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Businesses around the globe run on processes that they define themselves. To give an example, we can think of customer support as a process, where the customers come in with their queries over a channel, the agent then forwards a complex query to a higher agent with proper knowledge on the topic and comes back to the customer with a solution. Well, in this case, how do you know that your process is efficient and running smoothly for the customers? The answer is process improvement surveys.

Process improvement surveys are dedicated to asking the respondents about various processes in your business and how they think the working can be made better. Process improvement survey questions are the go-to solution to gauge the performance of your processes provided you are introducing a new one or wanting to understand the reliability of the old existing one. It is important that you totally understand what your employees and customers feel, good or bad, about your business processes and whether it is important to make any updates or changes in the working environment. 

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Process improvement survey questions

In this section we will take a look at all the right questions you need to ask to bring out the best in your next process improvement survey.  

  • How would you rate the effectiveness of the process? 
  • How would you like us to improve the process? 
  • Do you have all the tools and equipment to carry out this process effectively? 
  • How much worth do you think this process is to the business? 
  • Were you given any training on this process? 
  • Were you given the proper guidance needed for this process? 
  • Will you consider using the process in future?  
  • What do you think will keep you from using the process again? 
  • Is there anything you want to suggest to us in making the process better? 

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Why do you need process improvement survey

Process improvement surveys just help you to enhance your business workflows and processes as well as reducing customer and employee churn. Using the above process improvement survey questions, you can ask all the right questions to the employee and customers to get real-time data on the processes and make changes accordingly which will serve them efficiently. 

You can use the survey questions to gather information on respondents’ demographics, experience ranking, satisfactions, NPS®, improvement suggestions, and so on. You can customize the survey to better suit your organizational needs.

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