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Companies build business success on customer satisfaction. By nurturing customer-brand relationships, your brand can enhance customer experience and increase loyalty.  But for that, you need to keep an eye on customer satisfaction level.

CSAT survey is an ideal CX metric that can help you learn about the gap in experience and identify the pain points. However, for this, you need a dedicated tool that enables you to gather feedback at specific touchpoints in the customer journey and generate insights. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the need for a CSAT survey tool, the features to look for, and a list of the best online survey tools to help you in your search.

What is a CSAT survey?

How satisfied are you with your recent visit to our pet cafe? 

Answer by selecting a score between 1 to 5 (1= least satisfied & 5=highly satisfied). 

This question is an example of a CSAT survey. The survey helps you gather a satisfaction score from your target customer about the concerned subject. 

Customers expect an exceptional experience. To determine whether they consider their experience with your brand as good or not, you can utilize a customer satisfaction survey. This CX survey can help gauge customers’ needs, expectations, and pain points with your brand and its offerings. You can segment the customer base by their score and follow up to figure out how you can meet their expectations. 

The need for CSAT survey tools

Customer satisfaction survey tools empowers you to streamline CSAT surveys and gather data on customers’ levels of satisfaction with your brand and its offering in real-time. The tool helps you automate survey distribution and data collection, enabling you to gather insights at specific points in the customer journey. 

The real-time data collection allows you to understand customer perception, identify experience gaps, and make informed decisions to enhance customer satisfaction. In simple terms, CSAT survey tools help gauge customer loyalty, identify pain points, and foster improvement. 

There are several reasons why you should implement a customer satisfaction survey tool in your customer research process.

  • Gathering customer satisfaction feedback at moments that matter will help you figure out how to enhance CX. Continuous feedback will help monitor customer sentiment and perception and identify the root cause of lower satisfaction. 
  • Measuring customer experience will help you identify what satisfies them, enabling you to enhance those aspects and increase ROI. 
  • It’s important to keep track of how your customers feel about your brand to ensure positive word of mouth. Automating CSAT surveys will help you monitor the changes in customer satisfaction levels, enabling you to notice any downhill trend. 
  • With a CSAT survey tool, you can map your customer satisfaction strategy across vital customer journey touchpoints. This empowers you to monitor the customer lifecycle and enhance customer journey strategy.

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Features to look for in a CSAT survey tool

When it comes to selecting a customer satisfaction survey tool, there are tons of features you need to look for. So, we have compiled some significant aspects of the CSAT survey tool to help you make precise decisions. 

1. Customization: 

The online survey tool you use must offer the capability to personalize the display of your surveys. It should enable you to add customization and also white-label your survey with your branding. 

2. Logics and branching: 

The tool should enable you to gather the insights you need. This should allow you to display questions based on the selected scores using survey logic. This feature will help you personalize the survey experience and gather reliable data. 

3. Multi-channel distribution:

Relying on one channel will not help you gather a reliable data set. It’s important that the CSAT survey tool offers multiple channels to help you increase your reach. Additionally, multiple channels ensure that you engage customers on their preferred mode of communication. 

4. Automation: 

Sending a well-timed survey is important to ensure you gather customer feedback while the memory of their experience is still fresh. The tool should thus allow you to trigger surveys based on pre-defined events or specific touchpoints. 

5. Real-time insights:

Choose a CSAT survey tool that automatically analyzes the collected data and generates real-time insights. The platform should generate reports in easy-to-understand formats like graphs, charts, and tables, enabling readers to grasp quick insights. 

6. Advanced analytics: 

The tool should help you perform advanced analytics on the gathered data to identify patterns, trends, and correlations. 

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Benefits of using CSAT survey tools

Measuring customer satisfaction also enables you to compare your business performance with customers’ expectations and your competitors. A CSAT survey tool can help you gather a vast amount of data for this purpose. On that note, let’s look into some benefits of leveraging customer satisfaction survey software

1. Understanding customer insights: 

The tool provides you with a direct channel to gather honest and unfiltered customer feedback, allowing you to understand them in their true voice. 

For example, a retail company can you customer satisfaction survey to gather insights about why customers prefer the B range of products over A. The feedback will help them in product development and design more effective marketing campaigns. 

2. Proactively resolving customer pain points: 

Gathering data over time across specific touchpoints and interactions can help you identify patterns that can escalate an issue. It will allow you to prepare and prevent any friction that can cause customer churn among current customers and prospects. 

For example, by gathering data on the usability of a mobile app, a software company can identify and resolve any bug before it causes churn. 

3. Segmenting customer base for personalized efforts:

Using the customer satisfaction score, segment your customer base and tailor your efforts accordingly. You can use the segment to prioritize some efforts and enhance the experience by fulfilling expectations. 

