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Cible Recherche/ Vox Opinion

Market research firm uses Voxco IVR to improve client’s satisfaction ratings.

The Client

Vox Opinion is a Canadian market research agency that helps companies of all sizes evaluate customer satisfaction. They are known as ‘Cible Recherche’ to their french clients. Vox Opinion has a solid client base but, like any market research company, it is always aiming to find new ways to support its clients and to grow its own business.

The Challenge

One of Vox’s clients is a leading furniture retailer who offers its customers free delivery service. But this service was starting to cause low customer satisfaction scores. When they purchased the furniture, customers were only told that their furniture was being delivered on a certain day, but were not given a precise time at which to expect delivery. On the scheduled delivery day, customers tired of waiting would often leave home before the furniture truck had arrived.

For the furniture retailer, the number of customer no-shows created inefficiency in their delivery route and caused delays for other customers.

The Solution

Vox Opinion was already using Voxco IVR for surveys, but saw that it could also use this system to send messages for the furniture retailer. They integrated the retailer’s customer database with their Voxco IVR system and automated the messaging process. Now, the night before the scheduled delivery, messages are sent to furniture customers indicating a precise time at which the delivery truck will arrive at their home.

The Results

As a result of the new messaging strategy, furniture customers are much more likely to be at home, thereby significantly improving delivery rates. Not only did this create cost saving and efficiencies for the retailer, it also led to vastly increased customer satisfaction scores; out of over 1 million calls Vox Opinion made for the retailer there were only 2 complaints.

Through Voxco IVR, they are able to measure satisfaction for their clients and then go one step further by helping to improve satisfaction levels. They could do this with little cost by using Voxco technology it already had.

“We have been using Voxco’s technology for 10 years. Being able to use Voxco IVR for surveys as well as for messaging programs has been a big advantage for us. We could grow our business into new areas, outside of surveys, by helping clients with their customer satisfaction programs. We could do this without any new investments, simply by leveraging the capabilities of the IVR system.”

Jean Laroche, General Manager
Vox Opinion