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The field of market research has seen an evolution in the collection of customer feedback over many years. From traditional ways to online surveys, companies are innovating ways to seamlessly gather customer insight and streamline the workflow of researchers. 

CATI – Computer Assisted Telephone Interview – allows researchers to contact respondents by telephone. The process involves using a mobile device – computer, mobile phone, or tablet – to gather feedback. CATI is a highly preferred methodology for market research. With Covid-19 protocols, CATI is a better alternative to communicate with customers and listen to their voices. 

CATI surveys are different from normal telephone surveys. When selecting a software vendor make sure that it supports survey tools needed to conduct CATI surveys – callbacks, auto-dialing, managing interviews, sophisticated management tools, and other features. 

We have created a list of top CATI software vendors in the market and listed the features they offer to their clients. 

What Is CATI Software?

CATI is the process of recording phone responses on a computer using a script while clicking responses and entering open-ended comments from the participant into the software program.

It is a study in which interviewers conduct phone surveys using a basic computer-assisted reporting approach, such as an application loaded onto a computer or mobile device. The CATI survey technique, in which interviewers (also known as survey enumerators) use CATI survey software to administer a survey, record responses, and monitor response and completion rates.

A survey saved in CATI allows the phone interviewer to focus on providing high-quality responses rather than worrying about the order of questions and answers.

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The advantages of using CATI Software

1. Customized questionnaires

With the CATI platform, you can create complex phone surveys that are both compliant and consistent with the company’s brand identity. This is an important functionality that ensures that interviewees (particularly new clients) have faith in the survey’s validity.

2. Global audience

You can reach out to your target population from anywhere using the global audience CATI program. It will allow top business reporting organizations to conduct targeted client, employee, stakeholder, or supplier market research at the right time and from any location.

3. Cost-effective 

Telephone interviews have a lower overall cost while maintaining a high level of productivity. To help speed up and improve interviews, CATI survey software typically includes an in-built contact database and a scheduling feature.

4. Real-time monitoring: 

Phone survey software offers a live dashboard that allows supervisors and managers to monitor interviews in real time. You can listen in on an ongoing phone survey, barge in or whisper to help the agent, review the interviewer’s performance, and ensure the researcher’s adherence to protocol. 

5. Data security and quality:

The survey platform includes capabilities like data encryption, call recording, and auto-backup to maintain data integrity. Additionally, features like logic and skip patterns improve data quality and accelerate the pace of research by removing irrelevant questions.  

List of top 15 CATI software

Here we have compiled 15 CATI software to help you evaluate the software available in the market.

1: Voxco CATI Survey Software

2: Confirmit

3: Marketing System Group

4: Askia

5: IdSurvey


7: Precision Opinion

8: Survox Inc

9: Rotator Survey

10: Nebu

11:  MRDC

12:  Survey System

13: GreatBlue Research

14:  Sawtooth Technologies

15:  Issues Answers 

1 – Voxco CATI Survey Software

Top 15 CATI Software in 2021 1

Voxco CATI is a global leader for data collection centers for conducting phone surveys on a large scale. With a robust system with 0% downtime, it seamlessly integrates with IVR survey software and auto dialer software improving productivity by 400%. 

Voxco CATI integrates with Voxco Online and Survey Analytics software, enabling you to conduct online, offline, and phone surveys all in one system. It also offers on-premise and cloud hosting making it easy for remote employees to gain easy access to the system. 

The software offers advanced telephony features likes:

  • Call Management
  • Click to Dial
  • Automated Workflow
  • Whisper or Barge in
  • 4-in-1 Dialers: powers, predictive, preview, and hybrid modes
  • Skill-based call routing
  • Interview statistics: monitor interviews in real-time
  • ACD
  • Inbound and Outbound Calls

Voxco offers centralized and Omnichannel capabilities, i.e., CATI integrated with online and face-to-face functionalities. Voxco CATI software is built as per TCPA compliance (Voxco TCPA Connect), this enables manual dialing to survey call centers across the US.

2 – Confirmit

Top 15 CATI Software in 2021 2

Confirmit empowers its users to listen to the Voice of the Customer by offering market research tools to drive changes in the business. 

Confirmit offers CATI along with IVR, which enables you to increase productivity. The software provides a single platform for call management, monitoring, and reporting. It empowers you to effectively manage all the distributed telephone interviews, even those in multiple languages. 

Confirmit offers several capabilities to run end-to-end CATI solutions. You can seamlessly integrate your telephone with other channels. Supervisors can monitor live interviews of every team to assure the quality of the experience. 