For example, a shopping app can use the CSAT survey tool to identify customers who value faster delivery and those who value better communication. Depending on the expectations, the company can make tailored efforts for each segment. 

4. Retaining loyal customers:

Satisfied customers are likely to stay loyal and are the easiest to retain. However, they will become inactive and churn if you don’t take care of them in time. Use customer satisfaction surveys to identify the bottlenecks and the strengths of your brand. 

For example, a cosmetic brand can use the survey to identify the factors driving customer loyalty. This will allow them to focus on doubling down on those efforts and retaining customers. 

5. Identify trends:

The score can reveal changes in customer preference in time if you continuously strive to gather data. It can help you adapt quickly to the changing market needs and design better strategies accordingly. 

For example, a home appliance company can use the CSAT survey tool to track shifts in customer preferences and demands for certain products or features. The data can help them guide their product development roadmap.

Top 12 CSAT survey tools

Now that we have listed down the features to look for in CSAT survey tools and the benefits let’s look into the best online survey tools you should use for your customer satisfaction strategy. 

1. Voxco 

An omnichannel insights platform, Voxco is a one-stop-shop solution enabling you to create and distribute surveys and collect and analyze data. 

  • Cloud or on-premise hosting. 
  • 40+ Question Types.
  • Automated survey translation in 100+ languages. 
  • Omnichannel data collection via email, text, social media, and web pop-ups. 
  • Create targeted sample using Voxco Audience. 
  • Integration with mobile offline or CATI surveys. 
  • Interactive dashboard. 

Voxco empowers you to design branded surveys and thank you pages to personalize the survey experience. Gather data across key touchpoints and trigger recurring surveys. Track survey performance in real time and analyze collected data using advanced statistical analysis. 

Secure survey data with SSL encryption, MFA user access, and authorization-based access. Widen your reach and gather insightful data from a global audience. Or, create your sample audience from a pool of 10 m professionals.

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2. Qualtrics

Another all-in-one solution, Qualtrics, offers a CSAT survey tool as a part of its Experience Management Platform. 

  • 50+ survey templates
  • 40+ Question Types. 
  • Multiple survey distribution channels – emails, texts, chatbots, offline surveys, and apps. 
  • Qualtrics iQ- Uncover trends, patterns, and key drivers of customer loyalty with predictive AI. 
  • Automated actions – The tool sends recommended actions to the right person in the tool they use. 

You can utilize the platform to measure customer satisfaction in many ways, such as post-transaction or periodic satisfaction surveys. The solution enables you to gather feedback in real-time across 127 data sources to help you listen and understand what’s on customers’ minds. 

The downside of this platform is its learning curve. The solution is robust yet complex and takes time to onboard. 

It is a good fit for large and enterprise-scale businesses, as they are one of the most expensive platforms. 

→ Qualtric Alternative

3. QuestionPro

QuestionPro’s customer experience management software enables you to leverage its ticketing system to close the feedback loop. 

  • 250+ customized survey templates. 
  • 30 question types.
  • 95+ languages. 
  • All-in-one CX dashboard – flexible dashboard, powerful reporting, and customizable widgets. 

With QuestionPro’s SuiteCX, you can improve customer experience with integrated survey data, persona development, and detailed contact strategies. The platform makes data analysis simple and helps you generate actionable insights with its flexible dashboard. 

With its workflow setup, you can send different surveys to different customers and also enable automated reminders for survey invites. 

QuestionPro Alternatives 

4. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is one of the top solutions for gathering customer feedback. The solution enables you to benchmark CX using NPS and CSAT tools. 

  • 303 survey templates. 
  • Multiple survey distribution channels – emails, social media, chats, web links, and more. 
  • Integration with third-party apps (120+ business systems) to automate workflow. 

The platform offers you a Survey Builder enabling you to customize your customer satisfaction surveys. Its CSAT survey tool also provides a wide variety of CSAT questionnaires along with follow-up questions. With the data collected and analyzed, you can look into the data of different target groups with easy filters.

The platform has three versions – Basic, Individual Advantage, and Team Advantage – each with more features. If you want to design short surveys, the free version can be an ideal choice. However, to access unlimited questions per survey and more responses, you need to upgrade to the paid packs. 

SurveyMonkey Alternative 

5. SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow comprises a conversational survey format rather than traditional formats for survey design. It is an omnichannel experience management platform that enables you to gather data across every touchpoint in the customer journey. 

  • 700+ ready-to-use survey templates. 
  • Ticket management. 
  • 70+ languages. 
  • Custom reports and widgets. 
  • Survey distribution via email, social media, website, and direct links.

Survey Sparrow enables you to design CX surveys for various use cases like CSAT, NPS, CES, Product feedback, Customer exit, and more. You can run CSAT surveys after key interactions or touchpoints to keep up with their pulse. 

