Phase 5 Research consultant case study


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Phase 5 Delivers Insights at Every Customer Touchpoint

The Client

Phase 5 is a research-based consultancy that helps organizations achieve full customer centricity. They serve various industries across many different verticals by building collaborative partnerships through research, online user experience, and customer experience insights. 

They believe that successful innovation requires anticipating and responding to unmet or underserviced customer needs and wants.

The Challenge

Putting the customer at the center of business decisions is a growing priority for organizations. The challenge is to create a consistent experience for customers across different points of the lifecycle and different communication channels. 

Phase 5 has always endeavored to empower organizations with the data and insights they need to become customer centric and stay competitive. 

They have been using Voxco Survey Software for 25 years. In the past, they have tested other software solutions and seen many different kinds of insights-driven technologies, but Voxco has been able to provide value:

“It’s a testament to the quality of the relationship we’ve built and the services that Voxco’s tools provide. We truly value the flexibility and usability of the platform as well.” – Doug Church, Partner, Phase 5

The Solution

With Voxco in hand, Phase 5 has been helping companies at different stages of the customer lifecycle — from product development, to building out web experience, identifying unmet needs in the market, and much more.

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“Organizations need to ask; how do we ensure that people can interact with our product and brand through digital and in-person channels to fully engage them? And how do they maintain those precious relationships with retention strategies?

Voxco has been instrumental in allowing us to deliver those insights to our clients“

Doug Church
Phase 5

The Results: Insights at every single customer touchpoint

Phase 5 has an incredibly solid, trusted solution for gathering insights at different stages for organizations. 

Most recently, they’ve been working with clients in the financial industry to help those organizations build out mobile banking tools. Phase 5 drives insights for determining a certain unmet need, what kind of experience customers expect, etc. They can even go as granular as to survey customers to determine specific features and other details of the user interface. 

With Voxco, Phase 5 continues to offer a full stack solution for organizations that want to stay consistent and strong in this age of customer centricity and rapid lifecycles.

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