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Top 25 survey questions for business to ask people Member engagement
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Consider a food company that wants to know what people think about their product and what variables impact their decision to buy their product.

In this situation, business survey questions for market research will allow the company to collect data to assist them in branding their product and advertising it appropriately to achieve a larger market share. However, in order to acquire actionable insights, you must ask good and business-relevant questions.

We will talk about the top 25 survey questions for businesses you can ask your target market. Also, explore the methods and benefits of these surveys.

What are business surveys?

Top 25 survey questions for business to ask people Member engagement

A business survey is a statistical tactic used to acquire useful data about a company from a specific audience. You can use a series of structured questions which will assist you in acquiring information on market trends, preferences, competition, and other critical business variables.

Survey questions for businesses that are well-designed can disclose valuable information about your organization, product, or service. Business surveys can help you in focusing your research so that you can make sound growth decisions. There are many more benefits of business survey questions for market research. Let’s take a look at these benefits next. 

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What are the benefits of business surveys?

Conducting surveys can improve your business in many aspects, such as Net Promoter Score®, customer satisfaction score, and many more. Some other benefits of business surveys are:

1. Target surveying at a low cost

Surveys are regarded as among the most cost-effective research methodologies, capable of generating hundreds of qualitative and quantitative data at a cheap cost. 

You can share survey questions for business readily via emails, social media, web pop-ups, and other mobile channels, making it easy to gather a large amount of data and reap the advantages of many respondents.

2. Gain insights about a specific product or service

A business survey helps you collect insights for several elements of your firm. Gathering firsthand knowledge from consumers helps you to understand your company’s strengths and flaws and enhance organizational procedures.

3. Collect qualitative feedback 

A business survey enables you to get feedback from your consumers. Asking consumers for feedback on your business allows you to see where you stand and highlight areas that need development. It helps you identify the strategies that are working and double down on them while discarding those that are not. 

In the next section, we will discuss the various methods to deploy your survey questions for business.

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Methods to deploy surveys for business

1. Paper surveys

Many people consider paper surveys to be obsolete. They are, nonetheless, quite useful for field research.  

2. Telephone surveys

These surveys are conducted over the phone, where respondents are asked to answer questions on the research topic. These surveys take time and are occasionally inconclusive. 

The success of these is determined by the number of respondents and the desire to spend their time answering inquiries over the phone.

3. Online surveys

Online surveys are among the most common forms. With technology progressing at a rapid pace, an online questionnaire is becoming increasingly popular. 

This survey comprises a survey questionnaire that can be conveniently distributed to respondents online by email, or they can just access the survey if they have a reliable internet connection. Respondents are given adequate time and space to answer the questionnaires, which ensures high engagement and higher response rates.

Moreover, online surveys allow you to use skip logic functionality that allows respondents to skip irrelevant questions. This ensures that you ask and respondents answer only relevant survey questions for business. 

4. One-on-one interviews

The one-on-one interview allows researchers to collect data or information directly from respondents. It is a qualitative research that relies on a researcher’s expertise and experience to formulate and ask pertinent questions one after the other in order to gain significant insights from the interview. These interviews might last anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour.

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Top 25 survey questions for business

Top 25 survey questions for business to ask people Member engagement

Now that we have discussed business surveys and their benefits, let’s look at the survey questions you can ask to gather valuable insights. 

Here is a list of some basic survey questions to ask people. You can use these questions to create the best business strategy for surveys, such as feedback surveys, NPS® surveys, and others.

Survey questions for business market research

You can conduct a market research survey in order to create an effective marketing strategy, establish the viability of a new product/service concept, or find new customer niches.

The type of questions you ask will depend on the goal of your survey. Demographic questions should be included in your survey to assist you in better learning about the market landscape.

Some of the business survey questions for market research are:

  1. Were you pleased with our assistance?
  2. Please rate your experience with us on a scale of 1 to 10.
  3. Which method do you prefer for shopping: online or in stores?
  4. What influences your purchasing decision more, price or item quality?
  5. Have you ever decided to boycott a brand? If so, what brand is it and why?

