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What is questions validation?

While conducting a survey, there are certain questions that the researcher wants the respondents to answer. These questions are basically the reason why that survey was conducted. The researcher can make such questions mandatory to answer by the respondents.

Questions validation is nothing but a feature in surveys which makes respondents to either answer the questions or consider answering it. If a particular question is being validated, it means the respondents cannot go ahead or complete the survey without answering that question. If any user tries to skip the question, the administrators can configure a popup to remind respondents of the missed mandatory questions.

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Examples of question validation

Mostly, the questions validated can be identified with a red asterisk mark at the end or start of it like so:

Force response – This option forces the respondents to mandatorily answer the validated question. Without answering it, they are not allowed to submit the responses.

Request checkout – This option gives respondents a choice to either answer the question or proceed to complete the survey without answering it. This validation can be imposed on the questions that the researcher himself prefers to have answers to, but is not very crucial with respect to the survey topic.

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Why to use questions validation?

Most surveys gather demographic data from the respondents. That is how the researchers map the responses to their respondents. In such cases, it becomes necessary that the respondents do not skip the demographics questions. Question validation can help the research to make these questions mandatory so that the respondents cannot submit the survey without answering them. 

There are questions other than demographic questions that add up to the insights and information needed to the researcher through this survey. It might happen that respondents knowingly or unknowingly skip those questions. Question valuation helps you fill this gap.

Advantages of question validation

  • Question validation reminds respondents of the questions that they have missed before they decide to submit their responses. 
  • It saves the chance of missing out the valuable data that will be ultimately important for the research.

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