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What is a technology survey?

It being not much of a surprise, technology survey refers to gathering insights on software tools, internet services, relevant technical skills, etc. technology survey is conducted to know how much the target audience knows about the technology and its uses. 

For example, a company R wants to recruit new employees in his firm. He first wants to know how much knowledge the people have who have applied for the job. He will take a technology survey to get an idea about which ones of them are techno-savvy and which ones are not.

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Why technology surveys?

Well, the digitalization all over the world is no surprise for any of us. Many companies, businesses, and education systems are turning technology oriented since the last few years. The pandemic has forced everyone to adapt to the new normal, where the main challenge was to adapt to new technologies. All the businesses and education is now running solely on technology. These times have already taught us how important it is to have knowledge of various tools and services over the internet.

Given that, something else that we understood is that technology trends change with light speed. And as businesses need to adapt to them quickly. If you want to reach a techno-savvy crowd, you must stay on the trends. Your survey needs to get into every nook and corner of the online channels so that it gets distributed on a large scale. 

Technology survey is the best way to understand where your customer-based stands on the ‘techno-savvy’ scale. And once you know this, you can mold your strategies to meet their standards through the technology that they are using. 

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Types of technology surveys and their 5 sample survey questions

In this section we will look at the types of technology surveys and what kind of questions are associated with them:

  • Student technology survey

A students’ technology survey brings out how much knowledge, practice and perceptions do students have with regards to technology. It includes questions that focus on letting the students express their experience with technologies that they use regularly. 

With student technology surveys you can figure how better you can make the students aware about the technology in and outside of your school. In the techno-savvy 21st century, technological skills are vital. If you are planning to start online teaching, first you need to conduct a survey with the students. Ask them what they think about this idea, are they comfortable, can they keep up with the studies like they used to in old-school teaching. 

Student technology survey sample questions

  • Have you ever been through online learning?
  1. Yes
  2. No
  • On the scale of 1-5 how much would you rate your preparedness for online learning?
  • How comfortable are you with searching academic topics on the internet?
  1. Uncomfortable
  2. Somewhat comfortable
  3. Uncomfortable 
  • Do you need any help with this online learning transition?
  • Yes
  • No 
  • Which internet enabled device can you use efficiently?
  • Parent technology survey

The next thing that follows the student technology survey is, of course, the parent technology survey. This method will help you understand what the parents of your students think about your school’s technology. 

Parents, as the first influence on your students, it is important to know what they think about the use of technology. You can use this data collected from the survey to see what parents are expecting from the school from a technology point of view, and you can make necessary updates or deletions from your system.

Talking about the online learning approach, it is also important for you to know what parents think of this new adaptation. Make use of open-ended and Likert questions to know where their understanding stands. 

Parent technology survey sample questions

  • What do you think about technology?
  • The school provides enough technology tools for students to learn
  • Strongly agree
  • Agree
  • Cannot say
  • Disagree
  • Strongly disagree
  • I encourage my children to use technology in learning
  • Strongly agree
  • Agree
  • Cannot say
  • Disagree
  • Strongly disagree
  • How would you rate your child’s technology skills?
  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Average
  • Bad
  • Worse 
  • Would you suggest any technological improvements in our school?
  • Teacher technology survey

In order for the students to be able to learn the technology trends, the teachers need to be proficient first. Using a teacher technology survey, you can understand how proficient teachers are with technology. 

Conducting teacher technology surveys will define the plots and gaps in teachers’ technology skills and knowledge. Training programs and workshops can be conducted to fill in these gaps and for teachers to learn new tech.

Teaching teachers about the tech-driven methods to carry out proper education for students. 

Teacher technology survey sample questions

  • How familiar are you with online teaching methods?
  • Very familiar
  • Somewhat familiar
  • Not familiar at all
  • Which technology tools do you regularly have your hands on?
  • Microsoft office
  • Google 
  • How would you rate your expertise in technology?
  • Very good
  • Good 
  • Average
  • Bad 
  • Very bad
  • State three technology tools you plan to learn this year
  • How can we enhance your use of technology in the classroom?
  • Employee technology survey

It is also known as staff technology survey and it collects data on employees and their understanding and perceptions on various work related technologies used in the office. It is important that all the employees know how to communicate through various technologies used in the organization. Depending on the gathered data, the management can carry various training programs to educate them on the same. 

Employee technology survey sample questions

  • On the scale of 1-5 how much has technology increased your work efficiency?
  • Which tech tools do you use regularly on your job?
  • The organization uses advanced technology to achieve its objectives.
  • Strongly agree
  • Agree
  • Cannot say
  • Disagree
  • Strongly disagree
  • In which areas do you think you need help?
  • How do you think the organization should improve its technology usage?

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