Survey questions for customer satisfaction 

Customer satisfaction surveys are crucial because they help firms understand how to retain customers and fine-tune their customer service operations.

Some customer satisfaction survey question examples for business are:

  1. Is your problem satisfactorily addressed?
  2. Do you have any thoughts or comments to help us better serve you?
  3. How simple is our company’s purchasing process?
  4. Did you perceive our website to be helpful?
  5. Are you happy with the payment options available?

Survey questions for production evaluation 

Product evaluation business questionnaires allow a researcher to learn about customer perceptions of a product/service. It enables the researcher to collect feedback on the product, discover shortcomings, and assist the organization in making appropriate modifications to procedures or the product/service.

Following are some of the product evaluation survey questions:

  1. How frequently do you use our product/service?
  2. What brand would you choose if our product/service was no longer available?
  3. How simple is it to put our product to use?
  4. What is your opinion on the value of money?
  5. What essential aspects are we missing?

Survey questions for competitive analysis 

Competitive analysis allow you to compare your products with your competitors so you may surpass them in the market, whether it’s for product positioning, enhancing your products, or attracting potential customers.

The following questions will assist in understanding why your target audience prefers your competition and uncover how you can win them over. 

Survey questions for businesses’ competitive analysis:

  1. Rate the quality of our products in comparison to our competitors: better, worse, or about the same.
  2. Have you come across any similar websites/products/apps?
  3. What do you enjoy best about the market’s competing products?
  4. Would you prefer this product over the alternative options?
  5. Describe the three most important factors that prompted you to pick us over a competitor.

Survey questions for brand awareness

A brand awareness survey can be used to assess the awareness and recognition of your brand among your target demographic or customers in general. It assists you in planning efficient marketing initiatives and identifying new development sectors.

Some of the brand awareness survey questions include:

  1. What are your thoughts on this brand?
  2. Why would you select one company over another in this sector?
  3. If a different brand offered lower costs, how likely are you to switch?
  4. How likely are you to buy from this brand again?
  5. Would you suggest our brand to others?

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Best practices for writing good survey questions for business

Now that you have learned the top 25 survey questions for businesses. Consider the following best practices to achieve higher response rates on your surveys.

1. Provide multiple choices for better accuracy 

Open-ended inquiries have their time and place. However, if you give several alternatives, you will acquire more readily quantifiable data. These questions are also easy to answer, so aim to keep the majority of your questions in this format. 

Use different question types such as scale, ranking, matrix, or multiple-choice, to keep the survey interesting. 

2. Start with simple questions 

People are also more likely to quit surveys if they believe the questions are tough or intrusive from the start. Ease them in by asking easy questions with prepared answers, and they’ll be more inclined to continue. This includes deferring any open-ended survey questions for business that requires them to think until later.

3. Consider incentive programs 

Give respondents a cause to take your survey if you want them to. It can be easy and inexpensive. You can send an email survey to your list and enter people who complete it into a lottery for a free gift or a discount voucher.

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Conducting business surveys with the correct selection of survey questions for businesses provides the groundwork for your company’s success. Regardless of the size of your organization, online survey platforms like Voxco can assist you in creating and sharing business surveys with the appropriate audience.

Our business survey templates can assist you in creating relevant survey questions for businesses to gather valuable consumer insights.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When answered correctly, survey questions for business can propel your company forward by leaps and bounds. It can assist you with critical business concerns. 

The NPS® survey gathers information from customers. They assess the respondent’s long-term experience, which immediately correlates to business KPIs such as customer loyalty and brand advocacy.

Good business questions help you to assess employee morale and determine how happy individuals are with their tasks and duties. It makes it easier for businesses to set up channels of communication for workers to offer feedback, which helps to improve employee-company interactions overall.

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