In honor of International Women’s Day this year, we wanted to highlight the talented and diverse team at Voxco Survey Software.

We relish any opportunity we have to celebrate our coworkers’ unique voices and today is no exception!

As a survey software technology company, we are well aware of the narrative surrounding the lack of gender diversity in tech, and the impact we can have in changing it.

In a study on perceptions of gender equality by PwC, only 22% of surveyed students could name a famous woman in technology, but 75% could name a famous man. Fortunately, times are changing, and the amount of women in technology fields are on an upward trend.

To mark the occasion, we asked the women of Voxco a question:

What does it mean to you to be a woman in technology?

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Read on to see their insights:

Liu, Marketing Manager:

“We all struggle from imposter syndrome to some degree. We have to find a way to be comforted by the unifying experience of being questioned on your expertise, and questioning it yourself. You are not alone!

Something that really helps no matter what field or industry you work in, is to continually seek out knowledge and learn new things. It’s crucial to stay up to date in order to feel ready for the challenges of your day-to-day and the bigger picture.”

Cettina, Sales:

“I’ve worked in technology for my entire career, and it’s been great to see more women taking a seat at the table and feeling comfortable to speak up and take space. We are still a ways to go in terms of progress, but I take comfort in seeing the numbers creep up.

Voxco is a great company to work for, we are lucky enough to have strong women leaders in our management and executive team – resulting in policies around work/life balance that benefit everyone.”

Catherine, Tech Support:

“A few years ago I had an interesting job interview. The manager verbally administered a 100 question quiz, correcting me after each response. There was no need for him to do this, as they were all basic questions. 

I described the whole scene to my good friend Mary, who also works in Tech Support. She told me not to worry and that women with our skills are like unicorns. Feeling cynical at the time, I joked: “So no one believes in us?”

That’s not what she meant, of course. Mary was saying that we are rare and magical and that anyone with sense would see the value of having a woman on their team.

There are days I can still be a bit discouraged, but most days I lean towards the Mary perspective. Either way, I have always felt that I am in the where field I belong and I that do good work here!”

Diane, Training Director:

“Thankfully, being a woman has never been that prevalent of an issue in my career. I’ve always been able to feel accepted by everyone in the work environments I was in.”

Anita, Product Manager:

“Interestingly enough, throughout my whole career in technology, I’ve always been the member of a really diverse team with many women. I feel lucky to have been in those environments, because I know my experience is not common and there is still progress to be made.

That being said, I look forward to a future in which more women are shoulder-to-shoulder at tech companies and anywhere else they see fit.”

Karine, Accounting Analyst:

“It has been amazing to see the cultural shift in the past few decades! I think people take for granted the opportunities we have today.

I’m elated to see that my daughter feels comfortable to pursue any career she might be interested in, no matter what domain it is in. Generationally speaking, my mother had way less options for what was deemed acceptable work for a woman.”

Dominique, Project Manager:

“I started my career in the market research industry, and technology for data collection was just in its infancy! At that time, I discovered that I actually thrived in helping bigger companies implement robust technology solutions.

The world of tech is constantly evolving, and it is stimulating to work with different perspectives and help our clients become more efficient. My advice to women in the workplace would be to persist, ask questions, get involved, and find their niche.

We can’t fall into the trap of thinking it’s a man’s world anymore! I see incredibly competent women in tech. We have a natural aptitude for listening, understanding needs, and delivering top notch results – exactly what tech companies need.”

Helene, Content Manager:

“It’s one of my career goals to ensure that I recognize when I’m in a place of privilege and can lift other women up in their careers – through hiring, or mentoring, or lending an ear.

I’ve been so fortunate to have been mentored by accomplished women and I want to give that gift back whenever I can.”