The Importance of Survey Software in the Age of Data


The Importance of Survey Software in the Age of Data Patient Satisfaction Surveys
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In this age of information, data is at the center of every business process. With internet penetration, data has become the soul of informed decision-making. Businesses and organizations of all scales rely on data to gain insights into their target market and make decisions that drive success. 

However, data is only valuable if it’s gathered in real-time and analyzed. This is where survey software plays a pivotal role. 

In the game of data collection and analysis, survey software offers a versatile and efficient platform to collect insightful data from a diverse audience. The platform helps you replace intuition with empirical evidence. 

In recent years, thanks to its ability to streamline data collection and interpretation, the survey software has gained significant popularity. 

According to Grand View Research, the global online survey software market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.4% by 2028. 

The shift demonstrates the growing preference for survey software that facilitates digital data collection. 

In this blog, we’ll look into the evolution of data collection and the advantages of survey platforms that contribute to the rising importance of survey software in the age of data.

Evolution of data collection methods

The process of data collection has seen a steady transition from pen-paper surveys to online survey channels. In this section, we will walk through two stages in the evolution of data collection methods: 

  • Traditional survey methods. 
  • The emergence of digital surveys. 

1. Traditional methods for surveying audience – 

Organizations have relied on traditional data collection methods such as pen-paper surveys and telephone interviews. While these methods did help in the past, they caused more limitations and hindered the efficiency and effectiveness of the process. 

Traditional surveys are time-consuming and require manual effort. 

You have to print out the questionnaire, visit/post them to respondents, and then collect and enter the data for analysis manually. Additionally, the process of data analysis was not only prone to errors because of manual data entry but also an additional expense. 

This made the process slower, difficult to track response rates and often resulted in delayed insights to make decisions. 

Telephone interviews, on the other hand, restricted the target audience to those who had telephones. It excluded those who didn’t have access to landlines or primarily relied on mobile phones. This led to a lack of representative data. Moreover, the inability to screen respondents often resulted in lower response rates and participation.

The Importance of Survey Software in the Age of Data Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Source: Research and Markets & Business Wire

2. Emergence of digital/ online survey software – 

The landscape of data collection underwent remarkable changes with the evolution of technology. Digital survey platforms revolutionized the process of data collection. It made it more efficient, accessible, and accurate. 

Using the Internet and mobile devices, you can reach a diverse and broader audience quickly and seamlessly. Respondents can now access surveys on any channel and device and respond to them at their convenience. 

Online survey platforms also allow you to design branded surveys and ask only relevant questions. You can distribute them instantly to a large audience and reiterate surveys in just a few clicks. 

Furthermore, the survey software offers an integrated platform to create surveys, gather and analyze data. You don’t need to invest in five different software for data management.

Advantages of survey software in a data-driven world

The Importance of Survey Software in the Age of Data Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Embracing a survey platform is a step towards harnessing the full potential of data to drive business success. Here we’ll explore some advantages of survey tools that contributes to its rising popularity. 

1. Flexibility and Scalability

The best survey software will offer you unparalleled flexibility. It should give you the freedom to design your surveys tailored to your research needs and objectives. A robust platform should offer you a wide range of question types, survey logic, and white-labeling options. The flexibility allows you to enhance the survey experience for respondents and gather relevant data that aligns with the research objective. 

Additionally, the platform is also scalable, unlike traditional methods, particularly in the use of online surveys. The software should make it easy for you to accommodate a large sample size and reach a large number of participants efficiently. A scalable survey tool can handle data collection of a large number of data and generates statistically significant insights. 

2. Real-time Data 

Data collected on current trends and analyzed in real-time is imperative for timely and effective decision-making. Traditional data collection involves lengthy processing, which delays the ability to identify and respond to evolving trends and market needs. This is where survey software excels. 

A modern survey platform helps you gather real-time data and automates analysis as soon as participants submit their responses. Data analysis in real-time facilitates prompt actions and enables you to develop interventions to drive business growth. 

Whether it is market research, customer satisfaction, or product experience, survey software empowers you with the agility and responsiveness to make data-driven decisions on the spot. 

3. Streamline Data Collection

Modern survey platforms are designed to be user-friendly and have an intuitive interface. This allows you to customize and run surveys efficiently, which results in a seamless survey experience. 

Another reason that contributes to the importance of survey software in the age of data is its multichannel distribution option. You can run surveys over the internet via email, website, social media, mobile apps, and SMS. This streamlines data collection and increases response rates. 

The automation and digitization of data collection and analysis optimize the research process, reduce survey fatigue, and enable decision-making with factual data.

Explore how easy it is to conduct sophisticated statistical analysis and create one-click summaries, custom live dashboards, and in-depth reports with Voxco Analytics.

4. Enhancing Data Analysis

Online survey software provides you with tools to organize, clean, and manage your collected data. You can automatically categorize, filter, and convert survey data so it’s ready for data analysis. The software runs quality checks on the data to ensure that it is reliable, accurate, and consistent. It removes missing and inconsistent variables to enhance data reliability. 

Most modern survey tools enable you to analyze quantitative and qualitative data. You can conduct statistical analysis as well as text and sentiment analysis. 

