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Types of Brand Awareness Survey Questions:
Aided vs Unaided Questions

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What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is a measure of the degree of consumer recognition of a product by its name. In marketing, brand awareness is often used to measure the success of advertising efforts. When people can recognize your products by its name alone, you have certain advantages over the brands they don’t recognize. In this article, we will be discussing the characteristics of aided brand awareness and unaided brand awareness.

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The Importance of Measuring Brand Awareness

There are a lot of benefits to having high brand awareness. Companies with high brand awareness, such as Coca-cola and Nike, enjoy increased credibility, lower price sensitivity, high sales, and so much more. In order to increase brand awareness, you must begin by tracking it. This allows you to understand where you stand in regard to your competitors, and also gives you an idea of what measures you can take to improve your brand awareness.

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Unaided vs Aided Brand Awareness Survey Questions

We can categorise brand awareness survey questions into the following two groups:

  • Unaided Brand Awareness 
  • Aided Brand Awareness 

Brand awareness surveys should contain a combination of unaided and aided questions, in that order.

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Unaided Brand Awareness

Unaided awareness measures the percentage of respondents that are aware of your product or brand without being assisted or prompted with details of the brand. Unaided brand awareness indicates a strong brand strength as customers are aware of your brand without being prompted. 

Unaided brand awareness is measured by asking customers open-ended questions where your brand name is not mentioned. You want to get an idea of how many respondents will respond with your brand name on their own, without being prompted. 

Here are examples of unaided brand awareness survey question:

  • What brand comes to mind when you think of sports apparel?
  • What sports apparel brands are you familiar with?

Open ended questions such as these provide respondents with a text box below the question where they can fill in their responses. If customers include your brand name within their answers then that reflects that your brand has strong unaided brand awareness. This shows that your brand is at the top of customers’ minds.  

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Aided Brand Awareness

Aided awareness measures the percentage of respondents that are aware of your product or brand when being asked about it directly, or when prompted. 

Aided brand awareness questions involve prompting respondents with your brand name to see if they recognize it. 

Here is an example of an aided brand awareness question:

  • Which of the following sports apparel brands have you heard of? (Select all that apply)
  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Reebok
  • (Insert your brand name here)
  • Decathlon

When using aided brand awareness questions, you are trying to measure whether respondents can recognize your brand from a list of other well-known brands without being prompted. If respondents recognize your brand, then you’ll know that your advertising efforts are working. Additionally, aided questions also give you an idea of where you stand against your competitors in regard to brand awareness. 

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