Top 10 ProProfs Survey Maker Alternatives 2023


Top 10 ProProfs Survey Maker Alternatives 2023
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Surveys help businesses, organizations, and researchers across all industries gather insightful feedback from the target audience. The platform empowers you to extract meaningful insights to make informed decisions. 

ProProfs survey maker is a popular survey software among survey creators. However, exploring alternatives to find the perfect survey software that fits your research needs is always good. 

Even if you want to create simple surveys, you don’t need to settle for a platform that doesn’t quite bring you value. In this article, we have created a list the top 10 ProProfs alternatives that will help you design simple and professional surveys. 

Many survey tools in the market offer unique capabilities to create and conduct surveys. Our list of 10 alternatives to the ProProfs online survey will make your search easy. 

Before we list down the alternatives, let’s learn about ProProfs and its features. 

What is ProProfs Survey Maker?

ProProfs Survey Maker is an online tool that helps you create surveys and quizzes in its intuitive platform. The platform also enables you to gather feedback from the target audience using multiple ways, like social media polls, quizzes, or tests/assessments. 

As a user, you can use a survey template or create a customized survey to gather feedback. The platform offers more than 100 pre-made survey templates. The drag-and-drop functionality allows you to add images and brand logos to your survey. 

With in-depth reporting and analytics capabilities, the ProProfs online survey tool enables you to measure customer satisfaction, improve products, and deliver exceptional customer experience. 

To decide among the ProProfs alternatives, we also need to list down its top features and its limitations. 

Top ProProfs features

The top features of ProProfs Survey Maker are as follows: 

  1. Choose from 20+ question types from MCQ to NPS questions. 
  2. Create surveys in a drag-and-drop survey editor. 
  3. Use 100+ built-in survey templates. 
  4. Distribute surveys via the website, email, social media, and mobile app. 
  5. Track survey campaigns by monitoring completion rates, user details, responses, survey scores, and more. 

Reasons to consider a ProProfs alternative

Some reasons you should consider looking for an alternative include the following limitations. 

1. Complicated UI: 

It is not user-friendly and has a high learning curve. Many online users seem disappointed with the glitches in the UI and the effort they have to put into redoing the survey pages. 

2. Limited survey design options: 

The platform doesn’t offer a wide range of question types compared to its alternatives. It also lacks customization options. 

3. Expensive subscription plans: 

A user has to pay more to access the White Label package. Users have expressed dissatisfaction regarding limited functionality in the free and Essential plans. 

4. Customer service requires improvement: 

Many users have complained that the customer service lacks in its operations in resolving user issues. Users feel that the support team is slow and unresponsive. 

Now that we have learned about the limitations of the ProPros online survey maker, let’s look at the top 10 ProProfs alternatives. 

10 ProProfs Alternatives

1. Voxco 

Voxco is an excellent ProProfs alternative as a leading cloud and on-premise feedback management platform. Launched 45+ years ago, Voxco is trusted by 500+ brands in 40+ countries. 

It offers omnichannel survey software with an advanced data analysis platform. The platform enables users to create and conduct professional market research and extract actionable insights to drive business growth. 

Voxco’s omnichannel survey software offers multimodal research capabilities – Voxco Online, Voxco Mobile Offline, and Voxco Telephony (CATI, IVR, & Dialer). Voxco Analytics enables you to automate data cleaning and analyze quantitative and qualitative data in seconds. 

Below is a list of crucial Voxco features to help you compare ProProfs vs. Voxco survey software. 

Major attraction of Voxco: 

  • Drag-and-drop survey maker. 
  • Automated survey translations in 100+ languages, including RTL languages. 
  • 100+ question types, branding, skip logic, and more. 
  • Use images and videos instead of text in your survey. 
  • Personalization and white-label survey capabilities. 
  • Survey templates, theme, and question library. 
  • Data analysis – Cross tabs, statistical analysis, text analysis, and sentiment analysis. 
  • NPS dashboard and text-highlighter dashboard. 
  • Multiple survey distribution channels: Online (Email, SMS, text, & social media), telephone, and mobile offline. 

Price: Available on request. 

2. Qualtrics: 

Qualtrics is an experience management platform that began as survey software and has now grown into an enterprise feedback platform. It offers a suite of experience management capabilities enabling you to drive business growth. 

This CX platform helps you conduct market research and gather feedback from customers and employees on products, services, and brands. It offers AI-based data analysis to dive deeper into feedback using text analysis, sentiment analysis, and predictive analytics

Key features of Qualtrics: 

  • Drag-and-drop survey tool for easy survey creation. 
  • 100+ question types and 5-+ survey templates for a better survey creation experience. 
  • Analyze your survey questionnaire and get suggestions on your questions with Expert Review. 
  • AI-build analysis capability, Qualtrics iQ analysis, offers conjoint analysis, Stats iQ, and Text iQ. 

Price: Qualtrics customer XM program begins at $1500/year. 

3. SurveySparrow:

SurveySparrow is another popular choice in the ProProfs alternative. The platform enables you to design professional and conversational surveys. Design interactive and fun surveys with emojis, icons, videos, GIFs, and images. 

With this platform, you can customize your survey with CSS and add a background image, buttons, and more. 

Key features of SurveySparrow:

  • Distribute surveys in multiple ways – chat, video, SMS, QR codes, or embedded. 
  • Translate surveys into 80+ languages. 
  • White label your survey for a branded look. 
  • Tag and resolve negative customer feedback with Case Management. 

