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Social media is a powerful marketing platform, especially for brands looking to not only promote their product but also acquire new customers. 

As of April 2022, 4.65 billion people are using social media. This means half the world, 58.7% of the total population, is actively using social media. 

Social media has been the mainstream channel for people looking for feedback, opinions, advice, and news. Companies have employed social media as a part of their promotional platform. But there is another not-so-mainstream advantage of social media – social media surveys

Social media surveys are just like email surveys. But instead of sending a list of questions to a pre-defined list of people, you can use social media to target even large demography. This is one of the reasons why it has gained so much popularity overnight. 

We will explore why you should start using social media surveys as a part of your marketing strategy and how you can get started. 

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How to use social media surveys as a strategy?

Launching surveys on social media platforms can help you gather detailed and relevant insights from audiences genuinely interested in sharing their opinion. It can also help you engage respondents in conversation, thus creating a brand image and strengthening your brand reputation. 

Here we will see how you can leverage it to develop high-performing marketing strategies. 

Use social media surveys to: 

  • Gather demographics: 

A clear understanding of the demography you want to target can help you create a better message and position your brand more attractively.

Having data on the audience’s age, education, or income can help you showcase your product in a way that trends among the relevant group. With the demographic data, you can engage the audience on the right platform and create targeted marketing efforts. Ultimately boosting ROI.

For example, 87% of 18 to 29-year-olds are on Facebook. While on Twitter, the same age group is only 37%. 

So now, if you want audience opinion on your dating app, you know which platform can help you get relevant information. 

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  • Understand opinions: 

Social media surveys are the cheapest and fastest way to encourage customers to reveal their opinion. Whether your consumers are delighted with your products/services or not, you can simply find out by directly asking them.

Create beautiful surveys to gather customer opinions on NPS®, customer satisfaction, product feedback, or competitor analysis. Collect real-time feedback and identify the trends that your customers prefer. 

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  • Understand market potential: 

Social media surveys can help you identify where your potential customers are. You can find out which channels your potential customers use to discover products or brands and why they chose to do business with a company.

Market research in social media can help you understand customers’ preferences, purchase habits, and decision-making behavior. It can also help you clarify the advantage you have over competitors and uncover areas you can improve. 

By conducting market research on the various social media platforms, you can clearly define how to target your audience, what language you need to use, and what latest trends or buzzwords you need to get into to attract potential customers. 

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Now that we have established how you can leverage social media surveys to gain more insight on developing your market insights let’s see the benefits of using social media for survey distribution.

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Benefits you gain from using social media surveys

Social media is a powerful marketing tool if you know how to use it properly. It does not only help promote content but also gather data on what’s hot & what’s not among users. 

Here we have enumerated some ways social media surveys help you retain loyal customers and acquire some more. 

Nurture customers’ trust in your brand: 

Social Media surveys are one of the quickest ways to engage with customers. The platform allows you to collect customer insights and follow up with individual users immediately. 

You can ask users about their concerns directly and let them know that their feedback matters. It provides an open platform to talk to customers and keep them updated on how you resolve their concerns. 

Use social media & launch micro surveys to understand their point of view. 

Learn what customers want: 

Social media surveys can help you learn about the fear and uncertainties of your potential and new customers. Use surveys to discover why your customers are hesitant to try the latest product, why they are not using certain features, and more. 

Use the insights to personalize the content you share on your brand’s platform. 

Boost customer engagement: 

Social media surveys help you understand the customer’s pain points and roadblocks. Use the feedback you receive to deliver relevant information. 

Offer resolution that adds value to the user’s life. Social media is a public platform that allows transparency. Customers can see how leading companies respond to their feedback. So they have expectations on how your company should take action. 

Use the platform to give customers the ability to reach out to you directly and share their experiences. Foster a customer-focused culture and boost engagement. 

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No matter what age group or country your audience belongs to social media paves a way to connect with them. Take advantage of the public arena and reach out to a wider audience to understand your audience a little better. 

Use quirky, attractive, and short surveys to make your brand approachable. Reach your customers and show that you value their opinion. 

Make good use of survey software like ours, Voxco, to conduct social media surveys. Design branded surveys with interesting templates and reach out to target customers with personalized messages. Moreover, you can analyze data in real-time and respond to them right away. 

Make social media surveys the trump card of your marketing strategy.

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