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Ultimate Guide to Demographic Segmentation

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Demographic segmentation is a process used in various aspects of marketing and business. Be it specifying a location while answering a survey, grouping the students on the basis of gender in elementary school, or providing the level of education at the time of a job application, you would have experienced demographic segmentation at several stages in your lifetime. In this article, we’ll discuss what demographic segmentation is and how you can get value from it. Let’s start: 


What is demographic segmentation?

Demographic segmentation is a process of categorizing the target market on the basis of variables such as age, gender, education, etc. Being a popular market segmentation method, it empowers businesses to know their consumers and understand their needs effectively. As every individual in a target market has a different preference, leveraging demographic segmentation makes it easy to classify them into specific categories. This helps organizations to optimize their marketing campaigns and make them more strategic. Be it a new product launch or updating an existing one, demographic segmentation plays a key role in helping businesses perform better and stay ahead of the competitors.

Demographic Segmentation Demographic Segmentation

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Why demographic segmentation matter?

Demographic segmentation empowers brands to seamlessly categorize their huge customer base into smaller sections of people on the basis of variables like age, gender, religion, ethnicity, occupation, education, etc. This makes it easy for organizations to appeal to the preferences of that particular group. Without using demographic segmentation, it becomes very difficult to determine the requirements and concerns of your customers.

By leveraging demographic segmentation, brands can effortlessly craft personalized narratives for connecting with particular segments of the audience. This makes it easy for the brands to not only advertise but sell their products too!

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What are the variables used in demographic segmentation?

Demographic Segmentation Demographic Segmentation


Age plays a crucial role in demographic segmentation as the choices and needs of customers keep changing with time. Due to this, a specific age group may find something appealing whereas the other age group may not. The age segmentation can be performed on the basis of either generations or lifecycle stages. While the generation stages can be categorized as baby boomers, generation X, millennials, and generation Z, the lifecycle stages conclude age groups as babies, teenagers, as well as adults. 


Another important variable in demographic segmentation is gender. As individuals with different genders have different choices, it’s important to know the gender you’re trying to target. Once you identify the gender of your respondents, you can accordingly create a marketing strategy that appeals to them. 


The level of income is also considered to be a crucial demographic variable. As the customer choices are largely dependent upon the pricing of a product or service, their income plays an important role in the purchase decision. While respondents with higher income are likely to purchase highly-priced products, individuals with lesser income will prefer cheap products.  


Considering the education level of your customers plays a pivotal role in defining the marketing strategy for your products. For instance, based on how educated your target market is, you can determine the right channel for reaching out to your audience and sending your message. Also, the education level of customers helps to decide the complexity of your products. 


Ethnicity is a key factor behind the preferences and choices of your target market. By knowing the religious and ethnic sentiments of your customers, you can draft better marketing campaigns for promoting your products and services.

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What are the advantages of using demographic segmentation?

Better Customer Experience 

By leveraging demographic segmentation, companies are able to create personalized marketing strategies on the basis of specific customer preferences. This plays a pivotal role in improving the customer experience while boosting loyalty. 

Improved Products & Services

By segmenting your target market demographically, you can understand them well and uncover their needs too. This empowers you to identify the gaps in your offerings and improve your products and services.

Enhanced Marketing 

Demographic segmentation empowers you to develop actionable marketing strategies for targeting a specific set of customers. By directing the marketing campaigns and brand messaging according to customers’ interests, it helps you offer products that appeal to them. 

Boost lead generation 

Demographic segmentation plays an indispensable role in lead generation as it helps brands to seamlessly communicate the value of their products or services to prospects or customers. Once you become aware of your audience and their interests, it becomes easy to attract them and convert too!

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How Voxco can help you gain value from demographic segmentation?

Omnichannel Capabilities

Voxco’s exceptional platform comes with omnichannel capabilities that allow you to perform demographic segmentation through online surveys, phone surveys, or face-to-face surveys.

Responsive Surveys

Voxco offers responsive demographic surveys that help to uncover key drivers behind customer sentiment towards your brand. Understanding the demographics of your respondent base has never been so simple! 

Dynamic Dashboards

Voxco comes equipped with dynamic dashboards that empower you to seamlessly perform demographic segmentation and identify the relevant customer perceptions and opinions. 

Premium Support

Voxco’s robust platform is known for delivering round-the-clock support and guidance so you can make the most of your demographic segmentation.


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