Voxco Survey Software has officially launched their new cloud-based dialer.

This dialer hosting option is now available for clients who do not need to host their dialer on-premise.

The Voxco cloud-based dialer is ideal for phone researchers that do not want to make the initial investment in on-premise data-hosting hardware. This allows them to save on the upfront set-up costs and only pay the monthly licensing fees.

Built to seamlessly integrate with Voxco CATI, the cloud-based dialer is scalable, flexible, and has all the same robust capabilities as the on-premise dialer solution.

About Voxco

Voxco is a global leader in cloud and on-premise survey software. It provides survey organizations with options to collect survey data any time and any place via online surveys, over-the-phone interviews or face-to-face mobile offline surveys. Any method can be used individually or as part of Voxco’s multimode platform. Founded over 25 years ago, Voxco provides products and services to customers in over 30 countries.  Learn more at Voxco.com.

For more information, please contact:

Helene Fleischer
Voxco Survey Software