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Delivering a superior customer experience is imperative for businesses in today’s competitive market. As 86% of customers are ready to pay extra for a great CX, a key focus on improving the customer experience can help brands stay ahead of their competitors. 

But how to elevate the customer experience for your brand? That’s where the need for the best effective customer experience software comes into the picture.

What is customer experience survey software?

A customer experience survey software is a solution that aims at helping businesses effectively measure, manage, and elevate the overall CX. It gathers actionable customer information at the right touchpoints, analyzes it well, and interprets the responses. 

Now that you’ve learned what this customer survey software is, in the next section, we will learn about its reasons.

Why look for the best customer experience tool?

Customer experience platforms provide the context you need to optimize the customer’s journey, delight more customers, and deliver exceptional support, allowing you to maintain and build loyalty.

They provide different features like content management, contextual assistance, customer analytics, and customer feedback. Of course, as part of customer communications for actionable insights, they are a vital aspect of content marketing.

There are many benefits of using a customer experience tool, but here are a few of them:

1. Reduced customer churn

Businesses that profit from increased customer lifetime value due to a lower churn are likely to benefit from customer experience management programs. Because it is more costly to gain new consumers than to maintain existing ones, organizations benefit from focusing efforts on existing customers.

A brand may keep customers’ attention by offering frequent touch points such as phone calls, email updates, or customer appreciation events and offers. Customers will be more likely to make another purchase or extend a contract if customer service representatives have been attentive to their needs or preferences over time.

2. Improved customer engagement

Customers trust firms they know, and customer involvement encourages additional interactions and the development of mutually beneficial partnerships.

Value-added offers are being offered to existing customers by businesses. Customer experience survey software help solicit input from customers via email and social media. These real-time contacts foster an environment in which customers are ready to express their wants with businesses. As a result, businesses may give better products and services.

3. Reduced service and marketing costs

A customer-centric strategy helps firms understand their customers better. It results in less guesswork about customers’ desires, which may add to significant marketing expense savings. Companies in conventional marketing frequently continuously call consumers to introduce new items or services without knowing their specific needs. 

A CX-centric tool might include built-in checkpoints that assist businesses in taking a more customer-centric marketing approach. Companies collect data, develop business analytics, and comprehend market dynamics. It increases revenue and customer happiness while decreasing costs.

What is the best customer experience survey software?

Let’s look at top customer experience surrey software that you can consider to gather information from your customers. Skip the table and proceed to the next section for a full overview of the tools.

Customer Experience Survey Software


Voxco Insights Platform
  • omnichannel survey capabilities
  • panel vendor management
  • close the loop
  • word import
  • text analysis
  • 100+ survey question types
  • 10+ survey templates
Available on request
Question pro
  • simple to use
  • personalize the survey experience 
  • informed and data-driven business decisions
  • reduces the need for scrolling 
  • ensures support anytime
  • reduce the churn rate
  • close the feedback loop
Available on request
Survey Sparrow
  • create and publish mobile-first surveys 
  • map the customer journey
  • handle customer questions
  • close the customer feedback loop
Starts at $19/month.
Survey Monkey
  • turn-key NPS® solution 
  • trigger customized surveys
  • identify areas for improvement 
  • vast question bank 
  • inbuilt and customizable questions 
  • finest security encrypted
  • easy to use


Available on request
  • highly customizable 
  • Improve customer relations/service
  • Enhance decision-making
  • Drive innovation
Available on request
  • excellent customer profiles 
  • map customer reactions
  • automatic notifications
  • a consolidated view of all channels 
  • eliminates the possibility of mistakes.
  • closed-loop ticketing
Available on request
  • simple approach to providing feedback 
  • automatically delivers a two-question survey 
  • increased response rate
  • send emails without assistance
  • NPS® platform with cutting-edge design
Custom pricing
  • mobile-friendly surveys 
  • simple to use 
  • embed survey questions
  • salesforce integration 
  • 7 times quicker installation
Custom pricing
  • transform consumer input into real-time actionable data 
  • save at-risk customers 
  • uncover innovations 
  • conquering data silos
  • more transparent CX
Available on request
  • natural language processing 
  • natural language processing 
  • service notifications in real-time 
  • emphasize bad customer experiences
Available on request 

List of the 10 best customer experience survey software

Here is the list of the best customer experience survey software with their features, pros, and pricing.

