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It’s often more challenging to get people to engage with your survey than actually programming it in the first place.

You’ve made the perfect survey – It’s got all the right questions, it’s just the right length and you know it’s going to give you plenty of data to work with.

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But how do you go about getting unbiased people to take their time out to complete your survey?

You need to accept that taking your survey is not always be a top priority for your target audience. 

However this doesn’t mean that you leave everything to the hands of fate. There’s many ways to get people to take notice of your questionnaire. 

Social media is a powerful platform to promote your surveys. Depending on your target demographic, it could be the best your most effective tool for increasing response rates.

To ensure high response rates, you need to convey to respondents that their participation has value and that you respect the time they take out for it.

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