Additionally, the tool comes with built-in data visualization capabilities. You can create charts, graphs, and dashboards that facilitate comprehension of complex data. 

5. Increasing Efficiency and Productivity

An integrated survey platform helps save time and company resources. It allows you to run an entire research project from one platform and automate repetitive tasks. By eliminating the need to print and distribute paper surveys, it reduces operational costs. 

And since it’s user-friendly, anyone can create surveys, analyze data, and report. This makes the platform a DIY tool that empowers you to conduct your own surveys instead of hiring a research agency. 

The software also enables multiple teams to collaborate on the project. By sharing access to the right teams, you can seamlessly share insights and foster collaboration in decision-making. 

6. Ensuring Data Security and Privacy

Survey software is designed to transmit data over encrypted channels. It then stores the gathered data in a protected database and allows authorized users to access it, safeguarding it from data breaches. 

Moreover, to protect respondents’ privacy, the software allows you to conduct anonymous and confidential surveys. It allows you to ensure that sensitive information remains confidential. 

Most importantly, the best survey software adheres to enterprise-grade data security and complies with data protection regulations like GDPR and CCPA. 

7. Empowering Informed Decision-Making

From personalized surveys asking relevant questions to streamline data collection, survey software equips you with cutting-edge functionalities to empower decision-making. 

The software supports iterative surveys, which enables you to gather data over time. It also offers you access to market research panels enabling you to gather data from your target audience in a few clicks. This way, you can measure changing trends and patterns and adapt your strategies based on evolving needs. 

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In this guide, you’ll discover: 

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Where can you use survey software?

Survey software has diverse use cases, and researchers can benefit from using it across various domains. Let’s look into some examples of how you can leverage it. 

Use Case 1: Market research 

Companies can now conduct large-scale surveys to gather insights on customer preferences, market trends, competitive landscape, and unexplored markets. 

By analyzing survey responses, you can identify needs and preferences and uncover opportunities for innovation. The insights allow you to understand consumer behavior, drivers of purchase decisions, and brand perception. 

Use Case 2: Customer experience

Customer experience is the driving force behind customers’ decision to continue a business relationship. Customer experience survey software enables you to measure the level of satisfaction customers experience with your brand and its offerings. 

It allows you to track metrics like NPS to measure customer loyalty. Also, metrics like CES to understand how accessible and user-friendly your operations are for your customers. 

Voxco helped Walmart Canada run online surveys using Voxco’s online survey tools. the ir online CX team conducted surveys to measure customer experience with their Grocery PickUp services. Read their story here. 

Use Case 3: Employee engagements

Employee experience and satisfaction are important to encourage productivity and streamline internal operations. Employee experience survey tools enable you to turn the lens inside and gauge employee satisfaction and identify areas of improvement/concerns. 

It helps you understand employees’ expectations with their personal skill growth and where they lack in their performance. You can design programs based on the skills they lack. It doesn’t only help you gauge job satisfaction but also measures work-life balance, DEI surveys, teamwork, etc. 

Use Case 4: Public opinion 

In political polling, survey software enables you to gather data on political preferences, public opinion, and voting intentions. The insights help politicians and policymakers understand the public’s view and develop strategies to cater to those views. 

How Siena College used Voxco Survey Software to run one hundred polls and close to 3 million phone calls for NYT upshot polls. SCRI launched a live polling project to gauge voters’ intentions in the House and Senate races. Read their story here.

Advanced features of survey software

Here we are discussing three advanced features of online survey software that maximizes the value of survey data. 

  • Survey design capabilities. 
  • Multilingual surveys. 
  • Integration capabilities. 

1. Survey design capabilities: 

Visually appealing surveys demonstrates that you have put effort into the survey process and appreciate respondents enough to give them a visually satisfying survey experience. Many software offers multiple question types, and customization capabilities. You can design branded surveys by adding logos, brand color, messages, as well as multimedia content to make it more enageging. 

2. Multilingual surveys:

Software like Voxco, enables you to translate your surveys into multiple languages to reach a diverse population in global scale. With auto-translation capabilities you can run surveys in the respondents’ preferred language and survey participants from a different country with ease. 

This functionality enables you to expand your initiative and gather insights from different culture and ensure data representation. 

3. Integration capabilities:

To enhance data management efficiency, survey software enables you to integrate the platform with your existing tools and systems. You can integrate it with your CRM and other data management software thus reducing the need to improt/export data. This reduces the need for manual data entry and decreases the possibility of errores. 

The integration capabilities streamlines data process, centralizes data, and gives you a holistic view of your audience.

Voxco is trusted by 500+ global brands & Top 50MR to gather, measure, uncover, and act on meaningful insights.


The growing importance of survey software in the age of data cannot be understated. Organizations rely on timely and accurate insights to make informed and strategic decisions. In the midst of the data-driven world, survey software provides the capability to collect, analyze, and interpret data effectively. 

In conclusion, software like Voxco empowers you to unlock the true power of data. With its flexibility, scalability, agility, real-time data collection, and enhanced data quality, you can gather insights whenever you need and from a broader and diverse audience. A survey platform is a crucial asset for organizations striving to lead in the competitive business landscape.

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