1. Voxco Insights

10 Best Customer Experience Survey Software ROI

Voxco Insights Platform is one of the best customer experience survey software. To connect with your consumers, Voxco’s customer experience management software collects insights utilizing NPS® (Net Promoter Score®), CSAT (Customer Satisfaction), and other metrics.

One of the best customer experience survey software it allows you to obtain a customer’s feedback based on their interactions across several contact points. Businesses must map their client journey in order to pinpoint the critical touch points. This requires the use of a comprehensive customer experience management system.


  • Survey capability across many channels
  • Panel vendor administration
  • Finish the circle
  • Text analysis 
  •  Word Import
  • 100+ survey question types
  • 10+ survey templates


  • Survey Templates 
  • Data Analysis
  • Multiple Answer Types 
  •  User Segmentation
  • Multimedia Support 
  • Multilingual Support


Available on request

Improve customer experience with Voxco

2. QuestionPro

10 Best Customer Experience Survey Software ROI

QuestionPro is a well-known customer feedback software businesses of all sizes can use.

You may use this customer survey software to easily generate online polls, add multiple-choice questions to surveys, and much more. It also lets you personalize the survey’s design to reflect your business.

Emails, integrated pop-ups, and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter may all be used to send surveys. Furthermore, it is simple to use and comprehend.


  • It is intended to assist you in making informed and data-driven business decisions.
  • This program is simple to use, with features for writing, sharing, and evaluating online comments.
  • You may personalize the survey experience using QuestionPro.
  • Because the matrix may be turned into drop-down lists, there is no need to scroll across the screen.
  • The best thing about QuestionPro is that their customer service is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can receive assistance whenever you need it.


  • Boost brand loyalty
  • Lower customer churn
  • Respond to customer concerns
  • Simplify market research


Available on request

3. Survey Sparrow

10 Best Customer Experience Survey Software ROI

SurveySparrow is one of the most powerful customer experience survey software, allowing you to easily create professional-looking forms.

SurveySparrow offers a 40% completion rate and allows you to send surveys through numerous methods. As a result, you may easily and rapidly reach a larger audience.

This customer survey software not only helps you collect feedback from customers, but it also helps you build a suitable work atmosphere.


  • This customer experience tool allows you to create a customer journey map.
  • It assists in resolving customer issues through an in-built support ticketing system and seamlessly closes the customer feedback loop.
  • Distribute NPS® questionnaires to gather rapid consumer feedback and assess customer loyalty.
  • Make and distribute extremely engaging, mobile-first surveys.


  • Enhance Customer Retention
  • Insights on Product and Service Performance 
  • Make informed decisions


Starts at $19/month.

4. Survey Monkey

10 Best Customer Experience Survey Software ROI

SurveyMonkey is fourth in the list of best customer experience survey software.

You can effortlessly create polls, quizzes, and surveys using Survey Monkey to get feedback from your audiences. The best aspect is that you may distribute your survey forms using a variety of means, including web links, chats, emails, social media platforms, and more. Once the data has been collected, it is automatically analyzed to provide relevant insights.


  • It is a turn-key NPS® system with handy capabilities for collecting, analyzing, and acting on feedback data.
  • You would also be able to launch customized surveys through a variety of media.
  • SurveyMonkey assists you in identifying areas for growth and motivates you and your team to achieve greater outcomes.
  • One of SurveyMonkey’s finest features is its vast question bank. It has a lot of built-in and customized questions.


  • Convert your consumers into repeat purchasers.
  • Make your customers fervently devoted to your brand.
  • Make advocates for your products and services.


Available on request

5. Forsta

10 Best Customer Experience Survey Software ROI

Forsta is the cutting-edge technology for customer experience and market research. It is quantifiable if it is insightful. 

Use personalized surveys to elicit feedback from any audience, from local groups to worldwide communities. Forsta, among the best customer experience management platforms enables you to gather the information you require from any touchpoint or channel.


  • It is highly customizable, 
  • It improves customer relations/service
  • It enhances decision making
  • It drives innovation


  • Keep track of your progress.
  • Remove underlying issues
  • Exchange best practices


Available on request

6. Qualtrics

10 Best Customer Experience Survey Software ROI

Qualtrics customer experience management software enables organizations to continuously evaluate the quality of their four key experiences: customers, employees, goods, and brands.

Organizations can use Qualtrics XM to be present at every significant touchpoint, for every experience, and forecast which changes will connect with stakeholders.