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  • Real-time remote & field supervision
  • Live Productivity Dashboards 
  • Automated Workflow
  • Time Zone Validation 
  • Call Prioritization & Call Back

3 – Marketing System Group

Top 15 CATI Software in 2021 3

MSG has built PRO-T-S where the predictive dialer can seamlessly integrate with the CATI system, telephony operations, and interviews. Its modular telephony system offers connectivity with numerous CATI systems interfaces- Survox, Confirmit Horizons, UNICOM Data Collection 6, and more.

Its PRO-T-S offers multiple dialing modes to ensure productivity and flexibility for your CATI survey. The availability of each mode can be determined by the CATI system. All non-productive numbers are disposed of back to the CATI system automatically. The integration with CATI sample management assures you have consistent control throughout the survey. It also offers the capability of silent monitoring from local as well as remote stations. 

4 – Askia

Top 15 CATI Software in 2021 4

Askia’s CATI solution, Askiavoice, is designed to optimize MR call centers on a large scale. It offers capabilities and flexibility to empower remote working agents. It is specifically built to work seamlessly with Askia’s dialer modes – Predictive, Progressive, and Preview. 

The platform offers complete visibility and control to their clients over samples and quotas. Supervisors can review projects, its progress and also conduct performance checks on the agents. It also provides a wide range of monitoring options, – automated call recording, extended statistics, remote listen-in, and many more. 

5 – IdSurvey

Top 15 CATI Software in 2021 5

IdSurvey offers a web-based CATI survey software. What you need to use this software is a browser and the internet to build your telephone surveys. The intuitive interfaces enable researchers to collect data right off the bat with no special training required. 

You gain full control to manage your projects and interviews in the CATI survey software. It offers several features to ensure effective survey – Interviewers statistics, time zone management, OutBound & InBound calls, Click-to-dial, Predictive dialing, and more. 

For projects, you can set rules for each call, set interview rules for the agents, and also add introductions for your interviewers to read to the respondents. You can add notes for the agents; the notes will be displayed on the agent’s screen before the survey questions. 

The platform offers “Key-entry” that can increase productivity and make the agent perform faster than before. Agents can use their keyboard to fill in the interviews, dial a number, mark call outcome, or move to the next/previous question just by entering the code for the desired option. 

IdSurvey also offers CATI software in Mixed Mode, i.e., with CAWI or CAPI. You can collect multi-mode surveys and add F2F and web advantages to your CATI interview. 

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6 – NIPO

Top 15 CATI Software in 2021 6

NIPO offers CATI software that functions via a centralized system. The flexible and centralized system gives you full control and makes it easy to monitor agent performance, interview progress, and optimize workflow. It offers a plethora of features that give you control over various aspects. 

NIPO CATI solution offers different dialing modes – auto, predictive, and progressives – to drive productivity. It offers you end-to-end control and live listen-in on interviews. The CATI software is designed for any size and type of project. 

NIPO has 10,000 CATI seats across the world, with a team of vastly experienced members to support you. 

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7 – Precision Opinion

Top 15 CATI Software in 2021 7

Precision Opinion has 20 years of experience in CATI interviews. The solution offers appropriate features to suit your projects effectively and increase productivity. The platform is also 100% TCPA compliant. 

The CATI survey software allows you to monitor and manage your projects. You can set automatic functions and implement AI-powered management to optimize results better and drive projects to success. The software also offers multi-mode capabilities to gather responses from CATI, SMS, and Online for easy access. The intuitive interface offers adaptable features for reporting.

8 – Survox Inc

Top 15 CATI Software in 2021 8

Survox CATI solution offers its client a fully optimized platform for phone survey automation. It offers you complete control over all of your projects. Survox offers a centralized system of the entire CATI survey and enables you to monitor them from any place. 

Survox CATI solution offers various functions to empower you and improve productivity: 

  • Flexible quota management
  • Live sample management
  • Multiple language support
  • Pause and resume interviews 

You can also integrate with Survox dialer or other auto-dialers to improve productivity and optimize workflow. The dashboard allows remote interviewers to conduct CATI surveys while monitoring real-time results. It also allows you to manage CATI stations. 

9 – Rotator Survey

Top 15 CATI Software in 2021 9

Rotator offers CATI software at a low price and with advanced technical features. The interface is simple to use for every interviewer. It allows anyone to build simple or complex surveys, and deploy them with minimum training. Rotator CATI software is designed to support projects of any scale from midsize to large-scale surveys. 

The software provides real-time reports to show the progress of the project. It also offers detailed reports on the performance of the interviewers based on the efficiency and productivity of each agent. The Rotator Survey does not depend on an internet connection to operate. It is designed so it can run on your server without needing any internet connection. 