The platform ensures that the surveys are optimized for a seamless survey experience on mobile devices. It offers advanced logic and branching capabilities to help you create personalized surveys. 

The solution is designed for startups and individual businesses who want to run customer surveys and market research.

A wide range of online survey tool functionalities to create interactive surveys in seconds.

Understand how easy it is to create, test, distribute, and design the surveys.

6. Typeform

An easy-to-use platform that enables you to design beautiful and on-brand surveys, Typeform takes a break from traditional designs. 

  • 3200+ ready-to-send survey templates. 
  • Survey distribution vias chat, website, emails, or web apps. 
  • Automate workflow through 120+ integrations. 

With Typeform, you can design CX surveys like NPS, CSAT, and CES and use its customized survey templates. You can also leverage logic and branching to further personalize the survey. 

Additionally, Typeform offers capabilities like a chatbot and video app empowering you to organize face-to-face conversations. 

With all its amazing features for designing beautiful survey forms, it’s important to keep in mind that the paid plans for $25/month are not tailored for businesses. 

7. Sogolytics

A comprehensive online survey tool and experience management platform, Sogolytics, offers its intelligent CX management platform equipped with an interactive dashboard to monitor experience across every touchpoint. 

  • Omnichannel feedback collection via email, QR codes, apps, websites, SMS, and social media. 
  • Streamline workflows and close the loop with CX ticketing. 
  • Identify key factors driving customer satisfaction using Key Driver Analysis, NLP, and more. 

Sogolytics is a smart choice for beginners and experts. The platforms enable you to track every phase in the customer journey, share real-time results, and generate action plans from insights. It is a mobile-friendly platform with an intuitive UI, strong data security, and great customer support. 

Additionally, the platform offers different plans that fit any business size ranging from $25 USD/month to a custom plan. 

8. Zoho Survey

The platform is an easy-to-use online survey software that offers a rich palette of features. The tool also allows you to expand your reach by enabling you to gather feedback through offline surveys. 

  • 200 survey templates. 
  • 25+ question types. 
  • Multilingual surveys. 

With Zoho Survey, you can conduct CSAT surveys and analyze responses using sentiment analysis, TURF, and word cloud. 

9. Delighted

Delighted is a CSAT survey tool that enables you to measure customer satisfaction, especially with the metric NPS. 

  • 8 ready-made survey templates – NPS, CSAT, PMF, eNPS, CES, and more. 
  • Survey distribution methods – email, link, kiosk, web, and iOS SDK. 
  • 30+ languages. 

You can create NPS surveys in minutes with its survey creation wizard. The platforms’ automated surveying features trigger surveys based on your scheduled time interval. On the other hand, it also ensures that no individual gets too many surveys. 

With its AI-driven analytics and real-time reporting, you can segment feedback by tags, keywords, or scores. Additionally, also get a comprehensive view of your survey performance.

Maximize response rates by adapting to respondent preferences.

Meet respondents where they are and drive survey completion.

10. Survicate 

Survicate is an all-in-one customer feedback software. As a CSAT survey tool, it helps you build surveys based on buyer persona. The platform enables you to quickly set up your surveys with no coding in the process. 

  • 125 ready-to-send survey templates. 
  • Multiple channels for survey distribution – email, chatbots, website, in-product, and links.

Using Survicate, you can set up your survey to pop up at particular touchpoints or whenever a ticket is resolved. You can brand your surveys with your logo and colors or use customer CSS. You can also remove Survicate branding from the survey. 

11. NiceReply 

NiceReply enables you to send CSAT surveys seamlessly after ticket resolution or particular action, depending on your needs. 

  • Survey distribution via email, website pop-ups, and survey links. 
  • Multiple scales and additional question types.
  • Survey types include CSAT, NPS, and CES. 

NiceReply is a user-friendly tool that offers features like mobile surveys, data analysis, and KPI tracking. With its in-signature email surveys, you can gather customer feedback at the end of your emails. 

12. Customer Thermometer 

Customer Thermometer enables you to design micro surveys encouraging maximum engagement.  You can customize the survey with brand elements and also create your icons to make it unique. 

You can share it as a one-click survey with a branded ‘thank you’ page that asks additional questions. You can gather data on the CSAT score and also share social media links to enhance engagement.

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This wraps up our list of the twelve top CSAT survey tools. It’s important to understand the features to look for so you select the tool that aligns with your needs. 

A CSAT survey software can help you reach your audience and gather targeted feedback at key interactions. It can help you identify pain points before it escalates into an issue. Choose a tool that helps you leverage CSAT surveys with other CX metrics like NPS and CES to create a comprehensive picture of customer satisfaction.

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