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A Deep Dive into Brand Awareness Survey Dynamics

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Brand awareness is crucial since 59% of purchasers check for well-known brands before acquiring a new product. Buyers cannot consider products about which they are not educated. 

The more familiar a customer is with a brand, the quicker they become acquainted with it and the more likely they are to try it while making a purchase.

Learn about the differences between unaided and aided brand awareness surveys. But before moving ahead, let’s learn what brand awareness is.

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What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness is a marketing term that relates to how well consumers recognize a product by its name. In a perfect world, buyers’ brand awareness would include favorable assessments of the characteristics that distinguish the product from rivals.

A brand awareness campaign tries to introduce a new or better product to the broader public while distinguishing it from rivals. Developing brand identification is an important step in advertising a new product or renewing an existing one.

What is a brand awareness survey?

It is a research method used to measure the level of familiarity and recognition that consumers have with a particular brand. It typically involves collecting data from a sample of consumers to assess their awareness of a brand, including its name, logo, products, and other brand elements. 

Surveys on brand awareness may include various types of questions, such as aided and unaided recall, recognition, and preference, to gauge consumers’ knowledge, perception, and recall of a brand. The results of a survey can provide insights into a brand’s visibility, recall, and overall recognition among consumers, which can be used to inform marketing strategies, brand positioning, and communication efforts.

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What is the importance of brand awareness surveys?

When potential customers are thinking about making a purchase, brand awareness helps your brand to come to the forefront of their minds. A good brand is essential, but people must be aware of it for the company to grow. The significance of unaided vs. aided brand surveys is highlighted here. 

Marketing, social media, influencer programs, and, most significantly, brand awareness campaigns are all used by businesses to increase brand recognition.

Following the campaign, you may conduct a brand awareness survey to determine whether or not people are familiar with your brand. If they are familiar with the brand, it is a strong sign that your campaign was effective and that people remember the brand as a result of viewing and paying attention to the advertisements.

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Why is it important to measure brand awareness?

There are several advantages to having high brand recognition. Companies with significant brand recognition, such as Coca-Cola and Nike, benefit from improved reputation, decreased price sensitivity, increased sales, and many other benefits. 

To begin increasing brand awareness, you must first track it. This helps you to see where you are with your competition and provides you with an idea of what steps you may take to increase brand awareness.

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When should you conduct brand awareness surveys?

These surveys should be conducted at different stages of the brand’s lifecycle to determine the level of brand recognition and familiarity among the target audience. Here are some scenarios in which conducting brand awareness surveys may be appropriate:

1. Launch of a new brand

Conducting a survey before launching a new brand can help determine the target audience’s familiarity with the brand and identify potential areas of improvement in brand messaging.

2. After rebranding

If a brand has undergone a significant change in its branding strategy, it’s essential to conduct a brand survey to assess the impact of the changes on the target audience’s perception of the brand.

3. Benchmarking against competitors

Conducting brand awareness surveys can help companies benchmark their brand recognition against competitors and identify areas where they need to improve.

4. Tracking changes in brand awareness over time 

It’s essential to track changes in brand awareness over time to understand the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and branding initiatives.

In summary, the surveys should be conducted regularly to ensure that companies have a clear understanding of their target audience’s familiarity with their brand and to identify opportunities to improve their branding strategy.

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What are the different brand awareness survey question types?

There are two types of survey questions used in brand awareness surveys: unaided and aided. 

Both offer significant advantages, and when used effectively, they can boost the likelihood of receiving positive replies from participants.

The unaided vs. aided brand awareness survey will be discussed in this section.

1. Unaided brand awareness survey questions

The percentage of respondents who are aware of your product or brand without being assisted or prompted with brand specifics is measured as unaided awareness. Customers are aware of your brand without being encouraged, indicating that you have a powerful brand. 

Unaided brand awareness is assessed by asking open-ended questions to customers in which your brand name is not mentioned. You want to know how many people will react to your brand name on their own without being asked. 

Here are some unaided brand awareness survey questions examples:

  • When you think about sportswear, what brand comes to mind?
  • Which athletic clothing companies are you acquainted with?

Open-ended questions like this give responders a text box below the question to enter their replies. Customers who add your brand name in their responses demonstrate that your brand has significant unaided brand awareness. This demonstrates that your brand is at the forefront of your customer’s minds.  

2. Aided brand awareness survey questions

Aided awareness is the percentage of responders who are aware of your product or brand, whether asked directly about it or when encouraged. 

Questions on aided brand awareness entail prompting respondents with your brand name to check if they recognize it. 

An example of an aided brand awareness question is as follows:

  • Which of the following sportswear brands are you familiar with? (Check all that apply.)
    • Nike
    • Adidas 
    • Reebok
    • Decathlon

When employing aided brand awareness questions, you are attempting to determine if respondents can identify your brand without being prompted by a list of other well-known companies. If respondents recognize your brand, you’ll know your advertising is effective. 

Furthermore, assisted questions show you where you are with your rivals in terms of brand awareness.

Which is better, aided or unaided brand awareness survey?

When customers are prompted with a brand’s name, they have aided brand awareness, also called brand recognition. Unaided brand awareness, also known as brand recall, occurs when people can recall a brand without being encouraged. 

  • Unaided awareness questions retain such brands in the thoughts of consumers. 
  • Aided awareness presents a choice list from which respondents can select the companies they are familiar. This list must be randomized and in the form of a multiple-choice question where they can choose any or all brands they are familiar with.

Unaided brand awareness is preferable to aided brand awareness since it indicates that a company’s brand is at the forefront of customers’ minds even when they are not urged. 

To determine the level of brand identification and recall, brand awareness surveys should include a mix of unaided and aided questions in that order. Unaided brand awareness questions are frequently open-ended and do not include the brand’s name. To obtain reliable findings, unaided awareness questions are placed before aided awareness questions in surveys based on brand awareness.

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Brand awareness is an important concept to consider. It indicates whether or not people have heard of or are familiar with your brand, as well as whether or not your advertising is effective.  We discussed the relevance and use of unaided vs. aided brand awareness surveys. 

In many situations, practicing both aided and unaided awareness is important. When this is done, however, unaided questions must be asked first.

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What are the two types of Brand Awareness?

Brand Recall and Brand Recognition are the two types of Brand Awareness.

Brand Recall indicates a customer’s ability to recall a brand in association with a product category.

Brand Recognition indicates a customer’s ability to differentiate between brands associated with a similar product category.

What is the importance of Brand Awareness?

Brand Awareness helps build knowledge about the brand among the target audience. It helps acquire customers and convert prospects into paying customers. It builds a strong bond between the brand and customers.

What is a Brand Awareness Strategy?

Brand Awareness Strategy implies marketing efforts that help a business promote a brand message. The aim is to grow the customers and establish brand recognition in the target market. Marketers develop strategies to make sure the customer does not forget their brand but rather stands at the top.

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