Unlocking The Advantages Of Online Survey Tools


Unlocking The Advantages Of Online Survey Tools Customer success manager
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Whether you want to increase sales, expand the business, or retain top talent, you need data from the right audience at the right time. But how can you gather valuable data from a wider population?

In today’s digital age, more and more organizations are turning to online survey tools to gather data from their customers, employees, and other stakeholders. Such tools offer a range of advantages over traditional survey methods, including wider reach, real-time results, flexibility, data security, analytical capabilities, and cost-effectiveness. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore these advantages of online survey tools in more detail.

What are online survey tools?

Online survey tools are software that enables you to create, design, distribute, and analyze surveys all in one platform. The tool provides a wide variety of features, making it easy for you to create and design surveys for various research purposes and distribute them on multiple channels to reach a wide population. 

The advantage of online survey tools is that it not only enables you to create surveys but also gather and analyze survey data and generate insights to make strategic and data-driven decisions. You can use the tool for a wide range of purposes, such as market research, customer surveys, employee engagement, academic research, and social research.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of online survey tools?

10 advantages of online survey tools

Technological advancement has made surveys easier for both the researchers and the respondents. Instead of a long paper survey with tiny fonts, online survey platforms have made the process convenient and easy for both parties. 

Let’s see the benefits of online survey tools that have contributed to its mainstream popularity. 

01. Ease of use: 

An advantage of online survey tools is their ease of use. The tools are designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for you to create and distribute surveys and for respondents to complete them. You can create simple or complex surveys without any knowledge of coding using a tool. 

With online survey software, you don’t need too many interviews on the field. You can simply upload it on the website or send it over online channels to respondents. This saves time and reduces errors, making the data collection process more efficient.

02. Appealing survey design:

Your survey design may impact your response rate. A robust online survey software offers functionalities such as white-labeling and CSS customization that allow you to align the survey design with your branding. 

You can easily create branded surveys with your logo, color, font style, and more. Remove any trace of the software vendor and make the survey your own. 

Moreover, you can make it visually appealing by adding images or videos instead of simple textual questions. 

03. Increased reach:

With online survey tools, it’s possible to reach a larger and more diverse audience than with traditional survey methods. You can distribute your surveys via email, social media, SMS, and other methods and gather responses from anywhere in the world. 

This way, you can expand your sample size. And you can collect data from a more representative sample of respondents and yield more comprehensive data.

04. Wider population:

The advantage of online survey tools is that it allows you to reach an audience beyond the language barrier. With features like automated survey translations, you can translate surveys into multiple languages, which allows you to reach an international audience. 

05. Real-time results:

Online survey tools provide real-time access to the survey process, allowing you to track response rates and drop-offs and monitor progress. This also allows you to act quickly, export data, create reports, or share results with secure channels for faster decision-making. 

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06. Analytical capabilities:

Another advantage of online survey tools is that it has built-in data analysis features that allow you to analyze and interpret survey data easily. These features may include charts, graphs, and cross-tabs that illustrate survey results. Cutting-edge survey software also enables you to analyze textual data and uncover sentiment. 

The advanced analytical capabilities make it easier to identify trends and patterns in survey data, helping you to make more informed decision-making.

07. Flexibility:

Online survey tools offer flexibility in terms of the questions you ask and the ways in which respondents can answer them. 

You can customize the survey based on your target audience by using a multiple-choice, open-ended, rating scale, ranking, and other question types. 

At the same time, respondents have the freedom to access the survey on their preferred channel or device. 

This flexibility can make surveys more engaging and provide richer data.

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08. Anonymity: 

Another important advantage of using online survey tools is that it allows you to ensure respondent anonymity. Using the software, you can make a survey anonymous by not collecting any identifiable information on the respondents. 

Anonymous surveys help you gather accurate and reliable data as respondents are likely to feel comfortable and answer honestly.

09. Data security: 

Online survey software provides robust data security measures and complies with data privacy regulations. This ensures secure data storage, encryption, and password protection.