Be Remote Ready with Voxco CATI: Engage Agents, Supervisors & Respondents

  • Better manage remote agents and project assignments
  • Connect with remote agents securely without installing any local software
  • Efficiently monitor and record calls while ensuring data integrity
  • Receive live project reports using dynamic telephony dashboards

10 – Nebu

Top 15 CATI Software in 2021 10

Nebu offers web-based CATI software for remote interviewing processes, from anywhere with a reliable internet connection. The clients are given full control over the sample and quota. The CATI software can support any sample size, multiple languages, and number of quota calls. 

Nebu allows supervisors and managers to monitor the performance of the interviewers for the purpose of quality assurance. The software offers real-time tracking, consistent reporting, open feedback fields, productivity reports, and many more to ensure quality performance. 

Nebu CATI software solution is completely hosted. It is also a secure system in full compliance with industry best practices to ensure data protection, security, availability, and uptime. 

11- MRDC

Top 15 CATI Software in 2021 11

MRDC offers its CATI software under QPSMR. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for researchers to use CATI software with no training required. It is designed to take the load off the server and minimize data traffic. MRDC offers a CATI system with control and functionality to manage and give access to projects appropriately. 

The CATI software offers tools like call management, dialers, managed samples, interviews, and more. The platform uses networked computers for your projects. It is designed so that you only have to connect to a central server at the beginning and the end of the interview. 

12 – Survey System

Top 15 CATI Software in 2021 12

Survey System offers web CATI software that interviewers can access from anywhere, provided they have an internet connection. 

Interviewers can make calls via VoIP or the click-to-call feature. You can also make appointments to contact someone back, record the call or leave a note. The interface of the Web CATI software generates reports on the survey to effectively manage the projects. You can also track the performance and productivity of the interviewers. 

13 – GreatBlue Research

Top 15 CATI Software in 2021 13

GreatBlue offers an In-house call center, with its researchers using CATI solutions to ensure effective outcomes. The CATI solution is designed according to the survey instruments. GreatBlue ensures 100% TCPA compliance with the laws. 

The platform ensures quality assurance during every project. Researchers are monitored during live interviews and survey calls, along with real-time monitoring of data to ensure accuracy. Interviewers are given rules and scripts they need to follow while interacting with the respondents. 

14 – Sawtooth Technologies

Top 15 CATI Software in 2021 14

WinCATI is the software solution provided by Sawtooth Technologies. It can function on a LAN or in the cloud. It integrates with VoIP to help lower costs. It also enables remote working by offering support over Microsoft’s Remote Apps. 

WinCATI offers a wide range of functions – mixed mode interviewing, recording, sound play, and automated dialing. 

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15 – Issues Answers

Top 15 CATI Software in 2021 15

Issue Answer has over 500 stations in the U.S. Issues Answer offers a web-based CATI platform. 

The platform other advantageous features, such as:

  • Multiple language capabilities – Transcription services & Native language interviewing
  • Inbound and Outbound calls
  • Call Recording
  • Sample management
  • Sample design 

Issues Answers can make calls to telephone and mobile numbers. It also screens all the contact numbers to ensure that the interviewer is speaking to the right person for the project. 

Factors to consider when looking for CATI Software

This sums up our top 15 CATI software. Let’s look at the aspects of the platform you must consider when you look for the perfect phone survey software for your research needs. 

  1. Research objectives: 

Consider the purpose of your research before you invest in a platform. The research goal will help you determine the level of customization, survey capabilities, and data analysis needed to gather the intended data. This will help you identify which solution to invest in. 

  1. Scalability: 

Assess the software for its scalability. Consider if it can handle the size and complexity of your research. Look for a phone survey solution that can manage large sample sizes, complex skip logic, and multi-lingual research efficiently. 

  1. User-friendliness: 

Evaluate the ease of use for both the interviewers and the researchers. The best CATI software should offer an intuitive interface with a low learning curve, simple scripting tools, and comprehensive training. 

  1. Data security: 

Your software should comply with the highest level of data security and privacy standards. Make sure it provides features like encryption, data storage, etc. 

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Selecting the best CATI survey software for your needs

The best CATI solution is the ones that help you engage your audience promptly and gather data efficiently. With an abundance of options to choose from, it’s important to consider key factors like ease of use, scalability, data security, along with cost-effectiveness. 

Ultimately, choosing the best phone survey software depends on the needs and goals of your research and organization. Voxco offers an array of advanced functionalities to handle small and large-scale research projects effectively. Streamline the data collection process, enhance phone survey quality, and make data-driven informed decisions. 

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