Top 15 Employee Experience Survey Questions for 2024


Top 15 Employee Experience Survey Questions for 2023 Continuous Data
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Employee engagement is a journey that impacts the health of your business growth. In the same way, businesses strive to improve the consumer experience; the same holds relevant for the employee experience. There is no time limit. A company may have a high employee experience rating now, but it can rapidly deteriorate if left uncontrolled.

Correctly gauging the employee experience entails getting feedback frequently and from numerous sources to respond to concerns in a timely way. Employee feedback may be collected by sending out extensive surveys with hundreds of questions or quick pulse surveys.

Here, we will discuss the importance of employee experience surveys and the top 15 employee experience survey questions.

What is an employee experience survey?

Employee experience explains how an employee perceives all elements of their workplace, including the workplace culture, work-life balance, physical working space, and technology and tools.

The employee experience covers all interactions the employee has with the business along their journey, such as recruiting, screening, induction, engagement, training, growth, and exit.

An employee experience survey is an excellent assessment of employee happiness and motivation. These surveys turn employee input into tangible steps to improve the job experience.

Having learned the meaning of employee experience. Let us now understand the importance of employee engagement surveys.

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Importance of employee experience survey

Improving the employee experience is a never-ending gift. You will experience many benefits of conducting employee surveys. Some of them are

1. The company’s growth strategy is defined 

Employee surveys enable you to determine the primary issues affecting the internal company environment. This allows you to devise solutions to eliminate those problems and introduce new improvements that benefit most of the company’s employees. Thus, becoming aware of possible growth opportunities within the company.

2. Employee surveys reveal employee commitment to the organization 

Employee engagement surveys provide you with information on how employees feel about their working environment. It helps uncover if they are happy to represent the firm, how that impacts their well-being, and what solutions they personally think should be implemented to address current issues.

3, Employee engagement in business operations is increased 

Employees who feel acknowledged at work are 4.6X more likely to boost their productivity. Employee surveys facilitate communication between management and employees, which is critical for guaranteeing mutual collaboration and boosting work productivity.

Top 15 employee experience survey questions

Top 15 Employee Experience Survey Questions for 2023 Continuous Data

The best employee survey questions help illuminate critical concerns and make valid judgments about the employee journey.

Following are the top 15 employee experience questions you should ask.

Questions about leadership

Effective leaders not only understand their personal beliefs, but they also align with the values of their business and team. These shared beliefs give their team a feeling of purpose and contribute to meaningful goals.

Employee engagement surveys can be used to examine how management influences employee experience by posing questions about how effectively a manager fulfills leadership roles. They also contribute to decision-making and goal-setting clarity and transparency.

Employee experience survey questions related to leadership include:

  1. How comfortable are you in expressing your concerns to your manager?
  2. Do you have a good working relationship with your coworkers and department?
  3. How do you want management to acknowledge your accomplishments at work?

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Questions about the workplace

Having satisfied employees is mostly dependent on culture. Company culture encompasses the organization’s values, beliefs, and attitudes.

EX surveys give insight into whether your company’s objectives are embraced by the employees. Your employees should ideally feel connected to the company and believe they are doing important work. 

Questions you can ask related to the workplace are:

  1. Does your company’s management create goals and objectives that motivate you to go above and beyond at work?
  2. Do you believe your coworkers respect your thoughts and suggestions?
  3. Do you see a well-defined career path and professional progress with the company?
  4. How likely are you to suggest working here to a friend? (On a scale of 1- 10)

Questions about job satisfaction

The majority of an employee’s experience with your organization is derived from their everyday tasks and contacts with management and other coworkers.

Surveys can help to assess an employee’s experience related to their job position. These employee surveys cover management, the workplace environment, personal development, and quality of work life.

Employee experience survey questions about job satisfaction include:

  1. Are you satisfied with your job and responsibilities?
  2. Do you think you have improved your knowledge and abilities?
  3. Do you feel honored to be a part of the organization?
  4. Are you satisfied with the company objectives?
  5. In the next 5 years, where do you see yourself?

Questions about management

Employee engagement surveys are an excellent approach to assessing management competencies and the impact of previous training programs, as well as identifying areas for future learning and growth.

You can ask the following questions related to management:

  1. Do you believe your contributions are appreciated?
  2. Do you agree your team’s workload is distributed fairly?
  3. Do your managers provide business news promptly and effectively?

These are the 15 questions you can use or take as inspiration to create surveys on your own. In the next section, you will learn about the major driver of engagement and performance.

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What are the major engagement and performance metrics?

Now that we have looked at the types of questions you can ask your employees, let’s evaluate the performance metrics you should track with the survey. 

  1. Employee dedication 

Employees should be able to actively cooperate with one another despite significant levels of disturbance in both their home and work environment. 

Employee experience survey questions can help you determine whether your employees are proactively collaborating with their team members and whether all the team members respect each other’s assistance.

2. Relevant skills 

During times of considerable change, assessing potential, including an employee’s understanding, agility, connections, direction, and expectations, is extremely necessary. 

Employee engagement surveys assess if your employees are aware of and can access the tools, information, and people to assist them in navigating disruption-related changes.

3. Organizational trust 

Employees that have a high level of organizational trust are more likely to be engaged. 

Employee experience survey questions assist you to determine whether employees feel your organization values them and will go to great extents to safeguard their well-being. These questions will also assist you in determining whether your organization’s values are properly articulated through your communication strategy.


Employees come before customers. If you look after the needs of your employees, they will look after your customers. An employee survey will show how satisfied your employees are with their job roles.

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