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The importance of human touch in excellent customer experience

Customer Experience

Ensuring an excellent customer experience can be tricky but an effective guide can help.


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Why is human touch important for a customer centric organization?

Research has found that 60% of customers would withdraw doing business with companies that provide unfriendly services. 46% of customers withdraw due to the perception of employees’ limited knowledge on their issues whereas 50% of customers stop doing business with companies they don’t trust. Also, one in three customers have said that they would never return to a brand they love just because of one bad service. 

So, what matters the most to drive customer experience? Speed and efficiency, employees who are knowledgeable and helpful, as well as convenience. More recently, adding a human touch or personalisation to customer experience has been becoming increasingly popular amongst customers.

Customer experience

How to fuse technology with human touch for seamless customer experience?

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As internet users, we have seen automated chatbots appear on the bottom corner of our screens whenever we visit a website. Automated technology has seeped into every sphere of the business industry even including tech support and customer service. Even though digitalization has become increasingly important, a recent study has shown that 75% of customers prefer speaking to live agents instead of automated bots. Humans want to feel valued and understood and thus empathic communication as well as active listening can increase satisfaction in customers. Although online services are convenient and helpful when it comes to data collection, live agent customer services still stand out. Various methods in which Artificial Intelligence can be fused with human touch have been highlighted in the illustration above.

Personalized experiences:

One of the ways companies can personalize experiences is by collecting feedback after interactions with customers. This feedback can be used to provide customers with better experiences and support. Live assistance could also be offered if the interaction history of the customer shows that they have been unable to resolve an issue for a while. A live agent can help in understanding the issue from the customer’s perspective both technically, emotionally, and mentally. Hence, the agent can solve the problem of the customer as well as build long-term relationships with the customer and increase customer satisfaction by 20%!

More Efficiency, Less Hassle:

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The most important aspect of having a live agent to talk to customers is that it instills immediate trust. This trust leads to a feeling of positive experience. Live agents can go off-script when talking to customers, which is out of scope for non-human support systems. This makes the conversations with live agents more free-flowing and convenient. Moreover, chatbots can only communicate with around 40 words per minute whereas humans speak around 125-175 words per minute. Humans are also capable of listening upto 450 words per minute. Thus, this reduces frustration in customers and they feel more understood. Thus, sometimes, simplicity is the answer when it comes to communicating with fellow humans!

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