  • This CXM software assists you in creating excellent customer profiles by collecting information about your clients via various questionnaires.
  • Their NPS® provides actionable data and hence simplifies customer experience management.
  • You will be able to efficiently map your consumer reactions.
  • Another useful feature is the ability to view all channels from a single location, and this allows you to converse with your consumer on the platform they are using while gathering data.


  • Boost brand value
  • Increase consumer loyalty and advocacy.
  • Maintain contact with customers and monitor their behavior.
  • Cut expenses and invest in the right things.


Available on request

7. AskNicely

10 Best Customer Experience Survey Software ROI

AskNicely is a platform for service firms to empower their frontline workers, provide an outstanding customer experience, and drive development.

AskNicely is the most effective approach to measure every customer experience, teach and inspire your frontline workers, and ensure that every location performs at its peak.


  • Customers may now provide feedback more privately and conveniently.
  • They provide you with real-time customer feedback to increase customer retention and recommendations.
  • AskNicely automatically delivers a two-question survey to customers based on the NPS customer loyalty framework.
  • It is a specialized and well-designed NPS platform that tracks people rather than campaigns.


  • Creating a Culture Based on Customer Experience
  • Consider Customers in a Different Light
  • The Software Collects Missing Testimonials

Custom pricing

8. GetFeedback

10 Best Customer Experience Survey Software ROI

It is one of the top 10 customer experience survey software. The complete platform provided by GetFeedback allows you to measure and enhance our whole client experience.

The customer experience (CX) is the perception of your customer’s interactions with your firm.

To create outstanding customer experiences, businesses must meet or exceed their consumers’ expectations during all interactions with them. So create your surveys using GetFeedback survey templates.


  • GetFeedback allows you to design visually appealing, mobile-friendly surveys.
  • The simple survey builder also allows you to embed survey questions in emails and leverage one-touch email capability.
  • With real-time dashboards, this digital customer experience platform ensures you have insights in the right time.
  • The ease of use results in a 240 percent boost in response rates, as well as 7 times faster installation than alternative customer experience tools.


  • Salesforce effectively integrated 
  • strategic omnichannel integrations
  • Omnichannel distribution.


Custom pricing

9. Medallia

10 Best Customer Experience Survey Software ROI

Medallia Experience Cloud is a software platform for managing customer feedback that empowers every employee. 

Medallia helps businesses win by improving the customer and employee experience. It provides a SaaS platform for collecting experience data from signal fields to improve the customer experience.


  • These insights are used throughout the firm to save at-risk customers.
  • Medallia strives to make the customer experience more transparent and to eliminate data silos.
  • It enables you to enlist everyone in a never-ending effort to enhance the system.


  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Reduces expenses 
  • provides a leading sign
  • Ensures internal consistency


Available on request

10. Clarabridge

10 Best Customer Experience Survey Software ROI

Clarabridge provides customer experience survey software as a SaaS based on artificial intelligence-powered text and speech analytics. Data for analysis is often derived from social media channels (such as Facebook, or Twitter), review sites, contact center notes, email, chats, and polls. 

The software is utilized in a customer feedback program, voice of the customer, and customer experience management, and it makes use of natural language processing and other proprietary technologies.


  • Built exclusively for Customer Experience Management, best-in-class text analytics, and Natural Language Processing to precisely analyze every aspect of customer feedback.
  • The capacity to analyze input from all of the above-mentioned sources, whether solicited (through a survey) or unsolicited
  • Real-time, simplified client engagement tools designed exclusively for social customer care


  • Connect to every possible source of
  • Implement feedback
  • Interpret meaning accurately from all sources.


Available on request

What are the criterias to consider in a customer experience management software?

The list of top 10 customer survey software should give you a clear idea of which features to look for. But, here are some of th criteria to consider when you are looking for the best customer experience management platforms. 

1. Customer feedback channels: 

The leading customer experience platforms should allow you to gather customer data from multiple channels to gain a comprehensive view of CX. The software should enable you to listen to your customers’s voice be it on website, social media, or physical locations. 

Your CXM platform should help you gather feedback using methods like online surveys (web, SMS) to IVR surveys and in-person interviews. 

2. Dashboards:

The dashboard of best customer survey software should offer real-time view of the key trends in customer feedback. It should update automatically and show you the data that matters most to you. 