Price: Basic plan “Personal” starts at $19/month. 

4. SurveyMonkey:

SurveyMonkey is another well-known alternative for ProProfs online survey makers. It enables you to gather feedback online and offline. It provides a wide range of tools to design and customize surveys for market research, customer feedback, academic research, employee experience, and more. 

This platform is used by nonprofits, government agencies, researchers, businesses, and educational institutes to gather feedback from a targeted audience. 

Key features of SurveyMonkey:

  • Survey builder that requires no code. 
  • Survey theme customization and 200+ survey templates for faster survey creation. 
  • Survey logic, like question randomization, skip logic, soring mechanism, progress bar, etc. 
  • Text analytics and sentiment analysis along with NPS dashboard. 
  • Review your survey questions with SurveyMonkey Genius and get a score on them. 

Price: Team Premier subscription plan starts at $25/user/month.

5. Typeform:

Typeform is famous for its visually appealing and user-friendly interface. It enables you to design interactive and attractive surveys, which makes it one of the top 10 ProProfs alternatives. 

It’s an easy-to-use platform with easy installation and no learning curve. You can sign up with an email address for personal or business use. You can engage a higher volume of respondents with beautiful surveys and forms. 

Key features of Typeform:

  • A no-code survey builder to design beautiful surveys. 
  • Custom layout, themes, photo and video libraries, and survey templates for survey customization. 
  • Capture audio and video feedback with the VideoAsk feature. 
  • Track survey completion rate, avg. time to complete, 

Price: Free “Basic Plan” and “Essential Plan” starts at $35/month.

6. Jotform:

It’s an online quiz maker that helps you build interactive surveys and quizzes. The platform is intuitive and doesn’t require coding, which makes it a common choice as a ProProfs alternative. 

Jotform offers the most extensive survey template libraries with over 10,000 pre-built templates. The platform helps you build traditional-looking surveys that display the complete form to the respondent. 

Key features of Jotform:

  • Drag-and-drop survey maker with which you can create single-page or multi-page online forms. 
  • Theme store with access to pre-designed themes. 
  • Survey distribution across multiple channels – website, email, link, and mobile app. 
  • Customize surveys with CSS customization. 
  • Convert data into charts and graphs with an inbuilt visual reporting dashboard. 

Price: Billed annually at $34/month. 

7. Google Forms:

A free survey maker tool that anyone can use. Google Forms allows you to create a survey in collaboration with your team, making it a famous ProProfs alternative. The intuitive user interface enables you to create polls, surveys, and forms and share them with anyone via a link. 

Google Forms, however, doesn’t offer advanced data analysis. It also restricts the usage to a small sample size. The platform limits the number of questions you can add to your forms. 

Key features of Google Forms:

  • 9+ answer types and a set of curated themes for surveys and forms. 
  • Basic skip logic and scoring mechanisms. 
  • Distribute the survey via a link, email, website, and social media. 
  • Enables real-time form submission.

Price: Free

8. Formstack:

An easy-to-use online survey builder, Formstack offers powerful features which makes it one of the top 10 ProProfs alternative. Design user-friendly online surveys and distribute them on the website, email, and mobile. 

The platform offers a 14-day free trial that allows you to evaluate the platform. 

Key features of Formstack:

  • Design mobile-responsive surveys. 
  • Gather electronic signatures on your online forms. 
  • Customize surveys and forms with CSS capabilities. 
  • A/B testing to test different variations of your online surveys/forms. 
  • Track survey campaigns by monitoring conversion, unique views, and abandonment rates. 

Price: Starts at $50/month.

9. Zoho Survey:

An online data collection platform, Zoho Survey is in the list of top 10 ProProfs alternatives for the reason that it feeds survey data into Zoho CRM. 

You can create online polls, forms, and surveys using 25+ question types and share them via social media or email. Zoho Survey integrates seamlessly with Zoho CRM, Zoho Analytics, Zoho Social, and more. 

Key features of Zoho Survey:

  • Offers 200+ built-in survey templates. 
  • Protects surveys with SSL protection. 
  • Edit survey questions with team members. 
  • Translate surveys into 30 languages. 
  • Change the wording of a follow-up question with piping. 
  • Leverage auto-fill feature. 

Price: Basic plan is free. Plus subscription plan starts at $6.69/month. 

10. 123 Form Builder:

Last in our list of top 10 ProProfs alternatives is 123 Form Builder. It is an intuitive and innovative form builder that creates surveys, polls, forms, and quizzes without writing a single line of code. 

Simply use the drag-and-drop interface to create secured surveys. Create highly responsive surveys and online forms that work on any device. 

Key features of 123 Form Builder: 

  • 2000+ templates to choose from. 
  • Create dynamic forms using conditional logic, branching, and prefill functionality. 
  • Customize the layout and design of your surveys to match your brand identity. 
  • Use HTML and CSS for advanced customization. 

Price: Basic plan is Free. The gold plan starts at $25/month. 


This ends our list of top 10 alternatives for ProProfs Survey Maker. ProProfs is a popular choice in the market, however, it is an expensive platform. Many basic features are accessible in upgraded plans, which are easily accessible in the basic plans for most of these alternatives. 

When you look for survey software, it’s essential to look for a platform that offers customizable pricing and delivers value for money. 

That being said, use our list to filter through the options and pick one that best meets your research needs. 


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