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The process of trying to get more responses to your survey starts even before you deploy it. Yes that’s right. And the key is survey and questionnaire introduction. Imagine you come across a survey with just questions and no information what the survey is all about whatsoever. You will hesitate to respond to it right? Because you won’t know how or where your responses are going to be used and you don’t want to give away your data just like that to anyone. 

Well this is exactly why you need to specify the reason for your survey and the sensitive questions that it may contain. Let’s take a look at what survey and questionnaire introduction is about.

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What is survey introduction?

Survey introduction is a bit of information and purpose of the survey that is present in the beginning of the survey questions. This introduction will help you connect to the respondent and help them to understand the survey context and then decide if they want to respond to your survey or not. 

Your survey introduction is the first impression of your survey on the respondents, hence, you should make sure to keep it short, simple but also creative and interactive enough. That being aid, it is safe to say that the more appealing your survey introduction is, the more the chances of the respondents choosing to respond to your survey are. 

Features of survey introduction

  • Who – who is conducting the survey? This includes the person’s or organization’s name who is conducting the survey. 
  • What – what is the survey about? This bit will specify the purpose and the topic of the survey research.
  • How long – how long will the survey take? Specify in the introduction like “we will just need 10 minutes of your precious time” this will make them prepared of the time they are going to invest. 
  • Security – is their data safe? Assure them the safety of their responses and whatever sensitive and personal information you are going to collect from them in the survey. Mention how you are going to use their data and what for.
  • How to fill – how to fill the survey? Guide them briefly about the survey flow and inform them about the documents that they are going to need. 
  • Thankyou – add a thankyou note in the end and covey your gratitude towards the respondents for taking time to attend your survey. 

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Types of survey introduction

  • Market survey introduction 

A market survey research is conducted when you want to learn about your customers or target audience. In this case, you will need a market survey introduction. You will have to specify who you are and what the purpose of this survey you are conducting is. 

The purpose of market research survey is, sometimes, to bring out new ideas from the market for your upcoming product. And sometimes to get people’s views on your existing products and improve them. Hence, your market survey introduction should answer all the questions we discussed above. 

Generally, a market survey takes more time than any other survey, so don’t forget to give your audience a heads-up that they are going to need more time than average. 

Example: “We at ABC are grateful to you for using our products and being with us in this beautiful journey. In this survey, we would like you to suggest to us the types of products you would like us to introduce in the coming years. Please stick to the survey till the end as it will only take 10 minutes of your time.”

  • Student survey introduction 

A student survey is performed when you want to get feedback from students regarding the teaching methods, teachers, schools, colleges, etc. this survey result will help you to make appropriate changes in your school. 

Through student survey introduction, you need to appeal to the students to fill out your survey. Tell them what the survey is about and how their response is valuable and how it can bring out positive changes on the school campus. 

Example: “Thank you for being a part of XYZ School. We would like you to take this 5 minutes short survey on your opinions about the new online teaching approach that we are following for the past year. We hope you can respond with your honest feedback as it will result in the betterment of our teaching system.

  • Research questionnaire introduction 

This is a data collection phase of your research. While distributing the questionnaire around to the respondents, make sure you include a questionnaire introduction where people can understand what your research is about and how their responses are going to contribute to your research. 

Include the facts and statistics and other information about your undertaken research problem and tell how their data will contribute to it further. Also, don’t forget to mention data privacy and take their consent. 

Example: “Hello responder, I am a PhD researcher at Umbering university. I am conducting research on daily challenges faced by people of colour in different parts of the United States. Hence, I would like you to take this 10 minutes short survey regarding the same.”

  • Customer satisfaction survey introduction 

Customer satisfaction survey introduction majorly should contain two things: Appreciation, for shopping with your brand. And brevity, feedback from them to improve your products. 

Start by mentioning your brand name and that you are thankful to them for using their services. In the end, you can even reward them for taking the survey, with a coupon, voucher or some deals. 

Example: “Thanks for shopping with Vrunda. We would like you to take this 5-minute survey so that we can make your shopping experience with us even better.”

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Importance of survey introduction

  • Survey introduction allows you to highlight the important information of your survey. People will have an idea of what they are getting into and will be prepared.
  • It is a good and formal way to welcome your respondents. It helps you to interact with your respondents without being too direct and catch them on guard. 
  • A well-written survey introduction will get your respondents trust. Especially when you mention how their data is going to be used and assure them data privacy. 
  • Survey introduction acts as a FAQ for the respondents who have general questions about your survey. 
  • It increases survey participation and minimizes survey dropout rates. 
  • It also makes survey participants feel respected and special as you are considering them as a valuable contribution to your research. 
  • Survey introduction builds respondents’ interest regarding your survey.

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