Data security is critical when you are collecting sensitive data. This also provides respondents with peace of mind that their data is being handled responsibly.

10. Cost-effectiveness:

The most significant advantage of online survey tools is their cost-effectiveness. Unlike traditional survey methods, online survey tools don’t require research supplies or interviewers. 

Respondents can access your surveys over the internet. This can save organizations a significant amount of time and money, making it possible to collect more data with fewer resources.

Disadvantages of online survey tools

With all these advantages of using online survey tools, there are some potential disadvantages as well. Here are three potential cons.

1. Survey fraud:

The promise of a reward often leads to survey fraud. Bad actors or fraudsters take your survey and offer no useful insights only for rewards. This leads to unreliable data and misinformation. 

2. Online survey limitations:

Some of your target audience may not have access to the internet or may not know how to fill an online questionnaires. If you are targeting hard-to-reach population for social research they may not have access to mobile devices or internet. Similarly, older demographics may not know how to fill out or access online surveys.

3. Survey abandonment:

Not everyone in your target audience will be willing to spend time filing up a 15 minute long survey. While, some may even forget about the survey altogether if though they meant to take it. 

Online surveys can lead to survey abandonment. However, you can create micro or pulse surveys using online survey tools and send reminders to reduce abandonment rates.

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In conclusion, online survey tools offer a range of advantages over traditional survey methods. They are easy to use, have a broader reach, and are cost-time efficient. 

Additionally, analytical capabilities, real-time results, flexibility, and data security, make online survey software an attractive option for organizations seeking to collect data efficiently and effectively. 

FAQs on advantages of online survey tools

1. What are online survey tools?

Online survey tools are SaaS platforms that enable you to create and distribute surveys and gather and analyze data in one platform. The tools allow you to reach a wider population across multiple channels. 

2. What are the types of online surveys?

Online survey tools help you create online for a wider range of purposes, for example, market research surveys, customer experience/satisfaction surveys, employee experience surveys, cart abandonment surveys, NPS, or CES surveys. 

3. What are the benefit of online survey tools?

Online survey tools offer ease of use, branding capabilities, analytical capabilities, wider reach, and cost-effectiveness. 

  • The tool allows you to gather quantitative and qualitative data across a diverse population. 
  • Online surveys software allows you to distribute your surveys across email, SMS, social media, and website. 
  • The data analysis tool allows you to identify trends and patterns in feedback. 

4. What is the usefulness of online survey tools?

The advantage of online survey tools is that it is easy to use for both respondents and research. 

Participants can access the survey on their preferred channels and devices. They can respond anytime they want and from anywhere. It gives them control over completing the survey.

Researchers can design simple or complex surveys without technical knowledge. They can design branded surveys and reach a wider audience in their preferred language and channel. 

5. What are the pros and cons of online survey tools?

Online survey tools can offer many advantages, as well as some potential disadvantages. Here are some of the pros and cons of using online survey tools:

Pros of online survey tools: 

  1. Ease of use: The survey tools are easy to use, and you require little technical expertise.
  2. Cost-effective: These are less expensive than traditional paper surveys, as there are no printing or postage costs, and you can readily reach a wider audience.
  3. Automated data collection: You can collect and store data over the internet, reducing potential data entry errors.
  4. Access to a larger sample: You can use online surveys to reach a larger sample size than traditional paper surveys, thus increasing the chance of gathering representative data.
  5. Easy data analysis: Survey tools offer advanced data analysis features, making it easier to analyze and visualize the survey data.

Cons of online survey tools:

  1. Survey fraud: Survey rewards can attract fraudsters to take your surveys. This leads to unreliable insights on your prt. 
  2. Online limitations: Many marginalized groups or older demographics may not have access to mobie devices or internet. They may not be proficient in filling up online survey forms. 
  3. Abandonment rates: Your target audience may not want to spend time taking a survey. Or, they may also forget to take your survey.

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