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The survey is a part of the customer experience. When you are asking them to offer you their honest opinion about your brand, you should be mindful of their time. This brings us to branded surveys. The simplest way to deliver the best survey experience possible. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss the importance of branded surveys for businesses and customers. 

What is a branded survey?

In market research, branded surveys help you collect data specific to your brand’s goals and objectives. It helps you gather feedback on customers’ preferences, expectations, opinions, and behaviors. This enables you to evaluate how the brand’s goal aligns with customer insights. 

What sets it apart from traditional surveys is that the survey consists of the company’s branding elements. The questions are not only specific to your brand but the survey design is also branded. 

What are these branding elements?

To customize your online surveys, you can incorporate the following branding elements. 

  • Company’s logo.
  • Color.
  • Personalized message. 
  • Personalize survey website address (URL). 
  • Use of language that reflects brand voice. 
  • Branded survey rewards. 

Using branding elements in your surveys can help you create a more engaging and memorable survey experience.  Branded surveys gain the confidence of the survey recipients and encourage engagement. It can foster trust and build brand awareness.

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What are the differentiators of a branded survey?

Surveys branded with your company image let your customers know that the survey is coming from you. This builds trust and encourages them to provide honest responses. You can also ask personalized questions about your brand and its offerings. 

Here are four key components of branded surveys. 

  1. Send a custom survey right after a customer interacts with your brand. When you follow up with your customers right after an interaction, it increases the likelihood of receiving reliable feedback. 
  2.  You only ask questions that are relevant to a customer’s experience in a branded survey. When you personalize the questionnaire, it helps you ask the right questions and gather the right data. 
  3. Personalizing your surveys allow you to ask new questions and thus gather new insights. Instead of boring and general surveys, you can show that you want to listen to your customers’ opinions. 

Why branded surveys are important for business?

Branded surveys offer several benefits for your business. It helps you gain insight into your products and services from a customer’s standpoint. Here are four reasons why they are an important tool for a business. 

Gathering reliable feedback:

You can design a targeted survey for your customers to gather targeted feedback. Surveys branded based on customers’ interactions can help you gain deeper insights into what customers like or dislike. 

Building brand awareness: 

Branded surveys help the recipients recognize the source. It enables you to create a memorable survey experience and build brand awareness. By creating a consistent brand experience, you are reinforcing the brand message and identity in your customers’ minds. 

Additionally, as the customer sees your company’s brand element outside their usual interaction, it creates stronger brand recognition. 

Improve customer loyalty: 

When you customize the survey with personalized messages and brand elements, it shows customers that you are putting in the effort. This shows that you are committed to understanding and improving customer experience. 

As a result, it impacts customer loyalty and increases retention. Consistent experience outside transactions creates a positive experience. Customers are likely to spread positive word-of-mouth. 

Learn customers’ preferences:

Conducting branded surveys enables you to gather insights into customers’ preferences and behaviors. Using the insight, you can identify areas of improvement and make strategic marketing and product decisions. 

Branding your surveys allow you to see your customers as more than just IDs. This enables you to tailor the products and marketing campaigns for real humans. 

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How do customers benefit from branded surveys?

Branded surveys don’t only benefit you and your company but also the customers. Here are some of the benefits of branded surveys to customers. 

Customers feel heard:

When you put effort into personalizing the survey experience, it shows that you care and value your customers’ time. It tells them that you value their opinion and their feedback is important to you. This makes them feel appreciated and a part of the company, thus improving their overall experience. 

Offers customers a platform:

Asking customers questions relevant to their experiences and interactions gives them the opportunity to voice their honest opinion. Using customers’ feedback to make changes and improvements lets customers see the effect of their feedback. This creates a sense of ownership amongst the customers encouraging them to engage with the brand. 

Branded surveys can help customers feel heard and valued. It gives them an opportunity to relay their opinions directly to your brand. 

How to create branded surveys?

Survey software like Voxco can help you tailor your surveys based on your needs. Here are two ways you can create branded surveys. 

1. Add brand elements: 

Customize the survey designs with the company logo, color, theme, language, images, font, survey email address, etc. 

White-label surveys can help you add brand elements with ease. 

2. Ask relevant questions: 

Use survey logic features to ask questions relevant to customers. Create complex surveys with skip logic, branching, and more, and ensure customers answer those questions which apply to them. 

Here are some of the best practices you should follow when customizing surveys. 

  • It’s best to consider the objective of the survey and the target survey respondents. 
  • Write clear and relevant questions. Make sure the questions are easy to understand and answer. 
  • Make your surveys stand out by using brand elements, like logos, color, themes, etc. 
  • Send the survey via the channels most preferred by the target audience. 
  • Use clear and concise language. Leverage automated survey translation to customize surveys for non-native speakers. 

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Branded surveys allow you to ask targeted questions and build brand awareness at the same time. It helps you ask the right questions based on customer interaction. Additionally, the use of brand elements also builds stronger brand recognition. 

It is important for businesses to recognize the benefits of the branded survey. You can use the survey to create a stronger connection with customers and encourage them to engage with the brand. 


1. What are branded surveys?

Branded surveys are essential marketing tools that help you personalize your survey experience. By incorporating the company’s branding element and personalizing the survey questions, you can build brand awareness. 

2. How do you design branded surveys?

Here’s how you can effectively design branded surveys. 

  • Add brand elements to the survey design. Design your survey with the company logo, colors, themes, URL, etc. 
  • Leverage sophisticated survey logic to create complex surveys. Use skip logic, branching, and other elements to ask relevant questions. 

3. What is the best way to distribute a brand survey?

To deliver a personalized survey experience, it’s best to choose the channels that your target audience prefers. Instead of randomly sending the branded survey, leverage the channels your audience is likely to use. 

4. What are the benefits of leveraging branded survey software?

Branded survey software offers several benefits. 

  • Creating professional surveys with consistent brand image. 
  • Building brand awareness. 
  • Delivering a seamless survey experience. 
  • Increasing response rates. 

5. What features you should look for in branded survey software?

There are several features you should be looking for in branded survey software. Here are some of the key functionalities you should consider. 

  • White-label survey functionalities. 
  • Customizable survey maker tool. 
  • Multiple question types. 
  • Multiple languages for survey translation. 
  • Multiple survey distribution channels. 
  • Mobile responsiveness. 

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