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A memorable name for your brand, product, or service can capture people’s attention like nothing else! Not to mention, your name is your identity – it has to be one with some meaningful connection to the experiences you’re offering.


Why product naming is important

Even if your product is the very best in its category, it may not sell the most or be successful at all. This is because there are a litany of reasons which can cause your products to not live up to its sales potential. 

Product naming is one such factor which could cause your products to not perform as well as they should have been. There are many benefits to having a good product name:

  • Better brand awareness
  • Simplified sales and marketing process
  • Can promote your product, under the right circumstances (Better visibility)

Product launches can be difficult – A good product name can help alleviate some difficulties while launching a new product. Simply using your instinct for product names can be ineffective. Which is why product research is a must. Internal surveys within your organization can also help come up with the right product name.

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See what question types are possible with a sample survey!


Best practices for product naming

A lot of research must go into finding the right product name, and there are several factors you need to keep in mind while choosing the right product name.

Make it memorable

  • The key purpose behind a good product naming strategy is to occupy mindshare, and you have to ensure the name you choose is one that is memorable and has staying power.

Make it easy for customers to remember

  • An overly complex can be hard for your customers to remember without them having to make a bit of effort. Which is why you must keep complexity in mind along with uniqueness.

Should be easy for anyone to pronounce

  • Customers can reject products whose name they’re not able to pronounce easily. This would be easier if your product was to launch in a single region, but with globalization that is likely not a possibility.

Keep your global audience in mind

  • Accents and language caveats need to be considered before you finalize on your product name. You don’t want to end up with a name that has the potential to be misconstrued as something offensive in another country or culture. There are often cases where your product name is completely at odds with the messaging you want to establish around your product. 

Try establishing positive associations

  • If possible, try keeping a product name that includes words that have positive associations or intonations. It can be hard (often impossible) to do this for a global audience, so you can start with the target demographic first.

Brand fit

  • This is an extremely important characteristic – does your product name fit in with the brand identity you have established over the years? For example, putting the letter “i” behind any device or gadget would make people assume it is an apple device, which is a good brand fit. 

Even if you want to diversify your product name, you need to ensure the name fits with your brand unless you are explicitly hoping to break the association.

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How the the right survey questions can help

Consumers are the ultimate deciders for whether your product will succeed or fail, and running potential product names by your target audience is never a bad idea. Surveying your target audience can help gather honest feedback about your product naming decisions.

A comprehensive naming study can uncover insights about customer name preferences, and how names perform set against criteria like appeal, creativity, uniqueness, etc.Your survey must include a detailed product description and be accompanied by clear product images. Product images are important for customers to form associations with the name. Question types you can include in your product naming survey:

Individual name questions

  • Ask individual questions which can help gauge respondents’ likelihood of making a purchase based on the name. You can include a mix of open-ended and multiple choice questions and find out how a name makes them feel towards your brand.

Overall name questions

  • These questions can help you understand how your product name compares with the competition. You can use online surveys to get customers to arrange names they prefer by rank. It can help establish exactly where you land in the pecking order.
  • Open-ended questions can be used to ask customers for suggestions, and you could promise them a reward for the same.


  • Without powerful analytics tools backing you up, inferring customer insights is akin to shooting in the dark. Analytics can help paint a picture of what your respondents are feeling and identify naming trends.
  • Text analytics can be a crucial tool in helping you categorize your results by customer sentiment, something which is critical for product naming.
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