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Modus Research is the leading full-service provider of B2B Market Research in Canada. The Modus Research team has seasoned research experts conducting business stakeholder, business panel, enterprise, and tracking research for clients.

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Modus Research has been using the Voxco Online system for many years and is very satisfied with the features and excellent support. However, it was using their own in-house software for Interactive Voice Response surveys. The volume of the surveys conducted by IVR was substantial, and along with their in-house software, the team used multiple external call centers. The answering machine detection program in their in-house software was flawed as it took a long time to detect the status of the call. This led to increased connect time, decreased productivity, and lower efficiency. The linkage between the IVR and CATI system was manual which made it difficult to track the progress of projects in real time. The data from IVR and CATI system was manually inserted in their internal database to perform research analysis, which delayed the research analysis. Owing to the manual connections, real-time tracking and analysis was out of the question.

"IVR is a volume game and detecting answering machines is critical. Modus also needed a reliable CATI platform that seamlessly linked with IVR"
Modus Research Case Study CATI
Terry Rawlings
Chief Operating Officer, Modus Research


Voxco offers an IVR solution which has proved to be extremely robust and cost-effective and their answering machine detection system is best-in-class. The IVR, CATI, and online systems are interconnected which reduces the manual effort required to transfer data. The IVR results can be accessed in real-time for tracking and analysis. Voxco’s usage-based licensing model allows the team to scale up the offering’s requirements during the peak load times and scale down when the required volume is low. The implementation of Voxco’s solution was made much easier by the exceptional support of the team.

"Voxco’s CATI system is extremely robust and anyone can learn it in half an hour. Plus, Voxco’s support team programs every little detail for you, so you can just focus on what matters - research. Plus, if we ever need any key element/feature to be added, I would contact the team and they’d get it done. The integrated omnichannel survey software and the expert responsive support team is a huge plus"
Terry Rawlings
Modus Research


Modus needed a new panel system to replace their in-house platform, which was ineffective and lacked many features. This system had to link seamlessly with the CATI system as well as with the Online survey platform and, in addition, drive a panel member portal.

"Our requirements were challenging but Voxco was up to the task"
Terry Rawlings


Voxco’s panel system is a hidden gem! It is feature rich  and covers virtually all our needs. Not only does it link directly with the IVR/CATI system but also feeds directly into the online survey system. In addition, the survey results can be used to update the panel database. On top of this, Jason McGrath built a panel portal which is driven by the panel database. The result is a system which is fully integrated end-to-end, through IVR, CATI, On-line and Panel with minimal manual intervention. The implementation was made possible by Voxco’s wiliness to transfer our heritage survey/panel data and add features which had not been present previously. Truly remarkable support and flexibility!


The TCPA compliant manual dialing combined with powerful features like preview, power, predicted and hybrid calling led to reduction in the connect time and increase in productivity. The fully integrated system allowed the team to switch from panel to survey easily and conduct research in-depth while monitoring all the panel, IVR, CATI and online survey data on one unified dashboard. 

“Voxco CATI system is very robust with almost 0 down time”
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“IVR is a volume game. Every second counts. The answer machine detection and excellent automation report creation tools helped us decrease connect time by multi-fold”
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