You should also be able to control who sees what in the organization. By customizing the access to the dashboard you ensure that the right insight is not lost in the sea of data. This way people only see metric and insights that matter most to them. 

3. Data analytics tools:

Most leading customer experience platforms offer some level of data analysis capability. This allows you to automate analysis the moment you finish gathering data and quickly draw out insights in the same platform.

However, here are some data analytics capabilities you should look for in your platform. 

– Statistical analysis: 

From cross tabulations to regressions, the platform should allow you to compute thousands of data within minutes. 

– Text analysis: 

This allows you to find trends and patterns in textual response. The tool should also analyze sentiment so you can see the positive or negative sentiment attached to the feedback. 

4. Integration:

The best customer experience management platforms should be able to integrate with your existing tools or other tools. It should allow you to function more efficiently and deliver cohesive customer experience by integrating with CRM, marketing automation and support software. 

5. Security & compliance:

The best customer survey software should provide robust security such as data encryption, access controls, and user authentication. It should also abide by data regulations sich as GDPR compliance to protect customer data. 

Consider these criterias to select the best customer experience management platforms that aligns with your business goals. 


And that concludes our list of the top 10 best customer experience survey software. Go over each tool carefully to see which fits your requirements the best and increase your organic marketing reach by converting satisfied consumers into brand ambassadors. You may promote your community’s positive aspects with tailored customer experience survey software.


1. What is customer experience management?

Customer experience management or CXM is the process of designing, delivering, and optimizing customers interaction with a brand across multiple touchpoints. A customer experience management software helps you gather data from touchpoints such as services, mobile apps, website, physical stores, or product. 

The aim is to deliver a consistent, seamless, and positive customer experience. CEM includes meeting customers’ need and expectations and build a strong relationship that drives long-term loyalty. 

2. What is a customer experience management platform?

A CEM or customer experience management platform helps you manage and optimize customer’s interaction with your brand across multiple touchpoints. It enables you to gather and analyze customer data, personalize interactions, and improve customer engagement. 

3.  What is customer experience survey software?

Customer experience survey software enables you to gather feedback from customers about their experience with your products or services. It enables you to customize your surveys, distribute across multiple channels, gather and analyze data. 

The tool automates data collection and analysis making it easier for you to make sense of data in real-time and acr on customer feedback. 

4. How do you survey a customer experience?

Here’s a general overview of how to survey a customer experience: 

  • Define the objective of the survey. Do you want to identify areas of improvement, guage customer satisfaction or evaluate a new product/service?
  • Select the best suitable method of data collection. Some commonly use  survey methods are online, phone, and in-person surveys. 
  • Write a set of questions relevant to the survey objective. 
  • Soft launch the survey to validate the question, language and the survey flow. 
  • Incentivize the survey and launch it for the target audience. 
  • Gather and analyze data using statistical analysis and text analytics. 

5. What is a CSAT software?

CSAT or customer satisfaction survey software is a tool that enables you to measure customer satisfaction by gathering feedback. You can use surveys, polls or ratings to collect customer feedback on their level of satisfaction with brand, its products/service. 

Customer satisfaction survey software provides features such as survey design, distribution channels, data analysis, and reporting. 

6. What is the difference between CRM and CEM?

The difference between CRM or Customer Relationship Management and CEM or Customer Experience Management lies in the field of customer engagement. 

CRM focuses on managing and imrpvoding the relationship between the customer and the brand using technologies. Ut uses tools such as sales automation, marketing automation,a nd customer service management to improve customer engagement. The goal is to improve customer retention, drive sales, and boost customer satisfaction using customer data. 

CEM imrpoves customer experience across various touchpoint in a customer’s journey with the brand. It focuses of every aspect of customer journey to deliver consistent dn personalized experience. The goal is to meet customers’ need and exceed expectations. 

CXM involves a deeper understanding of customers’ need and behaviors. 

7. What are 4 pillars of essential customer experience?

The 4 pillars of customer experience are – personalization, empathy, seamlessness, and innovation. 

Personalization: Tailor products, services, and communications to meet their needs and preference. 

Empathy: Listen and respond to customers to provide them support when needed. 

Seamlessness: Eliminate pain points and ensure consistent experience across all point of interactions. 

Innovations: Adapt product, services, and communication to the changing needs of customers. 

Want insights that help you grow & improve customer experience?

Use Voxco Insights to capture customer feedback and generate actionable insights. 

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