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Email survey invitations are one of the most prevalent methods of survey distribution. We include a link to a survey in the email and ask them to complete the survey.

But first, let’s look at the psychology of how someone does the action suggested in the email. After receiving a survey email, the natural question that comes to mind is, “why should I invest time for you unless you encourage me with rewards?”

So, in the survey invitation email, we should explain why responding to the survey would help us improve our goods and services, and so better serve them.

The objective is to pique the reader’s interest and get them to open our survey email. This indicates that we must have a decent subject line, one that is significant enough to give them a sense of what to expect in the email. It should also motivate people to act.

However, opening an email for a survey is just half the fight. When they open the email and find a link to the survey, they must be compelled to click on it. To enhance response rates, we might also include a sample survey question in the email. The first question, which we embed in the email, offers a preview of what to expect in the survey. Clicking any of the answer options will take them to the remainder of the survey. The reason behind this is that people are more likely to complete the survey once they have started. 

Features Of Survey Email

  • Email questionnaires embedded

Customers react immediately to surveys in the emails they receive, leading in increased survey response rates and reduced customer irritation.

  • Optimized for mobile  

Mobile survey optimization must be built to perform flawlessly on all platforms and devices, allowing our consumers to submit feedback no matter where they are.

  • Several survey formats

In 30+ languages, use NPS®, CSAT, CES, Smileys, 5-star, and Thumbs survey forms to solicit feedback. Customize the question to our use case.

  • Include Extra Questions

In order to gain valuable information from survey replies, ask follow-up questions. Within a single survey flow, we may include up to ten unique questions.

  • Provide context for follow-up

Gathering input is only the first step. We must respond to comments with a personalized ‘Thank you’ message and automated ticket creation. 

  • Email polls through integration

Trigger email surveys from existing technologies like Shopify, Stripe, Segment, Zendesk, Mailchimp, and Squarespace.

  • Rest API

Use the REST API to automatically poll consumers following a delivery, a guest check-out, or a support encounter.

  • Survey throttling 

Survey throttling Increases response rates by ensuring that our consumers are never over-surveyed.

Exploratory Research Guide

Conducting exploratory research seems tricky but an effective guide can help.

Subject Lines For Survey Emails

  • By providing feedback, you can save [X] percent on your next purchase.
  • Your thoughts are worth more than a dime.
  • By answering one simple question, you may help us enhance [product/service].
  • We only require a minute of your time to discover your thoughts.
  • Tell us exactly what you think about [product/service].
  • We’d be grateful for your assistance! Please respond to a few brief questions.
  • Your comments was very valued, and here’s why:
  • The findings have arrived…

Examples Of Survey Emails That Were Read And Reacted

  • Customer satisfaction survey email

Subject: Are you satisfied with your (product name)? Tell us how you feel.


Hello (Name),

We hope you are pleased with your recent purchase.

Would you be willing to participate in a brief survey to help us improve our services? It will only take 5 minutes!

(survey link)

Thank you in advance for your insightful comments. Your feedback will be utilized to ensure that we continue to fulfill your requirements.

We appreciate your confidence in us and look forward to continuing to serve you. Please contact us if you have any questions (customer support).

Thank you very much.


Why did this email with a customer feedback survey succeed?

  • Short and straightforward
  • It provides an estimate of how long it will take.
  • Direct and to the point
  • Provides a reason why the client should complete the survey.
  • Customer feedback survey email

Subject: (Company Name) requires your input; do you have 2 minutes?


Hello (Name),

Thank you for putting your faith in Company Name>. We would appreciate it if you could take 5 minutes or less to complete a brief survey and tell us about your experience with us.

(Survey Link)

The link will be live until (Date). 

The information received will be used solely for quality assurance purposes. 

We respect your privacy and will never sell your personal information to a third party.

We appreciate your time and opinion, and we promise to provide you with the finest services possible.

Thank you very much.


Why did this email template for customer feedback work?

  • Subject line should be brief.
  • Mail body should be concise.
  • Mentioned the survey’s conclusion date.
  • Customers are assured of their privacy.
  • Market evaluation survey email

Subject: Take this survey for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card!


Hello (Name).

Thank you for signing up for our newsletter.

We strive to provide the greatest possible experience for our consumers, therefore we’d like to know what you think about our marketing emails.

Please complete this (Survey Link) and let us know whether our staff was able to assist you in finding what you were searching for.

Check out Our (Latest Offers) for the most recent deals on a variety of items.

Thank you very much.


Why did this marketing assessment survey email do so well?

  • The topic line is intriguing.
  • Rewarding the survey taker.
  • Soft-selling
  • Retail store evaluation survey email

Subject: Did you like our store? Answer correctly and receive a 15% discount!


Hello (Name),

We noticed you just visited our (Store Name) location.

We are continually striving to enhance the quality of our products and services in order to provide our clients with an outstanding experience. Would you be willing to spend 10 minutes or less answering this brief (Survey Link)?

Participating in the survey instantly qualifies you for a 15% discount on your next purchase.

If you have any questions, please contact our (Customer Support).

I hope to see you again soon at our store,

Thank you very much.


Why did this email with a retail shop rating survey work?

  • Developing a relationship with the guest
  • Sales-oriented
  • Polite
  • Employee benefit survey email

Subject: Do you want a fantastic workplace? Fill out this survey.


Hello (Name),

Are you having a good time working with us? Is there anything further we can do to enhance your experience?

Assist us in better understanding your requirements so that we can develop a workplace that not only brings out the best in you but also leaves you with wonderful memories!

Please complete this (Survey Link) to let us know if the current employee benefits are beneficial to you and how we can enhance further.

Let’s work together to make this a terrific place to work!

Thank you very much.


What made this employee benefits survey email so effective?

  • Excellent topic line
  • ‘You’ mentality
  • Subtle and powerful CTA

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Best Practices For Survey Email

  • Submit incentives – individuals are more inclined to provide feedback if there is a prize in store for them, such as a voucher or discount code for their next purchase in our business.
  • Keep the survey short – in general, the shorter a survey is, the higher the response rate, thus showing our users that we value their time by limiting the amount of questions.
  • Declare how long it will take to finish – Being honest about how long it will take to complete a survey informs respondents that we value their time.
  • Explain the goal of the survey – let the recipients of our email know why we want to hear their thoughts and how the feedback we collect will be handled in a responsible manner.
  • Be grateful – sending a short “thank you” note after completing the survey is courteous and expresses our appreciation, as well as ensuring that our users’ comments were accurately submitted.
  • Share the findings – If our consumers are told about the results of our survey and any resulting changes, they will feel heard and will be more ready to provide feedback in the future.

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