Task Completion Surveys: Why they’re useful to get quick insights. task completion survey

Task Completion Surveys: Why they’re useful to get quick insights.

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All survey methodologies and web analytics platforms are useful. However, when it comes to getting actionable insights quickly, Task Completion Surveys are one of the best methodologies available. They are easily integrable in most apps, websites or web pages and can fetch user feedback quickly.

What is it?

Task Completion is one of the major usability metrics. It’s usually implemented in websites and applications to help quantify just how effective an interface is. Essentially it finds out if users are able to accomplish the task they set out to do on your website or app.

Task Completion asks respondents the following questions:

  1. What is the purpose of your visit to our website?
  2. Were you able to complete your task?
  3. If not, could you tell us why?

Quantifying results entails measuring what percentage of respondents are able to complete the task they set out to do.

Taking feedback directly from the users after they answer the questions listed above can provide unique insights about existing problems, saving you from hunting in the dark for problems that may not be easily apparent.

Transform your insight generation process

Create an actionable feedback collection process.

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Effectively using task completion surveys

Here’s the best part about these surveys – They’re an excellent source of data for any business, irrespective of industry. However, getting the most out of task completion depends on how you use it. 

Firstly, task completion surveys allow you to see if visitors are able to do what they set out to do. Responses to that query itself can highlight critical issues or difficulties that your users face when interacting with your website or app.

Keeping tabs on this feedback can help improve website or app satisfaction quickly and help reduce churn & bounce rate. 

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Next, Task completion helps you identify specific content on your site which draws the most amount of user traffic. Depending on the insights you glean from this data, you can choose to focus more on this type of content. If you feel that certain elements are underperforming, you can choose to emulate the content on your site that performs better.

Another major benefit that task completion surveys offer is that they allow you to create better usability tests for your offerings. By getting feedback directly from your users, you can set up controlled environments which allow you to experience your website or app exactly as they do. 

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