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What is reCAPTCHA validation?

Do you ever try to log into some government or organization websites, and once you fill in your username and password, there is an additional section right below it that asks you to “prove you are not a robot”? Well, that extra step for validation is called reCAPTCHA validation.

CAPTCHA is abbreviated for Completely Automated Public Turing test used to differentiate between humans and computers/robots. A user has to take a short challenge to prove that he is a human and not a computer trying to get into the application. reCAPTCHA validation is a security measure taken to prevent any software or robot from violating the system and only allow humans to access the systems.

CAPTCHA verification is a service provided by google and acts as a third-party service but google does not use any of the data from the system or applications. 

In surveys, a user will see a checkbox asking them to tick it if they are not a robot. By checking the checkbox, users prove themselves as humans and then proceed to take the survey. You will see reCAPTCHA validation on the very first page of the survey and until the user checks the box, it cannot get access to the survey ahead. 

Another use of reCAPTCHA validation in surveys is that it prevents the users from answering the survey multiple times.

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reCAPTCHA validation question types

Let us take a look at types of reCAPTCHA validation questions we get to see on various applications, websites and surveys:

  • Checkbox – users will check a checkbox which confirms that they are not a computer/robot. 
  • Images – this type or reCAPTCHA validation asks users to select those from all the images provided that fits into the defined category. They might ask you to select all trains, cars, airplanes images from the given images. 
  • Text – the system will provide some crooked text or numbers for the users to identify them and type them in correct order and case in the provided textbox. 
  • Multimedia – the reCAPTCHA validation will provide users with audio or video content and they are supposed to listen/watch it and answer the asked questions.

Example or reCAPTCHA validations

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Why to use reCAPTCHA validation?

With increasing hacking and trespassing into online systems, reCAPTCHA makes it hard for the robots and bots to pass the validation process. This way they cannot get their hands on the system or application data.

Robots and bots cannot answer reCAPTCHA questions which makes the systems only accessible to humans.

Advantages reCAPTCHA validation survey questions

  • It helps you provide data corruption and intrusion.
  • reCAPTCHA validations act as a first and additional layer of security over surveys which only humans can pass. 
  • In cases when you are incentivizing the survey responses, some people might take advantage of it by answering the survey multiple times. CAPTCHA questions prevent this by limiting the responses to one response per user.

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