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Role of Emotions in Market Research: Here’s what you need to know!


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In today’s marketing world, gleaning insights that direct future strategies have become more important than ever. As technology has empowered customers to a great extent, researchers need to tap into the prime component of users’ attention & purchase decisions – emotion. According to Forrester, appealing to emotion is key to building superior customer experiences. Let’s dive deeper to understand how maximizing emotional connections in market research can help businesses get huge payoffs:

Why emotional connections matter in Market Research?

There’s no doubt that aligning with emotions that drive customers’ behavior can be tricky. As the decision-making of customers is highly emotion-focused, it’s imperative for brands to identify emotional values that lay a strategic foundation for better positioning, differentiation, as well as meaningful research. 

According to HBR’s model of “emotional connection pathway”, if the relationship between customers and a brand gets strong, they are more likely to move towards a full emotional connection. While most of the companies focus on transforming dissatisfied customers into satisfied ones, it’s the transition of the highly satisfied to fully connected ones that make all the difference. On average, the fully emotionally connected customers are considered to be 52% more valuable than highly satisfied customers.

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By leveraging emotional market research, it gets easy for the companies to attract & retain customers which helps them gain a sustainable competitive advantage. Thus, the emotional experiences influence the customer repurchase behavior which in turn, impacts the company’s performance.

Uncovering emotional motivators

Being the driving force behind profitable customer behaviors like brand advocacy or repeat purchase, emotional motivators play a pivotal role in establishing a connection with potential users of a product/service. So, how can brands uncover emotional motivators and make the best use of them? 

Firstly, brands need to consider emotional motivators an important aspect of customer success. Secondly, every customer is motivated in a different way by a product. It’s important to collect the right data to discover what motivates the customers. Conducting qualitative research is a great way to identify the unique emotions of potential users. As emotions may vary by product category or brand, it’s essential to consider the chronology of events (when a product/service is used) while determining the emotional motivators. Once the data is gathered, leverage those insights to deliver a consistent experience that transforms satisfied customers into fully connected ones. 

While there are numerous emotional motivators that drive consumer behavior, here are the 10 highly impactful motivators identified by the researchers:

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Mapping Customer Emotions the right way

Continuous feedback is key

Leverage a continuous feedback system that lets you engage with your customers throughout their journey. By soliciting feedback from customers at various stages of the journey (instead of expressing how they feel at the end), it helps you map their experience and identify the negative emotions seamlessly.

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Customer Journey Surveys can be a gamechanger

Streamlining post-experience surveys that take customers back to their journey could be a great idea. By identifying key touchpoints and asking them how they felt at every stage, you can effortlessly acknowledge the positive and negative peaks. Voxco’s omnichannel platform offers best-in-class survey solutions that can help you transform every touchpoint into a positive customer experience.

Intelligent Text Analytics makes the difference

Setting up common topics and mapping them to journey touchpoints could really help. This enables your customers to freely share their experience while the specific areas (which they talk about) get assigned to key touchpoints automatically. By effectively mapping common terms to key touchpoints, it gets easy to uncover the customer’s emotions at every stage of the journey.

Weaving emotion into market research is considered as a surefire way for attracting, resonating with, and encouraging the users to act. Want to discover the top emotional motivators for your brand? Get in touch with the experts at Voxco to ideate, manage, and analyze your Market Research strategies.

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