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Path to purchase survey questions Path of purchase
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What is the path to purchase survey?

Businesses these days have privileged their customers with omni-channel platforms and lots of options to buy. Customers can contact the brands with literally any platform through their dedicated pages and channels. With this functionality comes equally confused observations on how exactly customers and their path to purchase are. Businesses need to find insights on how those paths of purchase affect the sales and how they can be used to drive the business in.

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Hence, to get to know the market today, constantly changing customer purchase behavior and path of purchase, businesses need to ask the right questions to their customers through path of purchase survey questions. This survey defines the customer purchase history, buying behavior and what it will take for them to decide to buy a product from your brand. 

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Path of purchase survey questions

In this section we will take a look at the questions you need to ask in the path of purchase surveys so that you get quality insights on customers and their choices.  

  • Are you the primary decision-maker in your family for buying this product? 
  • How do you find other brands in this product category? 
  • Let us know all the brands you are aware of with respect to this product 
  • While buying products from this category, do you make the buying decision beforehand or on-the-spot? 
  • What factors do you take into consideration before buying from any brand? 
  • How often do you purchase from this product category? 
  • Do you first look into offers/coupons before purchasing the product? 
  • Which channel do you prefer to purchase this product? 
  • What is the biggest factor that you consider before making a purchase? 
  • How much time do you take to first research about the brand or product before buying it? 
  • Is the brand important to you for purchasing a product? 
  • What features do you like about this product? 
  • If this purchase is not your first choice, which one was it? 
  • What did you compare this product with? 
  • What is your family income? 
  • Are you employed? 

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