2020. Not only have they had to face an unprecedented health crisis- but lockdowns and social distancing have healthcare organizations to speed up their integration of telehealth programs which can be a vital asset for improving patient experience 

Naturally, one can expect that it was an ad-hoc implementation for several organizations but that cannot continue.

Patient convenience is a major deciding factor for people choosing to retain their healthcare provider or even their insurance. Research shows that 57.4% of patients choose their doctors based on their proximity to their work, home or school. 

With the introduction and wide scale acceptance of telemedicine/telehealth services, healthcare organizations have a golden opportunity to extend their services to patients who would traditionally be ‘out of range’.  Telehealth services are also needed for improving patient experience programs at healthcare organizations.

This clearly demonstrates that Telehealth services are the gateway to a wider customer base for most healthcare organizations.

Why telehealth is more important than ever for improving patient experience

Telehealth helps you manage the patient feedback loop better

Healthcare companies can manage the patient feedback loop better after integrating telehealth with their services. The very existence of a telehealth platform allows organizations to conduct their own patient experience surveys along multiple touchpoints along the patient journey.

This journey can be for completely virtual, in person, or even a mix of both. Telehealth services will help you collect feedback in any scenario – whether it’s a quick survey sent after an in person appointment, or real-time feedback immediately after a virtual meeting.

Telehealth greatly increases a healthcare provider’s reachability, and empowers them to manage their feedback loop in a way that is convenient for both them as well as their customers.

Lower expenses - for patient and provider

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The biggest contributor to these massive savings is less usage of emergency rooms. Many patients often don’t need to be in urgent care, but go there anyway for lack of a better option, or even because of a lack of knowledge about their problem. Telemedicine sessions, especially those over video, help patients get the medical advice they need, with them having to step out only for treatment (if required). Transferring cost benefits onto your customers is an effective technique for improving patient experience soliciting better feedback.

Better satisfaction, better patient outcomes

We’ve established that telehealth can allow you to take patient feedback at multiple touchpoints. However, your telehealth services can be an effective outlet to engage with your customers. Patient experience surveys can help you query patients about their concerns, dispel their fears about treatments and provide them with vital information about healthcare disasters such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

HEDIS surveys now include telehealth in key parameters: Telehealth is now integral to improving patient experience survey scores.

In June 2020, the board of directors of the NCQA (National Committee for Quality Assurance) approved extensive modifications to their most prominently used HEDIS measures. 3 of these new measures are related to telehealth.
For healthcare organizations, telemedicine can no longer remain an afterthought – but must now become a pillar for their services. This is vital to performing well in HEDIS and HCAHPS surveys. 

You can check out our Patient Experience hub for more reading into improving patient experience

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Telehealth is a gateway to better analytics, and better insights

By integrating telehealth services into your organization, you’re also opening a gateway into detailed analytics in patient behavior. This can be done passively via consensually collected user data, or actively though patient experience surveys. 

You can observe a typical patient journey with your organization, see where you’re losing the most customers and get feedback from your patients before they reach these critical junctures. 

With better healthcare analytics, you can anticipate patient needs and their shifting priorities with more reliability. 

Improved analytics can also help healthcare organizations better anticipate healthcare crises like the COVID-19 pandemic, giving them more time to equip themselves to tackle such events.

The pandemic was a tipping point for the inevitable - Telehealth is here to stay

With lockdowns and social distancing being the need of the hour across continents, people were (and are) more than willing to get healthcare assistance virtually. However this isn’t a temporary solution. Telehealth is now regarded by patients and healthcare workers as being effective.

There are minor issues of course – there are still people who would prefer on-premise visits, even if completely unnecessary. However, the sheer usability that telehealth provides will be enough to convert even the harshest of luddites.

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