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We have spent the last couple of months ensuring that all of our clients on SaaS servers worldwide are up-to-date with our 5.6 update, which came with a ton of navigation changes and new features. But this week an all-new feature set is dropping for all users of our Voxco Online platform. It will give users a few new options for guiding respondents down different paths based on how they leave a survey.

For starters, we’ve renamed the ‘Messages’ page to ‘Survey Termination’ to better reflect the additional functions that now live on that page. Within that page there are a number of new options for defining actions that are prompted when respondents leave a survey. You can customize default messages and URL redirects based on whether a respondent completed the survey, was screened out, or abandoned the survey:

As seen on the bottom right of the screengrab above, for respondents who are coming from a third party sample provider, you can now choose to redirect these respondents back to that sample provider automatically. You can define different redirect URLs for each sample provider profile for completions, out-of-quota, and screen-outs. This is done once and those default redirect actions will be reflected across all of your surveys.

Once you have defined redirects for a specific sample provider, simply choosing ‘yes’ for the ‘Sample Provider Redirection’ option on an individual survey will apply those pre-defined redirect rules for sample provider respondents.

A more detailed breakdown of this new Voxco Online feature set is laid out in the release notes. They were distributed to support users via email this week, and can be accessed by all users on the login page for the Acuity platform. If you have any questions about these new features, let our support team know and they would be happy to show you how to take advantage of them!

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