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Product/market fit survey template Product/market fit survey
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A product-market fit survey asks the customers various questions that indicate their views on the products that you deliver on the market. Businesses get to know how much customers love or hate using their products while there are various alternatives in the market. Product/market fit surveys give results based on the way you ask questions that are dedicated to bringing out the customer perspective of your brand.  

In this article we will take a look at product/market fit survey templates and questions that will show exactly how and what questions to ask that will effectively bring out the best in your survey.

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Product/market fit survey template

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Tips for product/market fit survey creation

As you can see in the above template, we asked the first two questions directly aiming to define what customers really feel about using our products. The key is to ask them about their reaction in a situation where your product does not exist, like in the second question. This directly specifies how important your product is to the customers and how much they are involving it in their everyday life.  

Another part about product/market fit surveys is about asking demographic questions. When you are gathering insights on your product’s performance in the market, you definitely want to gather it from an audience who is genuine and your customer. Such demographic questions help you track the respondents and rely on their results completely. 

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