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How is the survey helpful?

Customer survey plays an important role in the marketing strategy of a company. The right approach towards conducting the survey can prove to be a strong factor to rely on when it comes to betterment of the firm. Surveys can help you find new branches to your strategy and can help you figure out loop holes in it. 

But in order to have insights and results from your conducted survey, you need to attract as many responses as you can, because it helps build a clear picture of the customer satisfaction. For that to happen, you need to frame an interesting and productive survey which will make respondents click and stick to it till the end.

Which marketing stages can use surveys?

  • Awareness stage

Use surveys as awareness to understand what people expect from the product. Use this to gather information to improve your product and its marketing.

  • Consideration stage

Here you will rule out what factors are helpful for your strategy and what can bring it down. The survey you conducted will give you the insights you were looking for.

  • Decision stage

Conduct surveys to turn the customers towards your product. Carry out demos and look for the competitors which the customers are considering.

  • Post Purchase stage

This is a survey to be conducted to keep a follow up with the customers about their experience with your product.

What to keep in mind while framing the correct survey for marketing?

  • Keeping it short

Think through a customer perspective and try to keep it short and simple. Respondents like to have an idea about how much time the survey will take. Be clear about what you are going to ask and avoid unnecessary questions. Aim to keep customers engaged in the survey and frame the questions accordingly. 

  • Analyzing results

Decided between open-ended and close-ended questions and how to use them. Open-ended questions give you a chance to get new insights but can be tiresome and boring to a respondent. Whereas close-ended questions will give you perfect answers and their frequencies. Understanding where to use those questions is important and can contribute a lot to your results.

  • Offer 

Humans tend to incline towards something which has a perk. Try to offer them something in return for their survey. You can decide a certain percentage of the budget into survey offerings. It can be anything like an e-book, free subscriptions, etc. keep in mind that it should not be at your loss and it should also interest and provoke the customers to take the survey.

  • Testimonials

Including actual customers, stories make it believable for the crowd that your product is the best in the market. Surveys can prove useful in gathering customers’ experiences. Ask them about their experience with the product and their buying, etc.

What different types of surveys can you use?

  • Market Inquiry survey

Get to know the competition in the market and know where you stand. survey the customers regarding their choices and preferences. 

  • Price survey

Know what customers are paying for the products and how much you should price your product. This will give an idea about the market prices. 

  • Customer profiling survey

Study the customers that are attracted to your product. learn their backgrounds and preferences. 

  • Customer satisfaction survey

Learn about customer experiences and gauge their satisfaction in terms of the products or the services that they are using.

  • Tracking leads survey

Study about the leads so you can direct your strategies towards the right flow.

Explore all the survey question types possible on Voxco

Explore all the survey question types possible on Voxco

  • Expectations survey

Know whether the product you delivered is serving its purpose right and the customer is happy. Before and after product delivery surveys are important to know the customers’ attitude towards your company. 

  • Customer retention surveys

Determine what factors made the customer buy your product and use it for future product developments. Study what the customer is looking for and what can make him buy again.

  • Product concept survey

Pitch the new ideas and get the customer’s point of view regarding what they want and expect. 

  • Product fulfilment survey

Determine if the product and services delivered have met their expectations and results. 

  • Media surveys

Make use of the media platforms to deploy ads, marketing emails, announcements, etc.

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